Karters Part Of CAMS Academy Camp

  5 July 2014

A bunch of young karters are part of the 19 junior racers who completed the first day of the CAMS Academy Camp held in Melbourne today.

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from CAMS

19 talented junior racers across Australian karting completed their first day of training and education at the inaugural CAMS Academy Camp held at AAMI Stadium in Melbourne.

Participants were introduced to a panel discussion from top line athletes from AFL, NRL and the Australian Olympic Team 

North Melbourne AFL players Andrew Swallow and Jack Ziebell gave advice from the perspective of a team sport, and how it applies in the context of motor sport.

“We rely on the guys around us to be successful. I suppose in an individual sport, it’s just focusing about what you need to do and what preparation you need to get right. If you can tick all the boxes off going in knowing that you’ve done everything you can, being able to control the controllable, if you can tick that off it should.” said Andrew Swallow.

Olympic pole vaulter Steve Hooker was also present, and was impressed at the level of attention toward fitness and motor sport.

“I did Australia’s Greatest Athlete against Jamie Whincup and he towelled me up! So I’ve got a huge amount of respective of the athleticism, the coordination and skill of motor sport drivers. 

“They are incredible athletes, and these days you really need to be. It’s great that these kids get to monitor that from a very early age and have a focus on it as well.” said Steve Hooker.

Sports psychologist Rosie Stanimirovic provided the young drivers with advice toward mental preparation and recovery, placing importance in resting the brain and managing the motivation for racing.

pic - CAMS

Adam Costanzo, former trainer to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, gave participants an insight into the physical and mental preparations of a modern Formula 1 driver and building strong relationships throughout different formulas of motor sport.

“In motor sport, it’s not an individual sport. You have to build and have a strong team. You're going to implant yourself in that team, and win the team. It’s very hard to win the team by yourself.” Said Adam Costanzo. 

The top six to eight athletes from the first CAMS Academy Camp will be selected for the next junior camp, to be held later this year.

The junior drivers will continue their education and training on Sunday, ahead of the CAMS Academy Camp’s conclusion on Monday.

  • Images from Day 1 on the CAMS website HERE


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