Karting News Briefs!

  20 July 2014
  • The new-for-2015 anti-contact nose cones were tested under race conditions on the Academy Trophy karts at Wackersdorf last weekend. We've yet to see anything official from the CIK about the experiment, but after watching the live stream can confirm a number of drivers were removed from the race with a technical defect flag for a 'dropped' bumper. karting1.co.uk even reckon drivers are electing to pitch their kart sideways to ensure that if they were going to hit the kart ahead, they did it with the front wheel rather than the bumper...

  • Footage of the live stream from Wackersdorf. Full coverage of KZ2, Academy Trophy and KZ1 finals with English commentary:

  • The ProKart series in New Zealand will be offering the new Cadet ROK class as part of the 2015 series. Steve Brown, the man behind the successful shifter series that dates back to 2000, is confident Cadet ROK will also be a success. With the Rotax Challenge hoping to introduce DD2 to New Zealand, and ProKart introducing Cadet ROK, these meetings could now face possible time constraints to get through all the racing! Read the NZ statement HERE.

  • The Prospectus (AKA karters call it the Supp Regs) for the 2014 AIDKA Nationals is now out. The event takes place at Loxton, SA, on October 3 to 5. Monday the 6th is the designated 'rain' date. Racing format is practice and first heat on Friday, heats 2 & 3 on Saturday and heat 4 and the Finals on Sunday, all points count. Entry opened on Saturday, July 19, and closes on August 27. A link to the 8-page document can be found on the Race Calendar page.

  • There is some fantastic local promotion happening in the United States for the Modesto Grand Prix next month. The promoter, SKUSA, is marketing the event in local shopping centres, on the city's buses, radio stations, print and online publications. One can only imagaine what it's costing! “Of course, I may seem biased, but I honestly think this is the most highly promoted kart race ever,” explained Superkarts! USA CEO Tom Kutscher. "It truly is an event on par with any professional car race in terms of how it is being promoted.” Kutscher is hoping to attract thousands of spectators who are completely new to the sport of karting. There will be a display area for local kart clubs and kart shops to promote their products and services and help educate the public about karting.

  • Missed the live stream of the Australian Superkart championship round? You can see the full Sunday telecast of the Shannons Nationals round HERE. The fourth and final 10-lap Superkart race rolls out of the pits at 9:45, race start at 12:20.

  • Victorian Rotax racer Blaine Densley has announced a new sponsor. ORG Racewear will soon be supporting the Victorian Rotax champion "Can't wait to showcase this awesome racewear here in AU" he wrote on Facebook.

  • NBN TV Coffs Harbour ran a great news story from the track the other night for Rotax Pro Tour. Watch it HERE.

  • Spotted at the Australian Superkart round in Sydney last week:

    pic - SKA

  • Mini Stig parks it like a boss:

  • Fast Facts ahead of the Castrol EDGE Racing CIK Stars of Karting Championship Round Four at Newcastle this coming weekend:

  • Six month reminder for the annual Ladies Special Event at Lithgow:

  • Keep a check on your trailer! This is what happened to karters driving home after the recent Queensland Championship. Lots of damage, but thankfully not to any people!

    Above: The cause...

    Above: The effect... Lucky there was no collision with on-coming traffic.
    pics - Will Hawkes/Facebook

  • SA Karter Glenn Davidson has just finished his restoration of a Tony Kart Extreme 1997 James Courtney World Champion replica:


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