2013 SEQ Jmax Series Final

by Rick Fabri 3 December 2013

2013 South East Queensland Jmax Series, Round 6 (final round)
Ipswich Kart Club 30th November 2013

Another great turn out of Jmax competitors for the final round of the South East Queensland Jmax Series, held at Ipswich Kart Club on the 30th November 2013.

The final round did not disappoint with amazing on track action with the weather playing a huge role in Qualifying and the Heat 1 race.

The word is certainly still getting around with this concluding round we welcomed some new competitors in the mix with Joshua Rogers, Jake Downs, Jacob Bright, Sebastian Blindell and Joshua Davey.

All this is thanks to all the Jmax competitors throughout the year for providing exceptional racing during the series, the camaraderie between the drivers is well and truly evident and there is a very friendly atmosphere on the grid.


The down pour of rain during qualifying favoured Aaron Seton, taking pole position with a time of 1:01.521. In second position was Daniel Plant with a time of 1:01.838, followed by Joshua Rogers in third place with a 1:01.907 in his first appearance in the SEQ JMAX Series.

Qualifying Top Five
1. Aaron Seton (#4) 1:01.521 sec
2. Daniel Plant (#12) 1:01.838 sec
3. Joshua Rogers (#92) 1:01.907 sec
4. Jake Downs (#22) 1:01.927 sec
5. Jacob Bright (#88) 1:01.940 sec

Heat 1 race:

Aaron Seton led the first Heat from start to finish taking the win followed by Jake Downs finishing in 2nd respectively but he received a 10 second penalty for going into No Man’s land at the start of the race. James Litzow had the best drive of the race coming from 9th to finish 2nd and Jacob Bright taking 3rd place from starting position of 5th.

Heat 1 Top Five
1. Aaron Seton (#4)
2. James Litzow (#49)
3. Jacob Bright (#88)
4. Nicholas Andrews (#7)
5. Brock Lannoy (#67)
Fastest lap of the race went to Aaron Seton with a 1:01.393


The Pre-Final was the first dry race of the day with the majority of the grid starting on new dry tyres. This produced some very exiting action with the top 3 drivers battling it out in the last stages of the race. The pressure was on, the first three drivers, Nicholas Andrews, Aaron Seton and Brock Lannoy swapping positions incessantly. But on a last lap pass for the lead, Nicholas Andrews went on to win, with 2nd to Brock Lannoy and 3rd to Aaron Seton.

Pre-Final Top Five
1. Nicholas Andrews (#7)
2. Brock Lannoy (#67)
3. Aaron Seton (#4)
4. Joshua Rogers (#92)
5. Jacob Bright (#88)
Fastest lap of the race went to Nicholas Andrews with a 50.846


Nicholas Andrews took an early lead from the start of the race but in the final stages Andrews had battery problems causing a reduction of power to his engine. This helped Aaron Seton to close the gap but it was to late, Andrews had worked hard to gain a sufficient lead from the outset to maintain first place.

Further down the field a 4 way battle between Daniel Plant, Hunter McElera, Joshua Rogers and Joshua Davey kept the spectators keenly watching as the group battled it out for the mid field positions. The final podium positions were Nicholas Andrews finishing first, Aaron Seton 2nd and Jacob Bright after having a poor start and dropping back to 7th came through the field to finish 3rd.

Final Top Five
1. Nicholas Andrews (#7)
2. Aaron Seton (#4)
3. Jacob Bright (#88)
4. William Brown (#99)
5. Brock Lannoy (#67)
Fastest lap of the race went to Nicholas Andrews with a 49.893

The Hard Charger Award of $100 + a Commemorative Cap presented by Geoff Salmon from Sportsvoice went to Aaron Seton (#4) after a great day of fast consistent racing. Geoff commented, “Wet weather always seems to favour the great drivers, Aaron’s wet weather qualifying lap was superb”.

The series was decided at this round of the championship. A big congratulation goes to the final top three points scorers:

1. Nicholas Andrews - final points 1698
2. Michael Fabri – final points 1273
3. Daniel Plant – final points 1266

The first year of the South East Queensland JMAX Series was extremely successful with a total of 34 Jmax teams that contested the 2013 series, thank you all, as I keep on saying, without the support of the teams, the series would not be a success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian Black and Donald Stevens from International Karting Distributors, Dale Verrall from Pacific Kartsports and Geoff Salmon from SportsVoice for all their support during the 2013 series with the great prizes they put on offer and also a big thank you to Mark Wicks from KartSportNews for advertising the series on his web site.

Finally, I would also like to thank Ipswich Kart Club, Warwick Kart Club, Toowoomba Kart Club and all the AKA and club officials for their tireless work and support of the Jmax series, without them we would definitely not have been racing.

The SEQ Jmax Series will continue in 2014 and I am confident we will see bigger and better things in 2014.

Rick Fabri
2013 SEQ Jmax Series, Event Organiser
Email: rickfabri@yahoo.com.au

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