IAME, World Champion??

IAME press release 3 December 2013


In Bahrain, Alessio Lorandi could bring to IAME a new World Title, it would be IAME’s 47th. He finishes the race in 2nd position, following Mazepin’s 10 seconds penalty, and, at the count of the points, he could be Champion and take the KFJ title back to Italy. The classification is still sub-judice, waiting for the verdict of the appeal submitted by Mazepin.

Above: Subject to the appeal by Nikita Mazepin, Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart/Parilla) could become the KFJ World Champion, IAME's 47th such title


At the beginning of the second weekend of the World Championship, Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart/Parilla) is one of those to strictly keep under observation, even though many out there are able and willing to win the title in a race announced to be very hardly fought. The prognostic is suddenly confirmed from the time qualifying, with the top 55 drivers in one second. Alessio is one among the top (6th),and so he is also in 3 out of the 4 heats raced, where he also takes a victory. Too bad in the 2nd heat, following a contact, he can only do 25th, resulting only 17th in the overall standing after the count of the penalties. Lorandi doesn’t lose hope as he knows nothing is decided till the very last lap and with a strong determination he recovers up to the 4th place in the pre-final and then 3rd in the final, yet not enough to get the Title. After the race then comes the penalty to the Russian driver Nikita Mazepin (2nd at the chequered flag) and the consequent rise of Alessio in the classification, for 2 points the IAME driver could be World Champion (the final result will only be ascertained following the response from the appeal submitted by Mazepin to deny the penalty).

This Title would have a special taste, as it comes in the very first year of cooperation among the Baby race Team and IAME.

Well done also for Alessio’s brother Leonardo, (Tony Kart/Parilla). He is amazingly 2nd after the time qualifying, he wins his first heat and is 6th after the count of the penalties. He finishes the pre-final in 5th place but then slips to 11th in the Final. 16th in the overall standing of the Championship and provides a  good demonstration of his potential for the future.

Good weekend for  Jules Bollier (Kosmic/Parilla). Quite slow in the beginning with a 20th place in the time qualifying and a 16th after the heats, he well recovers in the pre-final with a 6th and then 10th in the final: 14th place in the overall standings of the Championship. Among the other IAME powered drivers in the final, comes also David Beckmann (Zanardi/Parilla). Some difficulties at the start with a 26th place in the time qualifying and a 25th after the heats, he is then author of a small masterpiece in the pre-final, where he finishes 10th also with the best lap of the race. Too bad he can’t repeat himself in the final, where he finishes only 21st. The large fleet of IAME drivers in KFJ counts 12 drivers, among those are also worth to be mentioned: Marta Garcia Lopez (Zanardi/Parilla), Matteo Raspatelli (Kosmic/Parilla), Maxime Potty (Kosmic/Parilla) and Marino Sato (Praga/Parilla), all out of the final only for a whisker.


In the decisive round of the KF World Championship, there are 3 IAME drivers at the start. Karol Dabski (Praga/Parilla) begins with the 17th time in the time qualifying. The heats are somehow swinging: with a 14th, an 18th and a 24th the Polish driver is 12th at the start of the pre-final. This race is a harsh bite for Dabski as he recovers up to the 9th place but at the 7th lap he faces a problem and jumps at the end of the group. In the final Dabski doesn’t lose hope and recovers up to the 18th place. In Bahrain there are also two talented South African drivers:  Nathan Parkings scores a good 16th in the time qualifying, then he has some difficulties in the heats with a 24th a 30th but also a 15th. Yet started from the 24th position of the grid of the pre-final, he finishes 29th. In the final he pushes and recovers to the 20th place. His country fellow Julian Van Der Watt has some difficulties all along the week end. Started from the last place in the pre-final, he well recovers to the 26th in the final.



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