Meet Simas Juodvirsis & Juan Manuel Correa

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5 August 2014

So, who are Simas Juodvirsis and Juan Manuel Correa? (they're due will race on the Gold Coast in October - more HERE)

Simas Juodvirsis

Age: 22
Nationality: Lithuanian
Started Racing: 9 years old
Kart: Energy Corse
Hobbies away from karting: Basketball
Career Achievements
2014 3rd European Championship - KZ2
2013 1st Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals DD2
2012 1st SKUSA SuperNationals - S1
2012 1st European Championship - KZ2
2012 1st WSK Euro Series - KZ2
2011 1st Rotax Max Euro Challenge - DD2
2011 1st Rotax Max Wintercup - Rotax Max DD2
2008 2nd Latvian Championship - KZ2
2006 1st Lithuanian Championship KF3
2005 1st Lithuanian Championship KF3
2002 3rd Lithuanian Championship - Mini

Juan Manuel Correa

Age: 14

Born: Quito, Ecuador

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Started Racing: 7 years old

Career Achievements
2013 Rotax Max Grand Final Winner – Junior Rotax
2013 US Grand Nationals Champion

Simas Juodvirsis
pic - KSP
Juan Manuel Correa
pic - Correa/Rotax

What are the memories of your first ever race? My father took me to go kart event when I was 9 years old, it was not professional event with rentals. I won this race. After this I started racing in the middle of the season with a professional go kart and won my first Lithuanian champion title.

Who is the toughest competitor you have raced against, and why? I think the main competitor in race is me because you have to do more than you can imagine you could do.

What driver did you aspire to be like when you were younger? Of course Michael Schumacher

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? The biggest influence on my career was to race with Energy Corse factory team - it was different and higher level of karting than what I was competing with, it is professional with high goals and hard working people.

Have you been to the Gold Coast previously? No. I have not been in Australia at all.

What are you looking for to most about coming to Australia? I’m really looking forward to meeting the Energy Australia team. My goal is to win on an Australian track – continent I have never raced before - I did that in the USA with Energy Canada team, I did that in Europe, and of course I’d really like to meet kangaroos.

Favourite karting driver: Alessandro Mannetti

Favourite professional driver: Kimi Raikkonen.

How did you get started in karting? I went to watch a race for the first time, and I liked it a lot, and tried a kart. Then, I started practicing, and eventually started racing.

What has been the high point in your racing career? Winning Rotax Grand Nationals and the Rotax Grand Finals to become the first American to do so. Being given the opportunity to race in Europe with the Energy Corse team.

What are your goals in racing? My goal is to race in a professional category such as IndyCar or Formula 1

What do you do when not at the track? When I’m not racing, I do homework, exercise, and play airsoft.

What are your goals outside of karting? My goals are to be fit, be a good student and love my family.

Above: Juan Manuel Correa
Pic: KSP


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