Super One Rotax Series Hits Half Way

by Graham Smith 10 July 2014

SSM Super One Rotax Series Round 3: Larkhall 12/13 July 2014

For the halfway stage of the ABkC National Championships the Super One visited showery Scotland, the Summerlee circuit easily accessible from the motorway between Carlisle and Glasgow. It’s a challenging circuit, needing bravery for overtaking.  At the top of the hill on the back straight, or into one of the hairpins is a favourite, whilst a last gasp move into the last corner can come unstuck.


A sudden heavy shower just before the first final forced a quick move to wets for the protagonists. The Scotsman Dean MacDonald held pole position over Alex Quinn, Tyler Chesterton and Jonathan Hoggard. But Quinn snatched the lead at the start and thereafter was never headed, MacDonald failing to find a safe passage past. Whilst Hoggard held station in third, Ed Hack bypassed the opening lap incidents to finish fourth, pipping Adam Smalley and Jack Young. An unlucky Chesterton only completed two laps.  For the second final MacDonald swept past Quinn on the second lap and retrieved the lead twice, firstly from Hoggard and secondly from Young, who fell to seventh after receiving a five place penalty. That promoted Smalley, Hoggard and Thomas Turner.  Quinn was the unfortunate driver on the receiving end of the contact and fell to sixth.

  • Final 1: 1 Alex Quinn (Tonykart); 2 Dean MacDonald (Tonykart); 3 Jonathan Hoggard (Tonykart); 4 Ed Hack (Gillard); 5 Adam Smalley (Tonykart); 6 Jack Young (Tonykart).
  • Final 2: 1 MacDonald; 2 Smalley; 3 Hoggard; 4 Thomas Turner (Alonso); 5 Oliver York (Tonykart); 6  Quinn
  • Championship points: Dean MacDonald 461; Alex Quinn 445; Jonathan Hoggard 400; Adam Smalley 397; Luke Wooder 371; Samuel Pooley 363

Dean McDonald leads the MiniMAX points
Above: Dean McDonald leads the MiniMAX points
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Honda Cadet

With Kiern Jewiss on pole from Zak Rogers for the first final the former had to fight hard for the win against strong challenges from Harry Thompson and Myles Apps. Rogers faded to ninth whilst Jenson Butterfield was placed last after a penalty.  He stormed up to an impressive fifth in the second final where Mark Kimber took the honours. Thompson skipped past Jewiss to claim second with Apps on their tail.

  • Final 1: 1 Kiern Jewiss (Tonykart); 2 Myles Apps (Zip); 3 Harry Thompson (Zip); 4 Mark Kimber (BRK); 5 Tom Canning (BRK).
  • Final 2: 1 Kimber; 2 Thompson; 3 Jewiss; 4 Apps; 5 Jenson Butterfield (Project One).
  • Championship points: Harry Thompson 447; Kiern Jewiss 445; Myles Apps 445; Mark Kimber 422; Tom Canning 399

Honda Cadet Final 2 winner Mark Kimber
Above: Honda Cadet Final 2 winner Mark Kimber
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Junior Max

A Welshman in Harrison Thomas and a Scotsman in Sandy Mitchell shared the front row for the first final, with Thomas in the driving seat for the first 14 laps. But then he was spun by Lucas Vaus who was given the black flag, leaving Will Shaw leading to the finish.  Stefanos Charambolous and Sandy Mitchell fought over second and third, finishing in that order. Jonathan Paylor followed Charambolous from their grid 15 and 16 start, and he reached fourth. Mitchell surged into the lead for the second final, never headed until the chequer. Josh Skelton kept him honest throughout whilst the American driver Darren Keane leapfrogged leapfrogged several drivers, finally relieving Shaw of third.

  • Final 1: 1 Will Shaw (Tonykart); 2 Stefano Charambolous (Tonykart); 3 Sandy Mitchell (Tonykart); 4 Jonathan Paylor (Tonykart); 5 Inemisit Coker (Tonykart).
  • Final 2: 1 Mitchell; 2 Skelton; 3 Darren Keane (Tonykart); 4 Shaw; 5 Cameron Roberts (Tonykart).
  • Championship points: Sandy Mitchell 453; Josh Skelton 389; Hugo Bentley Ellis 381; Tom Gamble 379; Zak Fulk 375.

Sandy Mitchell, Junior MAX
Above: Sandy Mitchell, Junior MAX
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Senior Max

Jack Bartholomew and local driver Kyle Fowlie battled very hard but finished in that same order in both finals. The following drivers in both finals were Gary Donnelly and Josh Price, but in the second final they came together with Price beached and Donnelly out of touch with the leaders.  Previous round winner Joe Reilly had a heat exclusion and had to battle through the repechage to reach tenth in the first final, and fifth in the second with John Stewart leaping up the points order with a fifth and fourth place.

  • Final 1: 1 Jack Bartholomew (Tonykart); 2 Kyle Fowlie (Tonykart); 3 Gary Donnelly (Tonykart); 4 Josh Price (Tonykart); 5 John Stewart (Gillard).
  • Final 2: 1 Bartholomew; 2 Fowlie; 3 Donnelly; 4 Stewart; 5 Joseph Reilly (Tonykart).
  • Championship Points: Jack Bartholomew 436; Joseph Reilly 420; Pierce Lehane 382; John Stewart 372; Adam Glear 388.

Above: Jack Bartholomew was the only double winner for the round to now lead the Senior MAX points
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