TWO Sets Of MG Tyres with Every New IAME X30

industry press release 7 August 2014

Get your hands on one of the most popular engines in the country...

  • X30 / MG Offer from Remo Racing

IAME’s intention was to provide a class with low running costs and low noise emissions compared to conventional 100cc racing karts and to eliminate some of the variables within the class. The intention of this is to reduce the amount of testing and technical expertise required to be competitive, placing the emphasis on 'driver skill' and 'chassis set-up’. PERFECT for both amateur and the elite.

The X30 it was introduced to the world market in 2004 and homologated in Australia in 2009 with no parts changed or updated since its inception.

The X30 engine is unique in many ways including its self-charging system which charges up the battery while in use, eliminating the need to constantly recharge the battery. It does not require the battery power for engine performance, so if in the event the battery should fail you will be able to easily start it with an external starter and not miss your race. It will not effect the performance of your engine.

No Blueprinting Required: The KA rules, and IAME’s World-Wide rules and guidelines for the X30 engine have been set to be cost effective to the karter, making the IAME X30 engine a true out-of-the-box racing engine with ‘no blueprinting required’ nor possible due to the design of the major components.

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