Yorke Peninsula Dirt Meeting

from Dirt Kart World / facebook 26 August 2013

Report on the YPDKC Blue Ribbon Event - 24th & 25th August 2013

With many southerner receiving rain all week leading up to the event, they were surprise to see track in such good form. Saturday was overcast, and Sunday was sunny and warm! A hint of Spring!

Saturday saw racing start at 3.00 pm, finished at 10.00 pm and Sunday racing started at 10.00 am and finished a lot later than expected, at 4.00 pm with presentations afterwards with trophies from Statewide Trophies and presented by the sponsor of the day – Sandra Paddick at Travelscene Kadina and drawing of the raffle.

There were 142 nominations in 12 classes. Biggest field we have had for over twelve months. Enthusiasts came from all over the state including Michael and Mary Brooker and their daughter Rachel from Wiepa (top of Queensland), who have taken a term off of school to travel the various meets held in NT and SA, plus Brad Connor from Alice Springs NT.

The track has been one of the favourites for dirt kart drivers for years, with a lot of work recently gone into relaying the track with more clay and sand. Thank you to Polgreen Earthmoving and club members for their hours spent on this. Relaying of belting and tyres for driver protection around the track was also completed.

Extension on the club house for spectator comfort is now three quarters completed and was well utilised throughout the whole event. Thank you to Joe Knight for his efforts.

Further development of the in grid/out grid and tower are required to bring the track to a competitive state for hopefully either a state or national titles in 2015/16 – this would attract over 250 entrants and many visitors to the area.

The local entrants in the Variety Bash for 2014 manned the canteen to raise funds for the children for their adventures next year in August. Scott Bussenschutt, Fred Taylor, Kerran Herbert, Ashley McKay and their wives ran the canteen. For the first time a BBQ tea with salads were offered - food was brilliant and many compliments received.

Event Results:

Junior Heavy
1 SA1 Max Vidau (Angus)
2 SA2 Jack Disbury (Angus)
3 36 Jenna Kevers (Angus)

All thirteen received a trophy – no final held

KT Light
1 SA2 Joel Heinrich (Angus)
2 SA1 David Carruthers (Angus)
3 56 David Mumford (Blanchetown)

KT Ladies
1 68 Angela Pfeiler (Blanchetown)
2 36 Jenny Bruce (YP)
3 40 Leanne White (Blanchetown)

J Lights
1 76 Lachlan Cowling (Angus)
2 SA1 Lachlan McDonough (Tatiara)
3 4 Ben Morris (Adelaide)

KT Medium
1 16 Joel Heinrich (Angus)
2 23 Ben Brown (Angus)
3 54 Bradley Conner (Alice Springs)

Junior Open
1 12 Matthew Noakes (Angus)
2 5 Jayden Dawson (Port Pirie)
3 45 James Gibb (Adelaide)

1 16 Bruce Heinrich (Angus)
2 56 John Pfeiler (Blanchetown)
3 72 Brenton Aplin (Adelaide)

KT Heavy
1 68 Ben Nixon (YP)
2 10 Stephen Paddick (YP)
3 13 Chad Rodda (Port Pirie)

125 Lights
1 AUS1 Ben Brown (Angus)
2 16 Joel Heinrich (Angus)
3 46 Jake Kervers (Angus)

125 Heavy
1 5 Daniel Stott (Morgan)
2 14 Brett Stephens (Blanchetown)
3 36 Jack Wenham (Adelaide)

1 32 Russell Cowie (YP) – first race back this season!
2 0 Brooke Alexander (Morgan)
3 76 Dwayne Hindley (YP)

KT Twin
1 Hayden Farrow (Adelaide)



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