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'Pooled Engine' Rotax Academy

  22 August 2013

Media man for the UK's Super One Series, Graham Smith, has supplied us with details of the Rotax Academy "pooled engine class" which will kick off at PF International on 21/22 September.

The concept is modelled on the CIK-FIA Academy to control costs and to permit drivers to compete on a level playing field no matter their personal funding.

As a precursor to 2014, entries are invited in the MiniMAX class (11 to 15 year olds) where one fee will cover all costs for the two-day meeting (other than that of the driver bringing their own kart. And damage, presumably.). Entry fee, engine, race slick and wet tyres, race oil and fuel will be supplied by the promoter for a single fee of £800 (approx AUD $1390).

"It is expected to strongly appeal to drivers and parents who find the cost of competing in the National and British Championships prohibitive, and to encourage the ‘Dad and Lad’ team.  At the same time by being part of Super One, these families will experience the whole atmosphere of a professional premier level series and be able to mix with the top kart drivers of the era.  The Rotax Academy welcomes all non-novice drivers."

JAG Engineering will supply the pooled engines, which will be pre-tested for equality and issued to competitors on the Friday morning of the event. Techical staff will be available at the meeting.