Stars of Karting Saturday Results

  26 July 2014

Heat races and qualifying today in Newcastle on a wet track.

  • Some photos from the round so far on SoK Facebook HERE.

Above: Heat 1 DNF for Kel Treseder in KZ2. Sheared the king-pin clean off the chassis after hitting Brock Plumb who's engine did a big end on the line. Treseder's team prepped his 2nd chassis and he's back on track, 7th and 6th (from grid 19) in the other two heats.
pic - Treseder/facebook

KZ2 heat 3

P1 David Sera
P2 Kyle Ensbey
P3 Jason Pringle
P4 Matthew Wall
P5 Kel Treseder

KF2 heat 3

P1 Nathan Tigani
P2 Scott Sorenson
P3 Jarryd Ebzery
P4 Leigh Nicolaou
P5 Matthew Maters

KF3 heat 3

P1 Jayden Ojeda
P2 Andrew Kahl
P3 Chris Sandrone
P4 Aaron Cameron
P5 Matthew Foyle

Tag heavy heat 3

P1 Craig Stauner
P2 Jerrery Cooper
P3 Brendon Nelson
P4 Clem O’Mara
P5 Gaven Whitmore

Rookies Heat one

P1 Zac Chrichton
P2 Brodie Whitmore
P3 Jordyn Sini
P4 Broc Feeney
P5 Lucas Litchenberger

Restricted 125 H1

P1 Melissa Whitmore
P2 Richard Forrester
P3 James Bower
P4 Scott Thompson
P5 Michael Pryor

KZ2 Heat 2

P1 David Sera
P2 Jordan Ford
P3 Kyle Ensbey
P4 Mason Barbera
P5 Jason Pringle

KF2 Heat 2

P1 Nathan Tigani
P2 Ben Edwards
P3 Adam Willison
P4 Jarryd Ebzery
P5 Scott Sorensen

KF3 Heat 2

P1 Zane Morse
P2 Aaron Cameron
P3 Drew Ridge
P4 Matthew Foyle
P5 Chris Sandrone

Tag 125 heavy heat 2

P1 Brendan Nelson
P2 Brenton Simonds
P3 Kerry Avramidis
P4 Gaven Whitmore
P5 Craig Stauner

Tag 125 light heat 2

P1 Daniel Rochford
P2 Aaron Borg
P3 David Whitmore
P4 Jeffery Rahaley
P5 Kris Walton

Rookies Q1

P1 Jack Doohan
P2 Jordyn Sini
P3 Zac Crichton
P4 Brodie Whitmore
P5 Benjamin Atkinson

Restricted 125 Q1

P1 Melissa Whitmore
P2 Richard Forrester
P3 Thomas Petrovich
P4 Michael Dorman
P5 David Young

KZ2 Heat 1

P1 David Sera
P2 Kyle Ensbey
P3 Chris Hays
P4 Jason Pringle
P5 Joey Hanssen

KF2 Heat 1

P1 Joshua Smith
P2 Troy Loeskow
P3 Adam Willison
P4 Jarryd Ebzery
P5 Zac Soutar

Kf3 Heat 1

P1 Zane Morse
P2 Jayden Ojeda
P3 Aaron Cameron
P4 Drew Ridge
P5 Matthew Foyle

Tag 125 heavy H1

P1 Paul Rogers
P2 Brendan Nelson
P3 David Knight
P4 Gaven Whitmore
P5 Clem O’mara


Tag 125 light - Heat 1

P1 Kris Walton
P2 David Whitmore
P3 Daniel Rochford
P4 Luke Bergens
P5 Reagan Angel

KZ2 Q1 Top 5 shootout

P1 David Sera
P2 Jordan ford
P3 Brock Plumb
P4 Kyle Ensbey
P5 Matthew Wall

KF2 Top 5 Shootout

P1 Nathan Tigani
P2 Jarryd Ebzery
P3 Adam Willison
P4 Troy Loeskow
P5 Ben Edwards

KF3 Top 5 Shootout

P1 Jayden Ojeda
P2 Ryan Pike
P3 Aaron Cameron
P4 Drew Ridge
P5 Zane Morse



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