The Two Jakes In Action Once Again

press release 23 July 2014

Jake Baines and Jake Donaldson have been friends since they met at Nepean Speedway early in 2009. Jake Baines was racing in the Rookie class while Jake Donaldson had just started in the Cadet class. Although there’s a 5 year difference between the two, they have followed and supported each other through the many highs and lows of motorsport.

The elder Jake has made his way through each of the classes with great success winning a number of national, state and club championships and has grown into a great young man now competing in the senior divisions with the same amount of success. The younger of the two, Jake Donaldson, has also came through the divisions with many success in many states, including state and national titles and enjoying more than 70 race wins.

Above: Jake and Jake back in their younger days

Jake Baines has been an exceptional mentor for his young buddy always on hand to encourage and congratule the 95 INOX lubricant Speedway driver and last weekend was another highlight for the two future Speedway Stars.

All roads lead to Gosford showground where some of NSWs best Speedway Kart drivers were all vying for one of the most prestigious and sought after awards on the Speedway calendar - the Allan Hann Memorial Trophy.

Senior driver Jake was competing in the Clubman Light class and was the class of the field winning 3 of 4 races, including his outstanding effort in the feature to come from the tail of the field to take a well deserved Victory. This Victory is Jake's 3rd in a row adding to last years senior win and his junior National Victory.

Above: Jake Baines

Jake Baines: “To win this prestigious award in 2012 as a junior, and 2013 was an honour but to win to win it 3 years in a row is truly a special moment in my speedway Karting career and to do it along side Jake Donaldson made it even more special.”

Junior national driver Jake was in red hot form taking all 4 races and was setting lap times early in the day that would have seen him beating most of the senior drivers, except of course his mentor Jake Donaldson.

This award comes on the back of Jake Donaldson taking the Scott Darley Achievement of Excellence at Nepean Speedway at the end of May.

Above: Jake Donaldson

Jake Donaldson started: “I didn’t realise what this award meant to people until I received the award from the Allan Hann  Family. It was an honour. To imagine my name engraved on the memorial trophy and to think how many people have received this award, and how many people will it be handed to in the future.”

Both Jakes are leading their respective class championships at two different Clubs in 2014 and hope they can continue their current winning from throughout the remainder of the speedway session.

Above: The Alan Hann winners for 2014. Holding the Memorial Trophy is Jake Baines (left) with Jake Donaldson (right) and various members of the Hann family.
pic - courtesy of Baines family


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