Fujitsu End 'Cool' Driver Program

  17 December 2013

After three years of backing young driving talent, including a host of karters, Fujitsu will not be running the 'Cool' Driver Program in 2014.

Fujitsu has shifted their focus to AFL and NRL replacing their V8 Supercars and Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program associations.

Velocity Management Group, which conceived, managed and developed the program, say they are committed to supporting youth in motorsport and are currently searching for a suitable partner to continue something similar.


Information from Velocity:

Sadly, after three fantastic years the Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program will not be continuing into 2014.

Following a review of their sponorship portfolio Fujitsu General (Aust.) Limited will now align themselves with new AFL and NRL properties that will replace their V8 Supercar and Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program associations.  The Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program commenced in 2011 on the back of their very first sponsorship of Scott McLaughlin when he was just 14 and thus far has led the way in motorsport youth development.

The program has witnessed three successive national Formula Ford champions (Cam Waters, Jack Le Brocq and Anton De Pasquale), multiple Formula Ford race wins, numerous state and national karting titles, plus a host of victories in many major karting events... both here and overseas.

In addition to the three Formula Ford champions the program has supported many drivers who are now racing in high profile categories including: Shae Davies, Renee Gracie, Pierce Lehane, Joey Mawson, Macauley Jones, Garry Jacobson, Todd Hazelwood, Nick Foster and Nick Rowe.

Since its inception the Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver program was an outstanding success.  As the only youth development program of its kind in Australia the Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver program assisted many young drivers to take the next vital step towards the career of their dreams.

Having conceived, managed and developed the Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program - Velocity Management Group remains fully committed to supporting youth in motorsport and to that end is currently searching for a suitable partner to continue with a program of a similar nature.

In addition to seeking a new partner for this program, in 2014 Velocity Management Group will introduce a range of new and exciting youth driver development initiatives - watch this space!

Here's just some of the great feedback we have received on the program:

"On behalf of someone only new to the family of the Fujitsu ‘Cool’ Driver Program and Velocity Management we are very sad to hear your news.  The Fujitsu ‘Cool’ Driver Program was a fantastic iniative and something all young karters aspire to be a part of.  The fact that it won’t be there anymore will be a huge disappointment to the current, passed and prospective future ‘Cool’ drivers.

Bryce is honoured to be called a “Cool” Driver and will be disappointed not be able to have the chance to progress further with Fujitsu.  The Fullwood family wish you all the best and hope you can achieve your plan in finding a suitable partner to keep the dream alive to offer support services and backing to up and coming young motorsports stars.

Thank you for the opportunity in 2013, it has been a great experience."  Kelly Fullwood - mother of karter Bryce Fullwood

"It was a great honour to be given the opportunity to be the youngest ever Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver and the program was of great assistance to my karting and motorsport year and also my career.  The financial backing from Fujitsu went a long way and combined with the efforts of my family and sponsors we scored four state titles this year with wins in WA, SA, Tasmania and Queensland, as well as victories in the Junior Sprint and City of Melbourne titles.

These results - plus the backing from Fujitsu, and guidance from Velocity Management - helped me get noticed by the commentators and press much more than before... my competitors too, and I really hope that Fujitsu are proud of me for what I have achieved on track year.  I am so happy to have been part of it."  Cooper Murray - youngest ever member of the Fujitsu 'Cool' Driver Program




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