AKA Statement Regarding KF In Australia

  19 September 2013

In the wake of the article published on Vroom recently (reported on Tuesday), the Australian Karting Association issued a statement about the KF category in Australia:


The Australian Karting Associaton Ltd would like to clarify a news article that has appeared on the Vroom International Karting website in relation to the future of the Pro Light (KF) category in Australia.

The Australian Karting Association Ltd is committed to providing the Australian karting community with a championship that is aligned with International CIK regulations.

The views of any individuals mentioned in the article are just that, views of individuals, who hold no official positions within the Australian Karting Association Ltd or the CIK Stars of Karting Series.


About the Australian Karting Association Ltd

The Australian Karting Association Ltd is the body ultimately responsible for all matters to do with Karting in Australia, this includes the control and organisation of the CIK Stars of Karting Series.

Under a new corporate governance structure, Australian Karting Association Ltd took over the management of Karting in Australia on September 1, 2013.

With the amount of (global) discontent with the KF category, the Vroom article gained traction world wide as the international karting community eye-balled Australia.

It would appear the local Stars of Karting series is the only successful domestic 'CIK-based' national category in the world (however, the version we run here is not actually a current CIK-spec class). And as pointed out in the Vroom article, that's more to do with the professionalism of the series (ie, its promotion and organisation), rather than the spec of the karts.

The author of the article, which will appear in next month’s edition of Vroom Magazine, informed KartSportNews that there was a Sudan-spec kart available, if there was ever interest in doing an on-tack test.

"But the idea of running a 125cc Sudam powered kart was just to present a potential, possible, viable alternative. Nothing more. Sudam or ‘Nacional A’ is, and has been, a CIK class having contested the Pan-American Championships since the early 1990s."

"The full story, which continues to evolve, will appear in next month’s edition of Vroom Magazine. Additionally the world awaits the decision of the FIA as to the direction of the KF class for 2014."



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