Geerings Are Flying High

by Brian Van De Wakker   1 August 2014

In the competitive world of Motorsport, it is often hard to spot bright, new, young talent. However, when a family travel around the country week in week out, achieving goals and emulating stars they admire, talent is not hard to find.

Luke and Mathew Geering are two of the most passionate young racers in the country, hoping to one day fly the Australian Flag in Motor Racing events overseas.

At just 11 Years of age, Luke has achieved something that not many people have done. At the start of the season he set himself a goal to win 5 state titles and to be the Australian Champion in both the AKA and SKAA in the one single season. Luke has achieved that in July when he travelled to Katherine in the Northern Territory and capped of his season by winning the Australian Title and Northern Territory title.

Luke Geering is hoping to not only be number one in Australia, but around the world
Above: Luke Geering is hoping to not only be number one in Australia, but around the world
pic - Redline MediaPlus

Luke said, “Titles are special because it’s something that no one can take away from you.”

Travelling around the country and racing new people presents itself its own challenge, but a challenge that Luke thrives on,  “Racing against new people makes you a better driver, and you’re more with your family when you travel around, so it also make it a lot more enjoyable as well.”

If there is one event in the world Luke wants to win, it’s the Chili Bowl, the biggest Speedcar event in the world. Two Hundred plus drivers from around the world attend this event in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. No Australian has ever won the event, however Luke is hoping to change that. At the start of next year, he will be travelling over to America with his father Craig Geering to watch the race, as a bit of a present after doing so well and achieving his goals throughout the past racing season. However at the same time, Luke will try and find a ride within Speedway Karting that might lead him to his optimum goal.

Luke mentioned, “I’m very excited about heading over there next year. My older brother Mathew got to go there last year, so next year it’s my turn and I can’t wait.”

Luke is in negotiation talks with Ira and Gator Mattice, and Pink Magic Racing. Gator, young American Speedway Karter, came to Australia in May of this year to race at Mildura as apart of the Allpower Nationals, Australia’s biggest Speedway Karting event. Gator did a brilliant job and now wants to bring the Geering family into their world and give Luke his big break at the World Championships of Speedway Karting.

“Hopefully, if I’m given the chance, I can go and catch Gator. It will be a lot of fun to race him and all the other drivers from around the world.”

Luke is eyeing off an American berth
Above: Luke is eyeing off an American berth
pic - Brian Van De Wakker

Mathew, 16, has been racing tar Go-Karts and Speedway Karts since he was only 14, but his achievements already in his short career have blown people away.

Mathew is currently concentrating on the tar side of karting, competing in the National Rotax Pro Tour and Tag Series, and club rounds at Lithgow and Eastern Creek. He currently sits eighth in points for the Junior Max Trophy class within the Rotax Pro Tour. Mathew also competes in Speedway Karting whilst racing the tar side. His achievements in the dirt are remarkable. He has one Australian title and two state titles to his name, including the famed Mildura Allpower Nationals in the Junior Standards class just this year.

Mathew says, “I love racing and competition, because you are able to push yourself and challenge yourself against others.”

For Mathew, winning the Australian Title up in Katherine Northern Territory this year was a huge achievement for himself. It was his first event in the senior ranks, (16 or over) and not only surprised himself, but the rest of the field with his raw speed and sheer competitiveness, “Winning the Australian title in my first race in seniors was huge. That has to be my highlight of my career so far, hopefully there is plenty more to come.”

Mathew is still undecided as to which path he will take later on in life, whether that is Circuit Racing or Speedway. At the moment he is gaining experience in both fields and hoping to move up the ranks later in the year. “Later on this year, I am going to have a drive in a Litre Car and Wingless Sprintcar. Depending on how I like them, I might decided to take it further, but I want to keep racing the tar Go-Karts to keep my level of experience up.” Said Mathew.

In only a short career, Mathew is continuing to reach new heights and punch above his weight.
Above: In only a short career, Mathew is continuing to reach new heights and punch above his weight.
pic - Redline MediaPlus

Luke and Mathew’s father Craig Geering has been around the Speedway circles for a number of years. He used to race bikes before going on to race in Speedway divisions such as Litre Cars and Sprintcars.

Craig mentioned, “I’ve had my childhood, it’s time for my sons to take over now and I get more enjoyment watching them race.  You’ve only got your kids for a short amount of time so you’ve got to make the most of it for them.”

“We are in the final stages of planning at the moment in trying to get Luke to race over in America. We are just sorting out race dates at the moment to tie in with the Christmas/New Year period.”

The Geering family continue to throw a lot behind the sport and are hoping that their new adventure overseas next year will be the kick-start to both boys’ careers.


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