2013 Rock Island Grand Prix

press release 12 September 2013

History was made in several ways at this year’s Rock Island Grand Prix presented by AT&T and Casey’s General Stores.

Ohio’s Gary Lawson (Arrow) entered four classes and took home four victories to run his total wins at Rock Island to 25. The next closest active driver is Todd Bolton with 8. Texan Jordon Musser captured his third King of the Streets title, besting Josh Lane from Pennsylvania and Californian Fritz Leesmann. Josh Lane would capture the 125 Open Shifter classs and his father, Lance, winning the 125 Masters to become the first father/son team to win at The Rock.

Some TAG Sr. class drivers approach the first turn at the Rock Island Grand Prix karting event - Cacciavillani (7), Taylor (342) Schuler (11), Nowysz (6) Harrington (109) and Chelootz (00)
Above: Some TAG Sr. class drivers approach the first turn at the Rock Island Grand Prix karting event - Cacciavillani (7), Taylor (342) Schuler (11), Nowysz (6) Harrington (109) and Chelootz (00)

Great racing conditions, hot weather and great competition combined to help racers notch new fast lap records in 12 classes. The weekend also featured a 20 kart Vintage Kart race that cleared the pits and brought everyone to the fence line, and the Casey’s General Stores Race Against Hunger TAG Senior race on Saturday, which raised over 3,000 pounds of food for the local food bank.

Lawson sat on the pole in the opening LO206 Medium race Sunday sponsored by Schurr Power Racing, and led all 15 laps to take home the win.  Cale Downs (Coyote) finished second and Canadian Cory Cacciavillani (Birel) was third. This race also featured the on-track showdown between ekartingnews.com’s Rob Howden and David Cole with Howden finishing eighth and Cole overcoming carburetion problems in qualifying to charge from 27th to 13th.

Lawson notched his second win of the weekend in Clone Heavy sponsored by Schurr Power Racing. He was joined by defending champ Connor Lund (Arrow) and Travis DeVriendt (Coyote) in the lead pack. Lapped traffic slowed DeVriendt leaving Lund and Lawson to swap the lead before going side by side through the final two corners with Lawson winning the race to the checker by .055 of a second with DeVriendt finishing third.

Above: Briggs & Stratton LO 206 drivers await start of their race

Lawson’s third win came in the LO 206 Heavy race sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing, starting on the pole and leading all the way. Downs (Coyote) won the battle for second over Lund (Arrow). Cacciavillani (Birel) signed up the day of the race and started at the back of the field, but moved up to 7th on the opening lap and battled Matt Pewe (Margay) for fourth before the Canadian settled for fifth.

Lawson also started his final race, Clone Medium sponsored by CBS-4, on the pole and spent the 15 lap race building up a 9 second margin of victory. Lund (Arrow), who damaged his chassis in qualifying, started 23rd and was up to 12th by the end of the first lap. He would edge out defending champion Jesse Clossey (Coyote) at the line for second.

“This was good,” said Lawson, a school teacher who just turned 30. “It’s hard to say how many more years I can do this. Who knows? This could be the last one…. We’re still going hard but who knows how much longer we’ll have.”

The King of the Streets stock Honda race sponsored by MG Tires found Texans Jordon Musser (Birel) and Connor Iseli (Birel) on the front row after qualifying. Musser grabbed the gears on the start while Iseli fell back by Turn One. Musser quickly built a solid lead over Josh Lane (DR Kart) and Fritz Leesmann (CRG) who took third from Scott Barnes (GP) of Bermuda on Lap Two. Musser lead all 20 laps, finishing 10.3 seconds ahead of Lane in second and 10.8 seconds ahead of Leesmann with Barnes in fourth.

Above: Jordon Musser is crowned King of the Streets by Grand Prix president Roger Ruthhart

“It feels great. Any time you can win here it does because so many things can go wrong. It’s intense the whole way. It’s a little luck, a lot of sponsor help and some pretty good driving,” said Musser.

Lance Lane (DR Kart/Honda) won the 125 Shifter Masters event sponsored by AMT Ambulance by 13.25 seconds over Eric Riggs (GP/TM) with Eric Chappell (Birel/Honda) third 15.4 seconds back. His son, Josh (DR Kart/Honda) dominated the return of the Open Shifter category to The Rock. Running similar lap times to his times in King of the Streets, Lane earned his first Rock trophy with a 16.89 second win over Chappell. John Meier (Tony Kart) finished third.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Lane, after his first win in eight trips to Rock Island. “It’s cool being a part of history.”

In TAG Senior action, Mason Chelootz (Top Kart/Rotax) won Saturday’s Casey’s General Stores Race Against Hunger, edging Cacciavillani (Kosmic/Rok TT) by .5 of a second with Brennan Harrington (Kosmic/Rotax) finishing third. Chelootz gained the pole and teammate Bill McLaughlin Jr. the third spot by donating the most non-perishable food for the River Bend Foodbank -- more than 1,800 pounds.

In Sunday’s race, sponsored by the International Trophy Cup Series, Chelootz started on the pole but dropped way back on Lap One. Cacciavillani took the lead early and broadened it while Chelootz made a charge toward Adam Taylor (Birel/Rotax) in second and Alex Nowysz (Margay/Leopard) in third. Chelootz had moved to third and was looking for a way around Taylor when he made contact with the barriers on Lap 13, giving Cacciavillani the win by over 9 seconds. Harrington (Kosmic/Rotax) would take second with Taylor dropping back to third, Morgan Schuler (CRG/Rotax) was fourth and Davey Hamilton Jr. (Tony Kart/Rotax) fifth.

Chelootz (Top Kart) was also on the pole in the Leopard class sponsored by Casey’s General Stores. He and defending champion Cacciavillani (Kosmic) were able to break away early until the Canadian put himself out with hard contact with barriers in Turn Five. But Chelootz was chased down by Alex Nowysz (Margay) and Florida’s Dustin Stross (Tony Kart).  Chelootz ended up in the barriers and out of the race on Lap 7. Stross moved to the lead by also found contact, allowing Nowysz from Iowa to take over the lead and score the win while Stross brought his damaged kart home in second, just .756 of a second back. Wisconsin’s Cal Stewart (Top Kart) finished third and Drake Ostrom (OTK) fourth.

Above: TAG Masters winner Brian McHattie

A small but talented group of TAG Junior drivers contested for the lead early with pole sitter Killian Keaveny (Top Kart). Eventually, Keaveny took the lead and held on to win by 1.9 seconds. Texan Austin Osborne (Birel) ran second, Hoosier Abby McLaughlin (Top Kart) third and Collum Smith (Energy), from California, was fourth.

“I just dug down and kept going. It feels better every time you come here. The competition is always good here,” said Keaveny. The race was sponsored by L&W Bedding.

TAG Masters, sponsored by the Lone Star Grand Prix, produced another epic battle between two-time Rock Island winners Brian McHattie (OTK/Rok TT) and John Dixon (Top Kart/ Motori 7). The lead changed several times on the opening laps before McHattie finally took the point and held it for his third Rock Island victory by just .085 seconds over Dixon. Dean Leifheit (Corsa/Rotax) won the fight for third with Brian Wake (CRG/Rotax) and Paul Russo (Birel/Rotax).

“You can’t get a better competitor than John (Dixon),” McHattie said. “It’s an honor to race with people like that. I told him it didn’t matter who won and who finished second, we were going to have a good time.”

Above: Bermuda's Skitchy Barnes signs an autograph for a race fan

Caleb Loniewski drove a Lynn Haddock-built Margay/IAME to another victory in the Pro Open class sponsored by AT&T. Brennan Harrington (Kosmic/Rotax) was second with Travis Porter (Margay/twin Yamahas) ending up third.

But the best racing of the weekend came in the Yamaha SuperCan Heavy and Medium classes.  In the Heavy class sponsored by AT&T, Top Kart teammates Bill McLaughlin Jr. and Blake Deister started on the front row with McLaughlin moving to the lead as the Margays of Todd Bolton, Michael Dittmer and Tony Neilson gave chase. Bolton and Dittmer would push past McLaughlin with Neilson retiring on Lap 12.  On the final lap, Dittmer benefited from lapped traffic to pass Bolton for the win with Deister moving up to third.

The real thrills came in the Yamaha SuperCan Medium event sponsored by Casey’s General Stores near the end of the day. Chase Jones (Top Kart) won the pole and after the green was thrown, he was quickly joined by six other karts and seven different drivers would find themselves in the lead at one time or another. Bolton (Margay) and Neilson (Margay) were the early leaders until Bill McLaughlin Jr. (top Kart) and Neilson moved away from the group with Jones giving chase in third. By halfway the group was back together and McLaughlin pushed past Neilson for the lead, bringing Jones with him. On the final lap, Michael Dittmer (Margay) was in second and Neilson in third as they tried to find a way past Jones, who held the lead. Dittmer tried to get by and there was contact, allowing Neilson to take the inside line through Turn 2 for the lead and hold on for the victory. Bolton came through to finish second with Dittmer third with Jones and McLaughlin rounding out the Top Five.

“There’s a lot of things in life you don’t forget and you don’t forget winning here,” Nielson said.

While the Rock trophy and checks are always treasured, the big winners this year were those who took home vouchers for the Bob Bondurant Driving School. Each winner received a $500 voucher. Two drivers, chosen by blind draw, received 4-day Grand Prix Road Racing courses valued at almost $5,000 each. The lucky winners were Yamaha driver Weston Moon and stock Honda pilot Jenna Grillo. Awards were presented at the John Deere Awards Ceremony by Bondurant instructor and former Rock Island Grand Prix competitor Jesse Dunham.


2013 Rock Island Grand Prix Final Results


Casey's General Stores Race Against Hunger

1. Mason Chelootz, Houston, Tex. ---
2. Cory Cacciavillani, Canada 0.506
3. Brennan Harrington, Des Plaines, Ill. 11.485
4. William McLaughlin Jr., Mooresville, Ind. 14.439
5. Aaron Snyder, North Aurora, Ill. 14.896
6. Davey Hamilton Jr., Jamestown, Ind. 15 laps
7. Adam Taylor, Shorewood, Ill. 19 laps
8. Colton Aldridge, Carmel, Ind. 19 laps

Did not start: Morgan Schuler, DeWitt, Iowa.
Fast lap Saturday: Chelootz, 32.624. Pole winner: McLaughlin, determined by the most pounds of food donated to the River Bend Foodbank. 

Briggs & Stratton Local Option 206 Medium sponsored by Schurr Power Racing

1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, Ohio -----
2. Cale Downs, Rosamond, Ill. 0.352
3. Cory Cacciavillani, Canada 6.075
4. Connor Lund, Davis, Ill. 6.166
5. Matt Pewe, Davenport, Iowa 8.006
6. Cal Stewart, South Beloit, Ill. 12.092
7. Scott Barnes, Bermuda 12.257
8. Rob Howden, Canada 20.050
9. Logan Christel, Valders, Wis. 24.066
10. Andy Finke, North Liberty, Ind 24.167
11. Derek Hastings, Nineveh, Ind. 24.283
12. Sawyer Reardon, North Liberty, Ind. 24.706
13. David Cole, Comstock Park, Mich. 25.049
14. Mark Beamish, St. Paul, Minn. 25.218
15. Patrick Beamish, Arden Hills, Minn. 25.674
16. Jeremy Hood, New Ross, Ind. 30.184
17. Jerry Miller, Carlinville, Ill. 1 lap
18. Michael Rink, Crown Point, Ind. 1 lap
19. Greg Jasperson, Lakeville, Mich. 1 lap
20. Randy Raridon, LaSalle, Ill. 1 lap
21. Courtney Clark, Shorewood, Ill. 1 lap
22. Jim Sabinas, North Liberty, Ind. 1 lap
23. Brandon Schadt, Blue Grass, Iowa 1 lap
24. Michael Riemer, New Lenox, Ill. 2 laps
25. Shannon Halbert, Harold, Ky. 2 laps
26. Matthew Bartlings, Sheridan, Ill. 5 laps
27. Jacob Kaszubski, Chicago Heights, Ill. 6 laps
28. Bob Kaminski, Lombard, Ill. 11 laps
29. Charles Karau, Silver Springs, Md. 15 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Lawson, 36.558. Pole winner: Lawson, 36.562. Record lap time: Lawson, 36.558 ('13 final).

125cc Shifter Masters sponsored by AMT Ambulance
1. Lance Lane, Algonquin, Ill. -----
2. Eric Riggs, Downers Grove, Ill. 13.259
3. Eric Chappell, Saginaw, Mich. 15.472
4. Chris Shultz, Indianapolis, Ind. 16.236
5. Michael Sullivan, Las Vegas, Nev. 23.453
6. Thomas Wood, Plainfield, Ill. 24.374
7. Matt Sriver, Carpetersville, Ill. 26.387
8. Terry Riggins, Anderson, Ind. 1 lap
9. Dave Doogan, Lockport, Ill. 7 laps
10. John Meier, Bellevue, Iowa 10 laps

Did not start: Chris Prey, Appleton, Wis.

Fast lap Sunday: Lane, 32.718. Pole winner: Lane, 32.681. Record lap time: Shayne Shipley, Middletown, Ind., 32.412 ('06 feature).

Yamaha Super Can Heavy sponsored by AT&T
1. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, Iowa -----
2. Todd Bolton, Bowen, Ill. 0.376
3. Blake Deister, Mooresville, Ind. 7.351
4. Eric Bartsch, Hazel Green, Wis. 7.521
5. Brandon Cather, Rock Island, Ill. 7.739
6. Chase Jones, Greenwood, Ind. 11.456
7. Chad Peppers, Davenport, Iowa 11.974
8. Jimmy Laser, Indianapolis, Ind. 15.556
9. Jason Ewers, Fishers, Ind. 15.675
10. Mike Burrell, Speedway, Ind. 21.757
11. Quentin Fischlein, Davenport, Iowa 31.257
12. Rob Knox, Orion, Ill. 31.772
13. William McLaughlin Jr., Mooresville, Ind. 1 lap
14. Brandyn Ryan, LeRoy, Ill. 1 lap
15. Tony Neilson, Delmar, Iowa 4 laps
16. Alex Angel, Speedway, Ind. 4 laps
17. Steven Struck, West Liberty, Iowa 7 laps
18. Garrett Nimmick, Clinton, Iowa 9 laps
19. Dustin Blomme, Eldridge, Iowa 13 laps
20. Nick Ricketts, Avon, Ind. 13 laps
21. Bob Cole, Wyoming, Mich. 15 laps

Did not start: Weston Moon, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Disqualified: Derek Hastings, Nineveh, Ind.

Fast lap Sunday: McLaughlin, 35.177. Pole winner: McLaughlin, 35.292. Record lap time: McLaughlin, 35.177 ('13 final).

King of the Streets sponsored by MG Tires

1. Jordan Musser, Coppell, Tex. -----
2. Josh Lane, Lake Ariel, Penn. 10.310
3. Fritz Leesmann, Folsom, Calif. 10.845
4. Scott Barnes, Bermuda 11.304
5. Connor Iseli, Lone Oak, Tex. 11.772
6. Chris Jennings, Sachse, Tex. 12.106
7. Jenna Grillo, Lakeville, Minn. 24.757
8. Brian Davies, Moorseville, N.C. 1 lap
9. Michael Sullivan, Las Vegas, Nev. 1 lap

Did not start: Colton Aldridge, Carmel, Ind.

Fast lap Sunday: Musser, 31.976. Pole winner: Musser, Tex., 32.023. Record lap time: Musser, 31.976 ('13 finals).

Leopard sponsored by Casey’s General Stores

1. Alex Nowysz, Adel, Iowa -----
2. Dustin Stross, N. Ft. Myers, Fla. 0.756
3. Calvin Stewart, S. Beloit, Wis. 2.846
4. Drake Ostrom, Milan, Ill. 6.955
5. Kent Schonberger, Evansville, Ind. 18.107
6. Douglas O'Horo, Long Branch, N.J. 18.902
7. Garrett Nimmick, Clinton, Iowa 18.977
8. Keenan Hertzner, Ottawa, Ill. 8 laps
9. Mason Chelootz, Houston, Tex. 10 laps
10. Cory Cacciavillani, Canada 17 laps
11. Tony Neilson, Delmar, Iowa 19 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Stross, 32.925. Pole winner: Chelootz, 32.880. Record lap time: Chelootz, 32.880 ('13 qualifying).

TAG Junior sponsored by L&W Bedding

1. Killian Keaveny, Annandale, Minn. -----
2. Austin Osborne, Houston, Tex. 1.916
3. Abby McLaughlin, Mooresville, Ind. 2.198
4. Collum Smith, Wilton, Calif. 26.386

Fast lap Sunday: Keaveny, 32.972. Pole winner: Keaveny, 33.321. Record lap time: Keaveny, 32.972 ('13 final).

4-Cycle Clone Heavy sponsored by Schurr Power Racing
1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, Ohio -----
2. Connor Lund, Davis, Ill. 0.055
3. Travis DeVriendt, Sherrard, Ill. 3.577
4. Jesse Clossey, Janesvile, Wis. 14.237
5. Jimmy Laser, Indianapolis, Ind. 14.718
6. Dennis Bruner, Muncie, Ind. 16.767
7. Matt Pewe, Davenport, Iowa 23.185
8. Tim Mayer, Fenton, Mo. 25.107
9. Garrett Nimmick, Clinton, Iowa 36.146
10. Jace Carter, Eldridge, Iowa 1 lap
11. Albert Cram, Iowa City, Iowa 1 lap
12. Lance Newmarch, Clinton, Iowa 1 lap
13. Casey Newmarch, Clinton, Iowa 1 lap
14. Mark Petersen, Clinton, Iowa 1 lap
15. Cale Downs, Rosamund, Ind. 2 laps
16. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, Iowa 6 laps
17. Dan Dahlgren, Rock Island, Ill. 6 laps
18. Austin Louck, Eldridge, Iowa 10 laps
19. Jerry Miller, Carlinville, Ill. 12 laps
20. Bill Sanders, O'Fallon, Mo. 12 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Lawson, 36.736. Pole winner: Lawson, 37.120. Record lap time: Lawson, 36.736 ('13 final).

TAG Senior sponsored by International Trophy Cup Series
1. Cory Cacciavillani, Canada -----
2. Brennan Harrington, Des Plaines, Ill. 9.779
3. Adam Taylor, Shorewood, Ill. 12.829
4. Morgan Schuler, DeWitt, Iowa 18.011
5. Davey Hamilton Jr., Jamestown, Ind. 22.680
6. Kent Schonberger, Evansville, Ind. 1 lap
7. Aaron Snyder, North Aurora, Ill. 6 laps
8. Mason Chelootz, Houston, Tex. 8 laps
9. Alex Nowysz, Adel, Iowa 8 laps
10. Drake Ostrom, Milan, Ill. 17 laps

Did not start: Dustin Stross, N. Ft. Myers, Fla.

Fast lap Sunday: Chelootz, 32.368. Pole winner: Chelootz, 32.284. Record lap time: Chelootz, 32.284 ('13 qualifying).

Briggs & Stratton Local Option 206 Heavy sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Motorsports.
1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, Ohio -----
2. Cale Downs, Rosamund, Ill. 4.173
3. Connor Lund, Davis, Ill. 4.264
4. Matt Pewe, Davenport, Iowa 12.257
5. Cory Cacciavillani, Canada 12.481
6. Scott Barnes, Bermuda 20.734
7. Patrick Beamish, Arden Hills, Minn. 21.057
8. Derek Hastings, Nineveh, Ind. 26.525
9. Mark Beamish, St. Paul, Minn. 26.735
10. Jerry Miller, Carlinville, Ill. 35.346
11. Greg Jasperson, Lakeville, Minn. 40.030
12. Randy Raridon, LaSalle, Ind. 1 lap
13. Michael Riemer, New Lenox, Ill. 1 lap
14. Brandon Schadt, Blue Grass, Iowa 1 lap
15. Shannon Halbert, Harold, Ky. 2 laps
16. Logan Christel, Valders, Wis. 4 laps
17. Bob Kaminski, Lombard, Ill. 7 laps
18. Charles Karau, Silver Spring, Md. 8 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Lawson, 36.988. Pole winner: Lund, 37.561. Record lap time: Lawson, 36.988 ('13 final).

TAG Masters sponsored by Lone Star Grand Prix
1. Brian McHattie, Youngston, Ohio -----
2. John Dixon, Evansville, Ind. 0.859
3. Dean Leifheit, N. Aurora, Ill. 13.229
4. Brian Wake, Geneseo, Ill. 14.559
5. Paul Russo, Lincolnshire, Ill. 15.706
6. Douglas O'Horo, Long Branch, N.J. 18.178
7. Kurt Fisher, Richland, Wash. 27.423
8. Shane Wells, Coal Valley, Ill. 28.587
9. Matt Sriver, Carpentersville, Ill. 29.021
10. Michael Richey, Seymour, Ind. 11 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Dixon, 33.289. Pole winner: Dixon, 33.599. Record lap time: Dixon, 33.289 ('13 final).

4-Cycle Clone Medium spon sored by CBS-4
1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, Ohio -----
2. Connor Lund, Davis, Ill. 8.955
3. Jesse Clossey, Janesville, Wis. 9.086
4. Jimmy Laser, Indianapolis, Ind. 9.769
5. Travis DeVriendt, Sherrard, Ill. 24.102
6. Cale Downs, Rosamond, Ill. 24.278
7. Kent Schonberger. Evansville, Ind. 36.686
8. Paul Enlow, Brownsburg, Iowa 37.262
9. Albert Cram, Iowa City, Iowa 37.866
10. Tim Mayer, Fenton, Mo. 1 lap
11. Dennis Bruner, Muncie, Ind. 1 lap
12. Austin Louck, Eldridge, Iowa 1 lap
13. Bill Sanders, O'Fallon, Mo. 1 lap
14. Ken Paulson, Beloit, Wis. 1 lap
15. Jerry Miller, Carlinville, Ill. 1 lap
16. Garrett Powell, Indianapolis, Ind. 6 laps
17. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, Iowa 6 laps
18. Matt Pewe, Davenport, Iowa 11 laps
19. Joseph Rapp, Bettendorf, Iowa 12 laps
20. Zac Clingerman, Danville, Iowa 12 laps

Did not start: Mark Bollaert, Oak Grove, Ill.; Leo Carr, Bettendorf, Iowa; Brandon Schadt, Blue Grass, Iowa.

Fast lap Sunday: Lawson, 36.425. Pole winner: Lawson, 36.843. Record lap time: Lawson, 36.425 ('13 final).

125cc Open Shifter sponsored by Sunbelt Rentals

1. Josh Lane, Lake Ariel, Ill. -----
2. Eric Chappell, Saginaw, Mich. 16.890
3. John Meier, Bellevue, Iowa 2 laps
4. Chris Shultz, Indianapolis, Ind. 5 laps
5. Alex Conlin, La Porte, Ind. 6 laps
6. Scott Barnes, Bermuda 18 laps
7. Brian Davies, Mooresville, N.C. 19 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Lane, 32.388. Pole winner: Lane, 32.256. Record lap time: Kyle Wiegand, Bargersville, Ind., 31.176 ('06 feature, course record).

Yamaha Super Can Medium sponsored by Casey’s General Stores

1. Tony Neilson, Delmar, Iowa -----
2. Todd Bolton, Bowen, Ill. 0.183
3. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, Iowa 0.247
4. Chase Jones, Greenwood, Ind. 0.417
5. William McLaughlin Jr., Mooresville, Ind. 0.731
6. Nick Ricketts, Avon, Ind. 8.387
7. Eric Bartsch, Hazel Green, Wis. 8.770
8. Jason Ewers, Fisher, Ind. 9.051
9. Jimmy Laser, Indianapolis, Ind. 10.537
10. Alex Angel, Speedway, Ind. 13.651
11. Quentin Fischlein, Davenport, Iowa 17.713
12. Troy Porter, Rock Island, Ill. 28.886
13. Blake Deister, Mooresville, Ind. 1 lap
14. Dustin Blomme, Eldridge, Iowa 1 lap
15. Garrett Nimmick, Clinton, Iowa 1 lap
16. Rob Knox, Orion, Ill. 36.401 1 lap
17. Weston Moon, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 3 laps
18. Brandon Cather, Rock Island, Ill. 11 laps
19. Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf, Iowa 14 laps
20. Derek Hastings, Nineveh, Ind. 14 laps

Fast lap Sunday: Deister, 34.790. Pole winner: Jones, 34.638. Record lap time: Jones, 34.638 ('13 qualifying).

Pro Open sponsored by AT&T
1. Caleb Loniewski, St. Louis, Mo. -----
2. Brennan Harrington, Des Plaines, Ill. 11.757
3. Travis Porter, Rock Island, Ill. 2 laps
4. Clayton Snow, Sacramento, Calif. 13 laps
5. John Dixon, Evansville, Ind. 17 laps

Did not start: Mason Chelootz, Houston, Tex.; Kurt Fisher, Richland, Wash.

Fast lap Sunday: Loniewski, 32.354. Pole winner: Chelootz, 32.182. Record lap time: Chelootz, 32.182 ('13 qualifying).





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