"Job's On" Wilson Gets The Job Done

press release 5 February 2014

V8 Ute Driver, Cam “Job’s On” Wilson, has broken the Guinness World Record as an individual for the greatest distance travelled in a Go-Kart over 24 hours indoors. The record was set today, (Wednesday, 5th February), and was held to raise funds for Huntington Disease, a hereditary condition that his father was diagnosed with recently.

Wilson broke the record at 8:05 this morning, overtaking the previous record of 503km in less than 24 hours, and by the time he crossed the chequered flag at 12pm, (24hours after he initially hit the track), he had smashed the previous record by 101km’s with a total of 604km.

Above: Cam Wilson and daughter Ellie acknowledge the spectators who cheered him on in the final hours

The weary 39 year old Gold Coaster was elated with his accomplishment.

“We had a target of 3,530 laps to do 600km, and that was my personal goal. I was pushing hard the whole way, with about 6 hours to go I got out of the kart after about six x 2.5 hour stints, and I thought I was going to roll over. Obviously we’d come so far I just wanted to dig as deep as I could and just keep pushing on through the pain and I’m so glad I did,” he explained.

Huntington’s Queensland Executive Officer Cheryl Miller was there counting every one of Wilson’s laps and was so overwhelmed with his support and triumph.

“I’m amazed, I haven’t stopped all night, I arrived here at 10am yesterday morning and I’m still here now.”

“This event is bringing awareness of the disease to the forefront of the community, not just in Queensland but to the world. Huntington is a disease that for too long has been hidden in a cupboard. It’s a genetic disease; it’s passed on through families and is the only way you can get the disease. There’s no cure. All of these funds go to supporting people who have Huntington, with day care, advice, and how to keep them on their journey with this horrible disease. That’s what Cam’s done, he’s put this disease out there, Cam’s been fabulous, Huntington isn’t in a cupboard anymore,” said Miller.

Wilson is hoping to raise $48,000 for Huntington Disease, and has so far reached almost halfway with $20,000 raised. They are expecting an influx of donations after tonight and will be keeping the lines open – you can donate here http://www.huntingtonsqld.com/.

The likes of Cricket star Greg Richie, NRL star Allan (Alfie) Langer, V8 Supercar Driver Steven Johnson and V8 Ute drivers Ryal Harris, Kris Walton, Jesse Dixon and Peter Burnitt were all on hand to support Wilson’s efforts as well as family and friends and Wilson was astounded by the support.

“We’ve had so many people help behind the scenes, I can’t thank everyone right now, but I will individually thank them all. There were about 40 – 50 people involved in this, we managed to smash that record and now I hope we can smash what we set out to in raising over $48,000 for Huntington’s disease,” explained Wilson minutes after finishing the feat.




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