Clyde Marshall The Biggest Ever

from Max Laybutt 19 September 2013

Last weekend 14th and 15th September saw no less than 212, yes 212, karters battle for the COMBINED DISTRICT KART CLUB’S annual CLYDE MARSHALL MEMORIAL race meeting held on the forthcoming NSW State Championship circuit at the club’s Lithgow facility.

  • Entries for the NSW State Championship close tomorrow (Friday, Sep 20). Links to Supp Regs and addendums via the Race Calendar page.

This event has always been a winner among the karters that appreciated the efforts of Clyde Marshall in getting this facility up and going; and then being the main person responsible for its success in the early days of its life.

Track action from Lithgow last weekend, David Kermond, Clubman Heavy
Above: Track action from Lithgow last weekend, David Kermond, who placed 2nd in Clubman Heavy
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Now under the control of the CDKC’s current committee, and with the track work officer Graham ABBOTT, ably assisted by the club’s Vice President Tom HEARN (who has just put hours and hours of his time and effort in), the circuit was presented in a condition that Clyde himself would have been proud of; a condition that was well and truly appreciated by those who competed at this weekend’s meeting, and will more than satisfy those that will descend on the facility for the forthcoming New South Wales State Championships next month.

212 entrants, in 16 classes, contested a bigger than championship programme that contained, Qualifying, 3 heats, 14 laps of Pre-Final and a HUGE 16 lap final -  all concluded over 2 days and finished before 3.30pm on the Sunday. The program was really very acceptable to all those that competed and everybody enjoyed the hospitality that this club is now renowned for.

While I am sure the ability to do some “Pre Championship” data collection was a priority for some, the ability to add a “CLYDE MARSHALL” victory tag to anyone’s CV is a valued addition to a lot of the entrants and combined with the ability to race in big fields on such a well prepared and testing circuit just makes the effort very rewarding.

125 TaG Restricted podium
Above: 125 TaG Restricted Light podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Six TaG Restricted Lights, combined with 11 heavies, made for some superb racing with Jordan GREENHALGH, leading home CDKC regular Kyle SANDONA and the boy from “The Gong” Chad HORSLEY in the Light division, while Michael OSMOND, led home Kris BAIL while long time CDKC member Phil MIDDLETON had to be content with 3rd place.

Whoever said that we don’t need Clubman’s should bite their tongue!!!, for in both the huge Clubman Light and Heavy fields some of the absolute best racing is always seen, and at this event no less that 18 lights and 24 heavies went out to do battle for the honour of “Clyde Marshall”.

Wasn’t it just great to see names like Jason HRYNIUK, Shayne PIPER and Remo LUCIANI, now being seriously challenged by many, and I do mean many of our up and coming stars from the junior ranks.  Even Kyle CLEWS left his “Legends” machine in the shed to return for the challenge of racing in such a prestigious event in the company of quality drivers that the Clubman classes are providing.  With many other great drivers such as Jason VARLEY and others from interstate that I am sure will appear for the State Championships, these classes had spectators on the fence watching and it promises to be an even greater spectacle at the championships.

Sarah Collins won a heat of Senior National Light, but DNFd the final
Above: Sarah Collins won a heat of Senior National Light, but DNFd the final
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

The end result of these classes saw Dimitri AGATHOS, lead home Hayden SUNDERLAND from Matthew WATERS (how long ago were they juniors?) in the light class, with local CDKC performer Joshua SEIFFERT not that far behind them in 7th place. The Heavy Class saw Daniel NOLAN lead home CDKC member David KERMOND, with the ever reliable Jason HRYNIUK right behind them; and I really did get the feeling that Jason has a bit more to give come championship time.  Shayne PIPER and Remo LUCIANI came home in 5th and 6th spots but don’t kid yourself that they don’t have that little extra stored away for the Championships.

The tried and proven successful National Heavy and Super Heavy classes also, as always, provided some really great racing.  It is unfortunate that these karters do not get the opportunity to contest their classes at the State Championships; however that certainly did not diminish their enthusiasm for a Clyde Marshall trophy to put on their shelf and add to their CV’s.

It was great to see all the guys from the Orange Club down for this event, as well as Niven RICHES back in the saddle testing out his recent debilitating arm problem.  However, that old fox John HORSBURGH out-smarted them to win the super heavy division from Kurt DICKSON and Niven RICHES, with the usual winner Tom HEARN, relegated back to 4th place.

Darren HARRIS kept Jeremy ATKINS and Iain THORNTON behind him in the Heavy division.  

Junior National Heavy podium
Above: Junior National Heavy podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

There is already 35 Junior National Lights, and 17 heavies, entered for the State Championships, and 24 of the lights and 15 heavies arrived at the Clive Marshall, I am sure to “Feel Out” the competition, track and “Collect Data” for the State Championships. However that certainly did not detract from some absolute superb racing in both these great classes.

The consistent Glen ORMEROD led home Jack WINTER and William BROWN in the light division, but just have a look on the CM: S at their followers, Joshua CAR, Jayden OJEDA, Timothy COLOMBRITA - right there with the leaders all the way.  Then if you look further down the finishing order Jessie ATTARD, Travis LICHTENBERGER, Tyler EVERINGHAM, Tyra MARANIK all capable of upsetting the front runners in what is building up to be an absolute spectacle at the Championships in a class that a great qualifying effort will be a major priority.

Cody Brewczynski (18) and Jack Doohan (33 - look ahead, Jack!) in Rookies.
Above: Cody Brewczynski (18) and Jack Doohan (33 - look ahead, Jack!) in Rookies.
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

And let us not KID ourselves the heavies will be just as good.  Although Gus FLYNN put in a great performance to score this win, there was the ever reliable Jayden OJEDA, and the ultra quick Jeffery RAHALEY, right behind him and ready to put in that extra effort at the Championships;  and all over the place getters at the end of the final, SCHWARTZ, HAYEK, RILEY, STONES, KEEN... This one is a “GOTTA SEE” at the Big One.

These great CADETS, what a joy to be involved with, CDKC and the Lithgow circuit seem to be a very real magnet for these little “Tackers” and on this day 21 of them lined up to do some serious learning!  After we locked up the fathers (no we didn’t but there are times!! when we feel we should!!!)  And WHO WON?... THEY ALL DID!!! However Benito MONTALBANO was in front when Andy dropped the black and white, Zachary HEARD (always up the front, gunna hear more of Zac in the years to come) came home next with William SEAL bringing his very colourful SODI home next.  And 18 other very happy little vegemite’s came into the weigh station as happy as anybody can be... gee they enjoy it!!

William Seal (95) and Kasey Szymko (88) were third and fourth in the Cadet final
Above: William Seal (95) and Kasey Szymko (88) were third and fourth in the Cadet final
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

The Senior National Light class is now, in general, made up of drivers that have just come up from learning their craft in the junior ranks.  Mix them with some of the very experienced old stages of this class, and an improvement in the continuation of the great races we saw at Junior Level, are now even better at this new stage in the racing career of these guys and all the ladies with Sarah COLLINS, Sarah and Monique MILLMORE, and a number of other ladies that neither ask nor give anything from the boys as they continue to press for their place in this sport where gender is not an issue.  Anyone betting that we may see a Lady winner at the State Championships, I am in, for it is a very real possibility that one of our ladies will rightfully take home the spoils in this class.  However for the Clyde Marshall, Scott HARRIS prevailed over Aaron GIUNTINI and Darren HARRIS in some very close racing in every race.

Those over 40 lot love their Karting.  It is a shame that they cannot get a run at the state championships; however they consider that the annual Coffs Harbour event is really their Championship.  However that doesn’t mean that neither the National or Clubman division of these guys is any less fearful than their younger counterparts, for they all are not sure of how many events are left in their time ahead, and in some cases they race like there really is not going to be another tomorrow!!!!!

In the National division, Anthony BORG, Warren HODDER, and David DUNBAR filled the places with Ricky NOYEN and Tom HEARN not far away, while Lithgow regular Michael MICALLEF kept Wayne BAILEY and Iain THORNTON at bay to win the Clubman division.

Senior National Heavy winner Darren Harris
Above: Senior National Heavy winner Darren Harris
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

The ROOKIES showed just great knowledge, experience, and dedication in their racing; the majority of this field have come through the strong CDKC Cadet program and the front runners feature in a lot of podium results at many clubs all around Australia. Zac RADDATZ, Cody BREWCZYNSKI and Harrison KILPATRICK had to work very hard to keep a very much improved and on the move Tommy HARRADINE behind them, and it was unusual to see Thomas SARGENT back in 5th place but you can bet the he will be working hard to improve on that at the Championships.

The water bottle boys in the open TAG Class did not have the big numbers that were expected, however the racing was well and truly up to standard and I am sure that bigger numbers will arrive to contest the Big One next month.

 In the Heavy Division, Michael SALLER led them home and must be a major consideration for a Blue Plate, however I am sure Craig STAUNER and Matthew BOYLAN who followed him home at this event will do some really hard thinking to improve.   The Light guys Joshua SMITH, Reece DAVIDSON and Laurie FOOKS enjoyed their racing as did the rest of the field.

Senior National Super Heavy podium
Above: Senior National Super Heavy podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

And to finalise the day, the young Junior Max drivers arrived in force to display the enormous skill that is required to be competitive in this class.  Once again names that it does not seem too long ago we were watching as Cadets and Rookies, are now displaying their abilities learnt in those classes, with the very fast and well prepared equipment that this class demands. James ABELA, Jayden OJEDA, Cody GILLIS, headed a very young, exuberant and experienced field to the podium.

As always the final results from all CDKC Race Meetings are available via the CM:S and are normally available through that medium mere seconds after any race is completed.  So if you can’t make the actual venue for the State Championships then watch them at home via CM:S on your mobile device.

And now onto the next Major Event for the Combined Districts Kart Club, and the Lithgow Facility:


Above: Winner of Clubman Heavy, Daniel Nolan
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Winner of Cadets, PCR's Benito Montalbano
Above: Winner of Cadets, PCR's Benito Montalbano
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Clubman Heavy, Daniel Nolan (right) 1st and David Kermond (left) 2nd, Clubman Heavy
Above: Clubman Heavy, Daniel Nolan (right) 1st and David Kermond (left) 2nd, Clubman Heavy
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Jackson Souslin-Harlow top-tenned the Cadet final
Above: Jackson Souslin-Harlow top-tenned the Cadet final
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Cadet podium & encouraement award
Above: Cadet podium & encouraement award
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Lachlan Hall, Cadets
Above: Lachlan Hall, Cadets
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix






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