GKCSA State Title Shakedown

by David Rinaldi 8 July 2014

MonartoRacing Complex ran its Open States Shakedown / Spitwater Classic meeting on Sunday. With over a hundred entrants, the new track layout was on show for the first time in a major event.

In order to support the reverse direction using the large forty four kart out grid, the slip lane has been put into service.  The 6m wide slip lane actually passes completely under the judge’s tower as karts exit onto the track.

With many comments, and all complementary, floating around on media sites already, it is a true positive for the club.

Open performance was a new class addition to this event, and with many kart configurations on track, the KZs stole the show however, with the viewing areas full when they hit the track. The speed and sound was just amazing to say the least, and the effects as they exited under the tower and the pit entry on return from racing, gave a sense of what can be imagined at large scale European events for this class.

If not for a heat 1 DNF, Jonathon Mangos would have made a clean sweep of the Open Performance category
Above: If not for a heat 1 DNF, Jonathon Mangos would have made a clean sweep of the Open Performance category

The grounds were perfectly manicured and all is in readiness for the up and coming State Championship.

President Peter Fritz commented “To have a facility with so many configurations, and having already hosting State and National Championships in the past, to still have an ace to play and hold an event on yet another fresh track layout for a major event is fantastic."

With comments already making their way on media sites such as,"Awesome", "Maddest track in Aus!!!", and "an insane track", just to mention a few, certainly shows SA has a fresh approach.

Peter went on to say “This is not only great to show case GKCSA, but SA as a whole and nationally to the world of karting “.

GKCSA is looking forward to a great event come the Open States in August, and with little doubt due to the different track layout, many will be trying to have their names etched in the record books as the inaugural winners for this track configuration.

  • Full results on CMS HERE

Winners of the day in their respective classes:

1st           Kai Allen
2nd           Michael Jones
3rd           Troy Fortanier
4th           Blake Purdie
5th           Callum Fry

1st           Aaron Oliver
2nd          Harry Hutchins
3rd           Matthew Nietz
4th           Zac Sansom
5th           Kyle Grose

Junior National Light
1st           Jordan Kervers
2nd          Keb Evans
3rd           Jacob Dowson
4th           Tyson Harvey
5th           Jackson Rees

Junior National Heavy
1st           Rylie Buik
2nd          Matthew Forrester
3rd           Thomas Fritz

1st           Jordan Tasker
2nd          Josh Montagu

Clubman Light
1st           Peter Glastonbury
2nd          Matt Mahar

Clubman Heavy
1st           Remo Luciani
2nd          Sparky Marquis
3rd           Simon Granfield

Clubman Super Heavy
1st           John Dankowski
2nd          John Ellis
3rd           Michael Parkinson

Clubman Over 40
1st           Remo Luciani
2nd          Sparky Marquis
3rd           Stephen Blee

Sportsman 125 Over 40
1st           David Rinaldi
2nd          Michael Yoe
3rd           Ian Williams

Restricted Light
1st           Phil Sansom
2nd          Keaton Szach
3rd           Haydn Felici

Restricted Heavy
1st           Steve Brown
2nd          Mark Rosser
3rd           Daniel Bowden

TaG Light
1st           Max Carter
2nd          Troy Byles
3rd           Joel Heinrich

Open Performance
1st           Jonathon Mangos
2nd          David Jr Brewer
3rd           Brett Prudie



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