Golden Power Series, Round 4

by Mitchell McLellan 18 August 2014

The fourth round (of five) of the Golden Power Series was run by the Albury-Wodonga club on the weekend. Report of the Finals by event commentator Mitchell McLellan of MMS Commentating. Full results on KA CMS. Round 5 (final) takes place at Puckapunyal in November.

Junior Max

Best gets the jump of the outside of the front row on Alger who had been undefeated all weekend. Best and Alger stay close together over the first few laps before Best starts to pull away. The battle for second starts to heat up with Alger arguing with Fyfe over second spot with Fyfe getting through at around half race distance. Best went on to take a commanding win by 12 seconds from Fyfe and Alger in third.

1 Ellexandra Best (Arrow), 2 James Fyfe (OK1), Troy Alger (OK1)

Junior National Light

Westerveld got the jump of the line from pole position from Doria and Rattenbury. Westerveld opened up an immediate margin with Rattenbury getting into second. Westerveld and Rattenbury trade fastest laps in the middle stage of the race. Westerveld broke to about 2.5 seconds clear until a mistake brought the gap back to about 1 second. Westerveld held on to take the clean sweep from Rattenbury, Doria, Fraser and Chaston rounding out the top 5.

1 Gerry Westerveld (Arrow), 2 tom Rattenbury, 3 John Doria (Tony Kart)

Sportsman Restricted Light

Holmes got the jump from the outside of the front row from Moore and Hickman who had jumped up from 8th spot. Holmes leads the early stages before Hickman jumps to the lead. Hickman pulls away leaving the battle for the minor spots between Holmes, Moore, Scurlock and Chaston. Scurlock makes his way up to second spot ahead of Holmes. Hickman takes the win from Scurlock. Chaston made a last lap pass to take third ahead of Holmes and Moore in fifth.

1 Thomas Hickman, 2 Damien Scurlock (Wright), 3 Matthew Chaston (Tony Kart)

TaG 125 Over 40s

Steenholdt gets the jump off the outside of the front row to lead into turn 1 from Milthorpe and Wyhoon. Steenholdt and Milthorphe argue over the lead in the early stages until Millthorpe made his way through and got clear on Steenholdt. Milthorpe took the win from Steenholdt. Kranz made his way into third from Wyhoon and Myors in fifth.

1 Christopher Milthorpe, 2 Shane Steenholdt, 3 Vern Kranz (Kosmic)

Clubman Heavy

Budge leads down into turn one from Aitken and Meadows in position three. Budge and Aitken dice for the lead until Aitken goes through to the front. Budge continued to challenge Aitken for a few laps before Aitken broke away. Aitken took the win from Budge in second and Meadows in position three.

1 Ryan Aitken, 2 Andrew Budge, 3 Trent Meadows

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

Bruckner leads away from the start with Bargwanna slotting into position number two. Bargwanna pulled his kart off the circuit with dramas early in the race opening the race up for Stack who had charged from the rear to be in second after a few laps. Stack takes over the lead from Bruckner with Pace starting to challenge for second spot. Stack takes the win from Pace who got past Bruckner on the final lap. Bruckner takes third from Austen and Morrow in fifth.

1 Alan Stack, 2 Simon Pace, 3 Stuart Bruckner


Best leads away from Fraser and Milthorpe. Harris, who started out of position four, charged his way into third past Milthorpe with Campbell going with him. Harris then got through on Fraser for second. Harris now in second spot with Rice who started tenth up to third. Best crossed the line first but a post race investigation saw Harris awarded the win with Best in second. Campbell fought back to take third spot from Fraser and Milthorpe in fifth.

1 Beau Harris, 2 Zakkary Best, 3 Adam Campbell

Clubman Light

Talty gets the jump on the outside of the front row from Rethus and Coghill who jumped into third spot. Talty and Rethus pulled away on the field trading fastest laps in the race, Rethus getting within a second of him. A close battle between the two in the closing laps has Talty taking the win from Rethus. Coghill had a lonely race in third with Pope taking fourth from Webster in fifth.

1 Jack Talty (Monaco), 2 Kyle Rethus (Monaco), 3 Jake Coghill


Brooks leads away from Webster and Phillips who got a great start. Webster and Brooks argued over the lead in the early stages allowing Phillips to join the battle. Webster goes through into the lead and opens a margin on the field leaving the battle for second between Brooks and Phillips. Webster takes the win from Brooks and Phillips. Blackwood came home in fourth spot ahead of Giffin in fifth.

1 Cooper Webster (Praga), 2 Kynan Brooks, 3 Baydon Phillips (OK1)

TaG 125 Heavy

Dodman got the jump off pole position to lead into turn one followed by Aitken. Aitken got through on Dodman for the lead and started to open up a margin leaving the battle for third between Kranz, Stray and Orr. Aitken got the gap out to two seconds but a late charge from Dodman got the gap down to under a second. Aitken held on to take the win from Dodman. Kranz come home in third with Orr getting past Stray for fourth and Stray finished fifth.

1 Ryan Aitken, 2 Hayden Dodman (Tony Kart), 3 Vern Kranz (Kosmic)

Sportsman Restricted Over 40s

Campbell leads off the line from Phillips with Buck spinning on the first corner. Campbell opened up a small margin on Phillips until Phillips went around as well giving Campbell a massive advantage in the lead. Buck and Phillips argued over the final podium spots with Campbell pulling away up to three seconds a lap. Campbell took a huge win, winning by around 35 seconds from Phillips in second. Buck come home in third from Starford and Keep in fifth.

1 Rod Campbell, 2 Simon Phillips, 3 Daryl Buck

Junior National Heavy

Donald led away from the start with Jackson challenging down to turn one. Donald and Jackson swapped spots a few times before Donald broke away in the lead. Guttler got up into second spot from Mcculloch. Donald broke out to a four second lead with McCulloch and Guttler arguing over second spot. Donald takes the win and clean sweeps the weekend from Guttler and Mcculloch. Jackson come home to take fourth from Alger in fifth.

1 Cody Donald, 2 Billy Guttler (Monaco), 3 Thomas McCulloch (Arrow)

TaG 125 Light

McNeil leads away from the start from Starkey and Cattle in third spot. Cornfoot, who come from the back of the grid, made his way into second spot after Starkey and Cattle both received black flags for kart damage. McNeil led from a closing Cornfoot with Rethus closing on the front two setting fastest laps of the race. McNeil was able to hold on in the end in a great dice from Cornfoot and Rethus. Bargwanna came home in fourth spot from Mullavay in fifth.

1 Mathew McNeil (Praga), 2 James Cornfoot, 3 Kyle Rethus (Monaco)

Sportsman Restricted Super Heavy

Stephen Kerwood leads into turn one from David Kerwood and Golledge. Stephen started to open up a huge margain as the battle for the minor places was between David Kerwood, Golledge, Sloan and a charging Hughes from the back of the grid. Hughes made his way as high as second at one point while battling with David Kerwood. Stephen Kerwood takes the win from David Kerwood and Hughes. Golledge come home in fourth with Jackman recovering for fifth.

1 Stephen Kerwood, 2 David Kerwood, 3 Adam Hughes


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