New Era Begins For Australian Karting

AKA media 6 September 2013

Australian Kart Racing has entered a new era with the transition to the sport being managed and controlled under a new governance model having been completed.

The Australian Karting Association is now a Company limited by guarantee with a new Constitution and corporate responsibilities governed by the Corporations Act. The new Board under the Chair of five-time Moto GP World Champion Michael Doohan is tasked with the role of managing and developing Kart racing in Australia.

“The Karting community has been working towards this development for a long time. It is a very exciting time for everyone involved in the sport, including the Board,” said Doohan.

“Having a Board with appropriate skill sets leading the governance of the sport is a huge step forward. Now that the new Board is in place our challenge is to continue the growth and development of the sport for the benefit of all stakeholders and Australian motorsport in general.

“Kart racing is grassroots motorsport with pathways that lead to the elite levels and to the development of our national and international motorsport champions. It’s motor racing for everyone.

“Our aim is to enhance the experience for everyone involved in the sport and to put structures in place that will increase the number of participants while allowing and encouraging them to develop their racing careers to the highest levels.

“The Board brings legal, financial, technical, marketing, competition and sporting skills to the business. Our administration is truly independent. Our goal is to ensure that we provide the experience of Karting competition that is the equal of or better than anywhere in world.”

Outgoing National President Craig Denton welcomed the new era of the sport.

“As Karting enters a new era in Australia I would like to personally take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the process for their dedication and commitment. This is the beginning of an exciting new era in the administration of Karting in Australia,” said Denton.

“The Board of AKA Ltd and AKA Inc. have worked tirelessly in the transition period and I wish them the best of success for the future of this fabulous sport.”

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Kelvin O’Reilly indicated the new era of the sport is a fresh start while confirming that it is business as usual for the Karting competitor.

“As a Board and management we have a great amount of work to do including the development of our new Strategic Plan for the sport,” said O’Reilly.

“For competitors and officials, it really is business as usual for everyone.

“I’m genuinely excited about the prospects for the future of Karting in Australia. The sport has a very strong foundation built over many years. Now it’s time to build on that base and take Kart racing forward to new heights – both in overall participation levels and at the elite end.”





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