2014 TKC Dunlop Enduro

by Sean Phillips (pics - Andrew Hooper)

4 August 2014

Sunday the 27th of July saw for the first time since 2007 the running of the Tiger Kart Club’s 4-hour enduro and what a great event it turned out to be.

The Cadet / Rookie race was first up and the kids had to complete a compulsory pit stop and tyre rotation within 25 laps. The kids all drove really well and importantly kept a safe and steady speed in the pit lane during the pit stops. The Mum’s and Dad’s performed some super fast pit stops with many teams obviously putting in some pit stop practice with F1 style super fast stops down pit lane. Congratulations to all the drivers on a great result and special mention to Cody Leunen who won the Cadets and Arron Love who took out the Rookies class.

Cadets podium
Above: Cadets podium
pic - Andrew Hooper

The Junior National combined class was next and although entries were low the guys all had a great time racing hard for the whole 35 laps. Again pit stops were where the race could be won or lost and each team also had a set strategy they worked to during the race to maximise the chance of taking glory. Brock McGregor showed us why he’s one of the top Jnr drivers in WA with a resounding win over the competition, well done Brock.

The feature event for the day was the senior class 4 hour enduro and what a race it was. 125, R125 and Sportsman 100’s all took to the track in what would truly be a huge test of man and machine.

The first 20 min or so the top 5 drivers all ran in formation with each team working to a set lap time and pace to ensure the kart and drivers could make it though the torturous 4 hour event. The first rounds of pit stops for driver change and re-fuelling came about towards the end of the first hour. Teams took advantage of full tanks at the start of the race as each pit stop thereafter was restricted to refilling only 5ltr’s each time.

Team Hopkinson (58) and Team Foster do battle
Above: Team Hopkinson (58) and Team Foster do battle
pic - Andrew Hooper

Part way into the 2nd hour the elements threw a spanner in the works with a brief but heavy shower making things very interesting to say the least. Team Foster (Kip Foster, Scott Foster & Adam Levi) were nearly 2 laps in the lead but then struck trouble with Scott Foster spinning off the track and having to be returned to the pits loosing the 2 lap advantage in the process and then going nearly 2 laps down on the leaders, it seemed all was lost at that stage.  Team Sutherland (Lewis Sutherland, Rob Landsmeer & Siobhan Sutherland) then took control of the race and kept a fast but steady pace as the 3rd hour ticked over. Other teams also started to hit trouble into the last half of the race with 3 or 4 karts chewing drive sprockets off and a few others having engine and braking issues. Much to the credit of those teams and a never say die attitude most of the karts were repaired and re joined the race albeit many laps down on the leaders.

Just as the event cracked the 3rd hour of racing the heavens once again opened up and threw the results wide open. In what would be an inspired decision by team Webster (Guy Webster, Steven Jones &Peter Bergman) they would be one of the only teams to put rain tyres on they started to take up to 7 seconds a lap out of the leaders.

Team Clark (77) racing Team Sutherland with Team Webster lurking in the background
Above: Team Clark (77) racing Team Sutherland with Team Webster lurking in the background
pic - Andrew Hooper

Lewis Shugar and Brett Wilkson in a pit stop
Above: Lewis Shugar and Brett Wilkson in a pit stop
pic - Andrew Hooper

Team Sutherland who stayed on slicks and hoped the track would quickly dry (as it had done early in the race) were to be handed a joker card by the track when it stayed wet right until the flag dropped losing them a strong 2nd place to team Webster in the final stages. Almost unbelievably team Foster in 2 hours since losing the lead (and 2 laps down) made all that time back and with a very late call to pit and swap to wets to cover team Webster’s charge through the field took an amazing and well deserved victory.

The other classes were won by team Pymont (Warren Pymont Casey Bradford & Lloyd Vance who finished an unbelievable 4th outright and the first R125 kart home. The Sportsman 100 class was won by our team of Over 50s drivers Ken Seeber, Taffy Jones, Steve May’s and Steve Clark running under the “old mates rule” team banner and having a ball for the whole 4 hours.

The enduro was a fantastic success with some great organization and planning by the club making this first enduro for over 7 years one of the most enjoyable race meetings in recent memory.

Pit lane entry speed was closely monotored
Above: Pit lane entry speed was closely monotored
pic - Andrew Hooper

The real success though was the vibe of the meeting with a genuine “having fun first” theme and getting the chance to race with your karting buddies in a team event something really unique and appreciated by all those who raced.

The TKC Enduro will be back on the calendar next year so keep an eye out for the date and put it down as must do event for 2015. For sure it’s the most fun you can have on 4 wheels!!!                                                                    

125 podium
Above: 125 podium
pic - Andrew Hooper

Team West in 125s
Above: Team West in 125s
pic - Andrew Hooper

Adam Levi aboard the Team Foster kart on the way to victory on wets
Above: Adam Levi aboard the Team Foster kart on the way to victory on wets
pic - Andrew Hooper

Team Sutherland finished 3rd
Above: Team Sutherland finished 3rd
pic - Andrew Hooper

Team Webster putting the pressure on Team Hopkinson
Above: Team Webster putting the pressure on Team Hopkinson
pic - Andrew Hooper


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