IAME Conquers Entire KZ Podium!

  20 July 2014

17 IAME drivers raced at the second round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for KZ classes on the 13th July in Germany. IAME took a full podium in KZ1 with Thonon, Dreezen, and Lammers.


IAME press release


IAME drivers start the race week end at the top: Rick Dreezen (IAME, Zanardi) takes the pole with the best lap (49.871) in Group 1 and Bas Lammers (IAME, Formula K) is 6th overall (4th in Group 2).

In the qualifying heats Dreezen and Lammers keep doing well and respectively finish 2nd and 3rd in both races, constantly chasing the leadership.

They do even better in the pre-final: Lammers wins followed by Dreezen.

On Sunday the race turns on Jonathan Thonon’s favor (IAME, Praga). The Belgian driver is among the best starting from Friday: 11th in the time qualifying and 8th after both the qualifying heats and the pre-final, where he also scores the best lap; in the final he does his best: he is fast right from the start, he takes the third position after three laps and then the lead at the fourth lap, right to the finish line. Dreezen (2nd) and Lammers (3rd) share the podium with him. 

Dreezen leads the overall standing followed by Thonon in 3rd position and Lammers in 6th. Riccardo negro (IAME, Top Kart) does also well with a performance in the top ten all week end long, beside an 11th in the pre-final, where he comes right behind Swedish Viktor Öberg, who is capable of a recovery of 11 positions. Well done for Henri Kokko right behind the top drivers: 13th fastest on Friday and 15th at the finish line.

Above: KZ podium, 1st IAME - Thonon, 2nd IAME - Dreezen, 3rd IAME - Lammers


Swiss driver Lasse Poulsen (IAME, Zanardi) is the great surprise of this 2nd round : 11th at the finish line of the final race of a week end he started from the 52nd position of the time qualifying (out of 64 drivers).

An incredible recover. Bad luck affects instead the other IAME drivers: Douglas Lundberg (IAME, Alpha), entering the race in Wackersdorf with a 3rd position in the overall standings, is 5th after the qualifying heats but is then involved in the bagarre and can only take a 20th place in the final and a 14th in final. He is now 5th in the overall standing of the class.

Difficult race also for the Spanish Jorge Carlos Pescador (IAME, Praga): 9th in the time qualifying but then 31st after the qualifying heats due to an accident, he is forced to enter the repêchage race and then his final race ends after one lap. Joel Johansonn (IAME, Righetti), yet one of the stars in Genk, is ready to demonstrate what he is capable of, but is affected by bad luck: in the final he can recover 22 position only in the first half of the race, but is then knocked out while in 6th position.

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