Ipswich Kart Club Championship, Round 4

by Geoff Salmon - Sportsvoice 3 July 2014

Ipswich Kart Club 24th May 2014
Round 4 Club Championship

Willowbank and surrounding areas was blanketed in fog early, but it did not deter 162 drivers, spanner men, family and friends arriving to set up for a day’s racing in the fourth round of the Club Championship for 2014, also this meeting invited Cadet “P” platters at no cost to acquaint themselves to a racing experience over three rounds of six laps.

The format for the meeting, Qualifying for all classes with one heat of racing, a prefinal and a final only to count to wrap the days racing up, AND a draw for $500.00 at the completion of the presentation for all drivers entered on the day.

The meeting got under way about a half an hour late, due to the fog (mist, whatever you want to call it) and we started with Tag 125 Heavy, a good field of drivers (14) moved out onto the track for qualifying, minus Brendan Nelson, who normally runs this class (and may I say with a great deal of success) but today drops down to the Tag 125 Light for the day.

Tag 125 Heavy Qualifying

After the required time for the qualifying the grid looked like this; Pole  Chris Farkas (#3) with a time of 50.493 seconds, P2 Clem O’Mara (#8) 50.594, P3 Jarad Neinert (#18) 50.852; P4 Scott Howard (#13) 50.905; P5 Daniel Creed (#9) 50.943 seconds; just .45 of a second separating the first five.

Tag 125 Heat (10 laps)
The two drivers of the front row got away well with Clem O’Mara leading a very smart starter Scott Howard, who, jumped from the second row of the grid to follow O’Mara for the first seven laps before recording a DNF to bring his great drive to an end early, meanwhile Jarad Neinert running third up until the same lap as Howard dropped back to finish seventh overall; Patrick Mather took full advantage of the coming together to promote himself into second, he was running fourth behind  both Howard and Neinert; fifth getting the free pass as well came Daniel Creed with Chris Farkas finally finishing just in front of Creed in fourth, Trent Usher finishing in fifth. The fastest lap recorded by Clem O’Mara the only driver into the fifty second bracket with a time of 50.813 seconds in lap three.

Tag 125 Heavy Prefinal (12 laps)
The prefinal with drivers starting from the positions obtained in the heat, Clem O’Mara taking full advantage of his front row start and went on to record his second win of the day, a margin of .885 of a second over Chris Farkas in second with Daniel Creed finishing in third; next home came BIG Pat Mather and fifth Sam Houston (who was running a number of classes on the day). Fastest lap recorded by again Clem O’Mara with a time of 50.853 seconds in lap seven, three drivers recording times of better than 51 seconds, Chris Farkas 50.804 and Daniel Creed a 50.867.

Tag 125 Heavy Final
Clem O’Mara led for most of the fifteen laps being followed by Chris Farkas throughout, Daniel Creed ran behind these two and saw the final out in third place, likewise Patrick Mather in fourth, Sam Houston continued the procession in fifth with a similar situation for sixth position being Scott Howard, Tom Pomroy finished in seventh, eight going to Ashley Lester after a pass on Bradley Dawson in lap nine, Dawson to go on and finish in ninth, tenth, came Jarad Neinert, running thirteenth up until lap five with a pass on Nathan Thomas saw him into twelfth, then another pass on Steve Vidler up into eleventh, one lap later passing  CLayton McPherson to finish the final in tenth, Trent Usher finishing only one lap before retiring with a D.N.F. The battle at the front between Clem O’Mara and Chris Farkas continued over the entire fifteen laps, only varying from one tenth to three tens throughout, a very good performance from these two drivers, with, Chris Farkas taking the lead on lap fourteen to go on and win the final by .115 of a second over Clem O’Mara. The fastest lap was recorded by Chris Farkas with a time of 50.724 seconds on lap eight, after post-race technical inspection the podium looked as follows: first Chris Farkas, second Clem O’Mara and third going to Daniel Creed, fourth Patrick Mather and fifth to Sam Houston.

Cadets (Qualifying) (22 starters)

After qualifying the grid was set for racing, Pole Charlie Ploetz (#3) with a time of 58.792 seconds, P2 Jai Brown (#9) 58.886; P3 Kai Walker (#35) 59.011; P4 Declan Matthews (#13) 59.305; P5 Jacinta Hoey (#97) 59.330; P6 Oscar Comley (#80) 59.390; P7 Luke Pink (#49) 59.592; P8 Bayley Douglas (#37) 59.624; P9 Thomas Cooper (#15) 59.856 and P10 going to Austin Wells (#89) with a time of 59.862 seconds, just 1.07 seconds separating the first ten drivers.

Cadets Heat (8 laps)
Jai Brown jumped away well and lead throughout with a mixture of Charlie Ploetz and Declan Matthews giving chase, Ploetz for the first three laps before Matthews jumped up into second for just one lap before Ploetz regained the position and again on lap seven of the eight when Matthews again forged his way into second, but to be deigned second with another pass from Ploetz on the last lap to secure the position, third to Matthews, fourth to Oscar Comley coming from P6 at the start to move past Jacinta Hoey on lap three before again moving forward, this time past Kai Walker into fourth on lap four, Kai Walker fighting back and regained the position but only for two laps before Comely was able to make the position his with a fine finish, next came Bayley Douglas who, from P8 moved his way forward after holding seventh for the first six laps then passing two drivers, both Austin Wells and Kai Walker with just two laps remaining to secure  fifth position, Kai Walker  sixth, Austin Wells seventh, eight going to the young lady Jacinta Hoey, ninth Oscar Targett and tenth Thomas Cooper.

Cadets Prefinal (10 laps)
Jai Brown off the front row of the grid stormed away to take an emphatic win by a huge margin of 6.409 seconds over second placed Charlie Ploetz with third going to Thomas Cooper after a ding dong battle with three other drivers, Comley holding second for the first six laps before being passed by Ploetz, running third for a similar number of laps, then Austin Wells holding fifth for the first five laps made a move and passed Thomas Cooper for fourth, Wells passed Comley for third on lap seven retained that position for just one lap before being passed again by Comley, Wells now fourth, Cooper in fifth at the completion of lap eight, the penultimate lap saw a huge swing with Cooper up to third, Wells now fourth and Comley finishing in fifth, Declan Matthews finishing sixth, the fastest lap in the prefinal being recorded by Jai Brown, who with the comfortable lead was able to record a time of 58.203 seconds on lap six.

Cadets Final (13 laps) 
Jai Brown jumped well again and led Ploetz by .882 of a second after the completion of the first lap, third Thomas Cooper fourth Oscar Comley and fifth early Bayley Douglas, the second lap and we saw further back Oscar Targett move up into fifteenth relegating  Lachlan Murphy back one spot, also Brady Mitchell up into seventeenth with Dylan Birse back to eighteenth, lap three, Jai Brown has extended his lead to 2.278 seconds over a changing second and third, Comley up into second and Ploetz back to third, also Thomas Cooper back into fourth with Wells up into fifth and Bayley Douglas back to sixth, further back Jack Westbury up into twelfth with Rusty Ross back one spot, Marcus Watson into eighteenth and Dylan Birse back one, lap four, and Charlie Ploetz fights back into second with Comley now third, fourth Cooper, fifth Wells, Brady Mitchell continues his way forward now sixteenth, lap five, and we see more action at the front of a very serious pack of youngsters, this time Thomas Cooper from fourth into second, Ploetz now third, Austin Wells fourth and Comley back to fifth, Kai Walker dropping to tenth giving both Jacinta Hoey and Tyler Collins a free pass up into eighth and ninth respectively, Ross and Christensen up into eleventh and twelfth respectively with Jack Westbury dropping to thirteenth, Daniel Wells dropping out with a D.N.F. on this lap giving a number of the back markers a free pass also, Luke Pink and Bradi with an I Owen both recording D.N.F.’s, lap six, and Austin Wells continues his fight back now third, Comley following him through into fourth and Charlie Ploetz dropping back to fifth, further back Mitchell now fourteenth, Lachlan Murphy up into fifteenth with Targett back to sixteenth, Dylan Birse now seventeenth with Michael Harch eighteenth Marcus Watson falling to nineteenth, lap seven, and Oscar Comley isn’t finished yet , back into third, Wells now fourth, no change the rest of the field, the gap at the front now 5.860 seconds advantage to Brown over Cooper, lap eight Bayley Douglas said “better late than never” and moves up into fifth, Matthews now sixth, Ploetz drops to seventh, Jack Westbury now twelfth, Christensen back to thirteenth, Mitchell hangs onto fourteenth with Targett moving up into fifteenth and  Murphy back to sixteenth, Marcus Watson up into seventeenth with Michael Harch to the rear, lap nine, no change the first five, Ploetz coming back again, now sixth with Matthews back to seventh, no change the rest, lap ten, and it is time to start making those decisions that will affect the finish, the only change, Targett into fourteenth, Mitchell back to fifteenth, Browns lead now 7.994 seconds, lap eleven, just two laps remain and things are starting to happen in the lead bunch, Wells up to third, Comley back to fourth, Matthews now sixth, Ploetz back into seventh, further back the fight continues Watson up to seventeenth with Birse now eighteenth, lap twelve,  the penultimate lap and we see no change in the first six, Jacinta Hoey now seventh, Ploetz back to eighth, the final lap and Jai Brown takes an emphatic  win by a margin of 10.041 seconds over a hard fought Thomas Cooper in second with an equally hard fought third going to Austin Wells, fourth Declan Matthews also in the wars, well done, and Oscar Comley probably saying, “thank goodness that’s over”, finishing in fifth, the fastest lap was recorded by Jai Brown with a time of 58.150 recorded on the tenth lap. 

Rookies Qualifying (14 Entries)

Fourteen drivers moved onto the track to commence the six minute time trial session and at the completion the grid was as follows; Pole Lachlan Hughes (#15) 57.491 seconds; P2 Ben Deissler (#78) 57.460; P3 Jarrod Costello (#47) 57.839; P4 Broc Feeney (#42) 57.872; P5 Tomas Gasperak (#51) 58.709 seconds.

Rookies Heat (8 laps)
Lachlan Hughes led away on point and remained in that position throughout the eight laps of running, Broc Feeney running in second position for the first two laps before being passed by Ben Deissler, but only for one lap before Feeney jumped back into the second position, this was not last for long as both Tomas Gasperak and Ben Deissler moved through into third and second respectively, Feeney to go on and finish fourth, fifth throughout came Jarrod Costello, the fastest lap recorded by Lachlan Hughes with a time of 56.823 on lap four, only four drivers better than 57 seconds, Deissler a 56.992 and Feeney a 56.964 also Costello with a 56.837 second lap, Flynn Gore the only P Platter finishing only four laps before recording a D.N.F.

Rookies Prefinal (10 laps)
Lachlan Hughes bounced away to lead for the first seven laps before Deissler snatched the lead , but only for two laps before Hughes regained the front running and went on to win his second on the day, Ben Deissler pushed Hughes all the way and the margin at the chequered flag was only .066 one hundreds of a second, third and a distance back came Tomas Gasperak the margin between him and Deissler 2.797 seconds, fourth a good drive from Jarrod Costello, fifth Broc Feeney, the fastest lap recorded by Ben Deissler with a time of 56.769 seconds on lap seven.

Rookies Final (13 laps)
Another great drive from Lachlan Hughes and we saw him make it four from four on the day, well done for this young man, and the gap in the final finishing up as 7.011 seconds over Ben Deissler, with Broc Feeney running third a further .632 of a second back, fourth going to Tomas Gasperak, consistent throughout the day and fifth Jarrod Costello, fastest lap recorded by young Jarrod with a time of 57.103 seconds on lap seven, a good performance from the entire field on the day.

Junior National Light Qualifying (17 Entries)

The qualifying session was a very closely contested six minutes with Ryan Suhle (#7) taking the pole position with a time of 55.827 seconds, P2 and just .012 one hundreds of a second back to Damon Ash (#58), 55.839; P3 Marc Tulloch (#21) 56.170; P4 Ryan Jordan (#27) 56.263; P5 Harrison Hoey (#97) 56.468;P6 Jace Matthews (#6) 56.494; P7 Samuel Poulsen (#9) a time of 56.671 seconds; just .844 of a second separating the first seven on the grid.

Junior National Light Heat (10 laps)
Ryan Suhle jumped away smartly and led for the first seven laps closely followed by Damon Ash ( the top two qualifiers) Ash taking control on lap eight, but only for two laps, Suhle again getting to the pointy end on the last lap to take the win, the margin just .070 one thousands of a second, third home to Marc Tulloch almost two seconds further back (1.974 seconds) Ryan Jordan also featuring in the heat running fourth by just .110 of a second, fifth Samuel Poulsen coming from ninth on the first lap up to seventh on lap two past Brieann Moyse (#72); then past Jasper Winnett (#55) into fifth, but 7.244 seconds back from the leading bunch, fastest lap recorded by Ryan Jordan (#27) with a time of 55.364 seconds on the penultimate lap nine of ten.  

Junior National Light Prefinal (12 laps)
Ryan Suhle bounced away to lead for the first five laps, closely followed by Damon Ash, Ash taking over point on the sixth lap and leading for two laps before being  relegated back to second once more by Ryan Suhle, the gap during this exchange being no more than .134 of a second on the first of these two laps, then lap seven with Ash leading  by just .059 of a second, lap eight and Suhle again in front by .063 of a second, close racing to say the least, on the second lap Harrison Hoey started his march toward the front, passing Jasper Winnett for sixth, then on lap four forward into fifth past Samuel Poulsen, on lap eight Hoey moves up into fourth past Ryan Jordan, lap nine again another move forward this time past Marc Tulloch, now third, lap eleven sees a major change at the front, Suhle into the lead, Hoey now second with Tulloch third and Damon Ash falling back into fourth place, on the final lap Suhle is able to maintain the lead with Hoey in second,  now a fight back from Damon Ash to finish in the third position, fourth Ryan Jordan and fifth going to Marc Tulloch, we are in for a great final later in the afternoon or early evening, fastest lap recorded by Harrison Hoey with a time of 55.703 seconds in lap five.

Junior National Light Final (15 laps)
The first five drivers, Suhle, Hoey, Ash, Jordan and Marc Tulloch get away well for the first lap of the final, at the completion of the first lap Suhle has already pulled a gap of  1.009 seconds over the field, no change the rest, lap 2, due to a D.N.F. by Jace Matthews the field gets a free pass, lap three, no change, lap four, Karla Curtis (#25) up into tenth with Luke Van Herwaarde (#11) relegated back into eleventh, Suhle now .903 seconds to the better of Ash being harassed by Hoey a further .084 of a second back in third, lap five, a third of the distance and no change in the order, Suhle now .764 of a second advantage over Damon Ash then Hoey just .110 of a second further back, lap six, no change, lap seven, Luke Chivers (#22P) one of two P Platters racing in the field moves forward into thirteenth, Daley Martin (#48) drops to fourteenth, Damon Ash drops a tenth of a second further back behind Suhle, lap eight, Harrison Hoey takes over second relegates Ash back into third, further back, two young ladies fighting over ninth position, Karla Curtis up into ninth Brieann Moyse back to tenth, lap nine Damon Ash fights back and regains second, but 1.419 seconds back from Suhle, no change the rest of the field, lap ten, two thirds distance and the field steady’s for a breather, no change, lap eleven Marc Tulloch moves back into third, Hoey back to fourth by .377 of a second, lap twelve, no change, lap thirteen,  Marc Tulloch moves up into second, Ash now back to third, Hoey still fourth and Ryan Jordan fifth, penultimate lap and  Damon Ash fights his way back into second, third now Marc Tulloch, no change the rest, final lap of the final only counts and Ryan Suhle takes the win by 2.586 seconds over Marc Tulloch who passed Damon Ash for second on the last lap, third to Damon Ash, fourth, Harrison Hoey and fifth Ryan Jordan, great drive from all concerned, the fastest lap recorded by Marc Tulloch with a time of 55.512 on lap eight of a very enjoyable final.  

Junior Max Qualifying (11 Entries)

Eleven drivers move onto the track for the six minute session, and the grid looks like this at the completion, Pole Brock Lannoy (#67) 50.576 seconds; P2 Joshua Davey (#83) 50.814 seconds; P3 Blake Brooks (#14) 50.853; P4 Jamie Gillan (#19) 50.904; P5 Kevin Sinclair (#3) 50.909; P6 Harrison Hoey (#97)51.181; P7 Sebastian Blindell (#36); P8 Thomas Steele (#10) 51.335; P9 Jaxon Reihana (#57) 51.594; P10 Jackson Gray (#9) 51.656.

Junior Max Heat (10 laps)
It was follow the leader for the first four on the track, Brock Lannoy taking control early and winning by a comfortable margin of 5.020 seconds over Joshua Davey second and third a good drive from Blake Brooks a further 1.233 seconds behind, fourth  came Jamie Gillan a further .577 of a second back,, fifth however was not decided early but later in the heat, Thomas Steele running fifth early, but being challenged by Sebastian Blindell up to the  fifth lap and Steele, dropped back into sixth, this however did not last for long as young Thomas stepped up his intentions and fought back to regain his fifth position and hold it till the completion of the ten laps, fastest lap was recorded by Brock Lannoy with a time of 50.204 seconds in lap six. Jackson Gray and Kevin Sinclair both record a D.N.F. in the heat.

Junior Max Prefinal (12 laps)
Brock Lannoy was indeed in excellent form on the day and came up firing again to take the win by a margin of 7.405 seconds over second place Thomas Steele the best of the rest, third by just .636 of a second came Blake Brooks, fourth on this occasion going to Kevin Sinclair (his first run in the class) his Dad Martin coming up and telling me that Kevin had a valve pop out of a tyre earlier in the day resulting in a flat tyre, but very happy to have his son racing in the class, Sinclair a further 1.203 seconds further back in the fourth position, the fastest lap recorded by Brock Lannoy again with a time of 50.179 on lap twelve.

Junior Max Final (15 laps)
Brock Lannoy took a clean sweep on the day with another outstanding win in the final, 7.785 seconds in front of Joshua Davey (who recorded just one lap in the prefinal before recording a D.N.F.) Third place going to Kevin Sinclair (a great result for the first outing) Kevin passing Joshua Davey on lap five and holding second for the next three laps, before Josh Davey retook the position, fourth going to Thomas Steele after starting from sixth, moving his way forward to hang onto fourth for the day, the fastest lap being recorded by Brock Lannoy with a time of 50.069 on lap fourteen of the designated fifteen lap final. Marc Tulloch an unfortunate non-starter in both the prefinal and final on the day. Jackson Gray was also unfortunate with a D.N.F. in the prefinal and final as well.

TaG 125 Light (27 Entries)

A fabulous field of 125 Lights (as we have come to expect at Ipswich) in this class and after qualifying the grid looked as follows; Pole Tyler Greenbury (#15) 49.483 seconds; P2 Brendan Nelson (#72) 49.521 seconds; P3 Regan Payne (#12) 49.617 seconds; P4  Troy Morrissey (#10) 49.685 seconds; P5 Martin Swindells (#65) 49.697 seconds; P6 Adam Mercer (#41) 49.732 seconds; P7 Chris Burley (#8) 49.742 seconds; P8 Matthew Jones (#23) 49.992 seconds; P9 Nicholas Doulton (#9) 50.019 seconds and P10 Daniel Burley (#46) with a time of 50.104 seconds.

Tag 125 Light Heat (10 laps)
Brendan Nelson got an excellent start and led the first three laps closely followed by Tyler Greenbury in second, third early Regan Payne, fourth Troy Morrissey and fifth Adam Mercer (Adam only completing four laps in that position before dropping back to twenty sixth and finished in twenty fourth position for the heat) Matt Jones (#23) (only completing one lap before recording a D.N.F.); Tyler Greenbury took over the lead and remained in that position, winning by a margin 1.427 seconds over Regan Payne in second, third going to Brendan Nelson (first run in Lights) just .304 of a second behind; next home Troy Morrissey with Martin Swindells in fifth; sixth place, Nicholas Doulton ( who put away his good engine an X30 and strapped on a new Rotax for the day); seventh Chris Burley; eighth Sam Houston; ninth Daniel Burley and tenth Shawn McNamara; fastest lap recorded by Tyler Greenbury with a time of 49.782 seconds on lap eight.

Tag 125 Prefinal (12 laps)
Tyler Greenbury again showed his class with an all the way win over Regan Payne with Brendan Nelson back in third; Troy Morrissey remaining competitive running fourth, , fifth, Chris Burley improving every run since he came up from Lismore to Ipswich to run this class, sixth going to Nicholas Dalton (with a new Rotax engine); seventh, Martin Swindells; eighth, Daniel Burley, ninth, Adam Mercer and tenth, Sam Houston, we were in for a great final only counts in this class, fastest lap recorded by Tyler Greenbury with a time of 49.772 seconds on lap ten.

Tag 125 Final (15 laps or 16.2 Klms)
No movement on the first lap, Tyler Greenbury to Brendan Nelson by .500 of a second, third Regan Payne then Troy Morrissey from Nicholas Dolton in fifth, lap two and Regan Payne moves past Nelson into second, Adam Mercer past Martin Swindells for sixth, Luke Thomas and Edward Wilkins up to sixteenth and seventeenth respectively with Chris Williams back to eighteenth, lap 3, Chris Burley up into seventh past Martin Swindells; lap four, Nathan Politch up to ninth; Daniel Burley now tenth; lap five, Matthew Jones past Tim Farrell into eleventh; Edward Wilkins up into sixteenth with Luke Thomas back into seventeenth, a great dice between these two, lap six, no change throughout; lap seven, Adam Mercer starting to move forward, now fifth, Nick Doulton back to sixth, TIM Farrell into the ten, Sam Houston now twelfth with Daniel Burley back one spot; lap eight, half way (or there abouts) and Adam Mercer moves to fourth, Morrissey back to fifth, Chris Burley up to  sixth, Doulton drops to seventh; lap ten no change throughout; lap eleven, Adam Mercer continuing to move forward, now third, Nelson back to fourth, no change elsewhere; lap twelve Chris Burley follows Adam Mercer now fifth; Tim Farrell to ninth with Nathan Politch tenth, Tyler Greenbury with a lead of 2.406 seconds over Regan Payne; Sharon Jaenke (#21) up to eighteenth with Chris Williams dropping back into nineteenth; lap thirteen, just two remaining, Chris Burley into fourth, Nelson back to fifth, further back Kyle Zink (#85) into nineteenth and Dallas Oksanen (#27) move up one spot each with the demise of Chris Williams;  penultimate lap and no change throughout, Granbury’s lead now 2.858 seconds over Regan Payne; Adam Mercer third with Chris Burley fourth and Brendan Nelson fifth; Tyler Greenbury takes the win in the final from Regan Payne just 1.875 seconds back in second, third Adam Mercer, a further 2.806 seconds back, and fourth Chris Burley, fifth Brendan Nelson, fastest lap recorded by Tyler Greenbury with a time of 49.494 on lap seven of the designated fifteen. Adam Mercer making a comment on moving onto the podium “Just Tyler Greenburg to beat” fair enough Adam, it is always good to compete against someone fastest than yourself, gives you the opportunity to determine how much you need to improve, Regan Payne made a comment to me just before the final that it would be about six months before he hits his stride again after his ten year absence from karting (WOW bring it on Regan).

Senior National Pro @ 150 Klgs (Qualifying) (7 Entries)

Just seven drivers rolled out onto the track for qualifying, and after the designated time period the grid looked as follows; Pole Jay Schrodter (#6) 57.688 seconds; P2 James Foster (#92) 57.735; P3 Oliver Etter (#8) 58.118; P4 Richard Dimmock (#18) 58.162; P5 Todd Stevens (#99) 59.517; P6 Brenton Stickley (#83) 1.00.517 seconds; P7 Zack Wilson (#66) 1.00.517 seconds.

Senior National Pro Heat (10 laps)
When you are watching this class you truly understand the meaning of slip – stream (or drafting as they say in America) the first four drivers, Schodter, Foster, Dimmock and Etter gave a perfect example of the act over the entire ten laps of racing, never being more than a kart length behind the driver in front throughout, Jay Schodter took the win from James Foster with Richard Dimmock in third and fourth going to Oliver Etter, the “new: boy, Zack Wilson finishing in fifth, followed by Todd Stevens and Brenton Stickley, the fast time recorded by Jay Schrodter with a time of 57.099 seconds (.589 of a second faster than his Pole setting time in qualifying).

Senior National @ 150 Klgs Prefinal (12 laps)
With the starting positions set Jay Schrodter started from the second row of the grid behind James Foster and Richard Dimmock, Foster and Dimmock fighting over the lead for the first five laps before Schrodter moved ahead with Dimmock in second and Foster trailing the first two in third, Etter also involved with the changes throughout, it was lap nine before the expected drafting chain reconnected and we were again privy to a wonderful display of close knit racing until the twelve laps of racing came to its conclusion, Jay Schrodter taking his second win of the day from James Foster, the margin, just .083 of a second with Richard Dimmock in third and Oliver Etter finishing in fourth, Todd Stevens recorded a D.N.F. on lap seven with Zack Wilson not recording a lap time in the prefinal, the fastest lap recorded by James Foster with a time of 57.221 seconds on lap ten of the designated twelve laps.( this time was again more than half a second quicker than his qualifying time) is this a indication that drafting can lower your lap times? Todd Stevens and Zack Wilson both recorded a D.N.F. in the prefinal.

Senior National Pro @ 150 Klgs Final (15 laps)
The final got under way and again we saw the Freight train scenario with the first four drivers nose and tailing each other throughout the fifteen laps, Schodter and Foster and Dimmock changing positions throughout with Oliver Etter back in fourth position throughout the final, at the conclusion of the final it was again Jay Schrodter taking the win and making it five from five (including the qualifying) a successful day without any doubt, the fastest lap recorded by the winner Jay Schrodter with a time of 57.146 on lap thirteen.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Qualifying (26 Entries)

Again another fabulous field of Restricted Lights moved onto the track to set a grid position time for the heat of racing to follow; at the conclusion the grid looked as follows; Pole  Daniel Meek (#12) 51.469 seconds, P2 Trent Cossor (#50) 51.704; P3 Chris Orders (#13) 51.796; P4 Donnelle Waldon (#83) 51.891; P5 Alex Houston (#47) 51.897; P6 Ryan Mussell (#46) 51.973; P7 Ryan O’Sullivan (#31) 52.00; P8 Dean Weigman (#76) 52.032; P9 Mark Vroegop (#21) 52.074; P10 Matthew Weatherley (#64) 52.142.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Heat (10 laps)
Trent Cossor moved away well and led for the first six laps before being passed by Daniel Meek, who had been closely following the fifty kart throughout, Donnelle  Waldon meanwhile moving into third on lap two, Chris Orders running in fourth with Ryan Mussell fifth,  LAP TWO ALSP SAW Mark Vroegop drop back into fourteenth giving Weatherley, Kris Usher, Alex Ransom, Greg Gallagher and Tim Evans a free pass forward, further back David Shevchenko (#16)  dropping back to twenty second giving a number of other drivers a free pass also, lap three Ari Budd (#84) up to seventeenth also Steve O’Shea (#33) up one with Jeff AH Quay (#11P) also making the move forward, David Shevchenko also fighting back now twentieth, Cameron Gibson (#78P) another P Platter moving up into  Twenty second, lap four and we see Ryan O’Sullivan move from sixth to fifth past Ryan Mussell, no change the rest of the field; lap five and Jeff AH Quay moves forward one spot past Steve O’Shea into eighteenth, Cameron Gibson (#78P) our P Platter moving forward as well, lap six and it is obvious that Daniel Meek is looking for a chance to pass Trent Cossor the gap now just 96 one hundreds of a second, Dean Weigman starting to move forward (only up from Juniors this year) obviously enjoying the extra power of the 125cc engine, Tim Ovens (#43) moving closer to the top ten now twelfth, lap seven, Meek as I have suggested earlier has moved up to take over point from Cossor, Frank Aspinall (#71) starting to show promise moving into seventh relegating Ryan Mussell back one, further back David Shevchenko continuing his march forward now seventeenth, lap eight and Donnelle Waldon moves past Trent Cossor into second the gap to Meek 1.758 seconds, Cossor now third, fourth Chris Orders and fifth Ryan O’Sullivan, lap nine and Weigman to fifth back one O’Sullivan, on the final lap and the chequered flag we see Meek from Waldon then Cossor form Orders next Weigman , Aspinall then Weatherley, with Kris Usher ninth and tenth going to Alex Ransom, the fastest lap being recorded by Daniel Meek with a time of 51.492 recorded on lap four.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Prefinal (12 laps)
Daniel Meek jumps away and leads throughout the prefinal from Trent Cossor, who finishes 3.561 seconds back in second from Ryan O’Sullivan, then in fourth Dean Weigman next home going to Chris Orders (DSQ) moving Frank Aspinall into fifth, the best lap time recorded by our winner Daniel Meek with a time of 51.609 on lap seven of the designated twelve laps.

Tag 125 Restricted Light Final (15 laps)
Daniel Meek starts well and continues well with an all the way win over the fifteen laps of the final, Trent Cossor in second until the eighth lap before dropping back into third, then all the way back to twenty third before a D.N.F. on the following lap, Ryan O’Sullivan also running third before a similar fate befalls him and records a D.N.F. on the same lap, meanwhile at the front of the pack Dean Weigman starting from the second row of the grid moves up  taking full advantage of the misfortunes of both Cossor and O’Sullivan, third now Donnelle Waldon doing likewise, lap eight being a major turning point in the final with the first seven drivers benefitting from the D.N.F.’s, Mark Weatherley also recording a D.N.F. on lap fourteen, Frank Aspinall the beneficiary of the latest D.N.F. Chris Orders with a stellar run starting from nineteenth on the first lap to move through the field over the next fourteen laps to finish a creditable eighth, at the end of a very intense final Meek takes the win by a margin of 5.717 seconds over Dean Weigman solid in second, third another good performance from Donnelle Waldon, fourth going to Greg Gallagher and fifth Frank Aspinall floating back as far as eighth on the second lap before moving forward once more at the difficult end of the field to finish in fifth position, sixth Tim Ovens from tenth at the start up into the first six, Alex Ransom finishing next from twelfth at the commencement, up into seventh by the end of a very tough final, eighth Chris Orders, ninth Kris Usher drifting mid pack throughout and tenth Alex Houston again drifting mid pack throughout, the fastest lap recorded by Daniel Meek with a time of 51.516 seconds on lap nine of the designated fifteen.

TaG 125 Restricted Heavy Qualifying (23 Entries)

After the required time limit for qualifying the grid was as follows for the Restricted Heavy class, Pole Tony Knight (#28) 52.942 seconds; P2 Mitch Green (#24) back into the sport after a long layoff with a time of 52.952; P3 Perry Evans (#51) also back after a long layoff with a 53.013 second lap; P4 Tim Wagner (#7) 53.183; P5 Chris Were (#47) the Kiwi Man; time 53.196 seconds; P6 Aiden Schutz (#22) 53.272; P7 Steve Wilkinson (#64) 53.335; P8 Paul Buchanan (#31) 53.430; P9 Rick Franzilini (#9) 53.686; P10 Damian Godley (#6) with a time of 53.695.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Heat (10 laps)
The ten laps went quickly with Tony Knight off Pole running confidently to take the win by a margin of 3.150 seconds over Mitch Green in second and Chris Were making up the top three, fourth Tim Wagner; fifth Damian Godley and sixth Perry Evans; the fastest lap recorded by Mitch Green with a time of 52.756 seconds on lap three, also on lap three a close second quickest by Perry Evans with a 52.762.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Prefinal (12 laps)
Tony Knight was in scintillating form with another all the way win over the twelve laps finishing in front of this time Chris Were by 1.761 seconds, third going to Mitch Green and fourth Perry Evans, fifth in the prefinal we saw Tim Wagner and behind him in sixth Marshall Watson, the quickest lap recorded by Tony Knight with a time of 52.820 on lap five.

Tag 125 Restricted Heavy Final (15 laps)
Tony Knight finished with a perfect score in the final making it a five from five day (this included the qualifying) winning by a margin of 1.273 seconds over a persistent drive by Chris Were, third after  a pass on Perry Evans on lap four going to Marshall Watson and fourth Perry Evans, fifth on the day Mitch Green after a last lap plunge on Tim Wagner to secure the position, Wagner finishing in sixth, next home Ben Rodgers with Aiden Schultz getting the advantage just two laps before the finish over Paul Buchanan to finish  eighth, ninth Paul Buchanan and tenth Craig Kittle, the fastest lap recorded by Tony Knight with a time of 52.725 on lap thirteen.

A marvellous day of racing to see the completion of the fourth round of the Ipswich Kart Club Championship, and you guessed it the money has gone up to $750.00 for our next meeting.


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