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press release 20 August 2013

World’s best feature at Nationals as Australians get ready for International stage

The 2013 Rotax National Championships in Puckapunyal VIC will be the setting for the announcement of the 2013 Australian team to contest the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in New Orleans in America; an event in which Australia has featured as one of the best performing countries for the last 3 years.

Many of the 12 seats available will come down to the wire and won’t be decided until the National Championship race on Sunday 1st September.

Above: Daniel Rochford is assured a place on the Australian Team for New Orleans
pic - IKD

A field of 175 entries will take to the Puckapunyal track for the 2013 event over the six categories, two of which will be oversubscribed. DD2 and DD2 Masters will both consist of 21 entries each, Rotax Heavy with 22, the Sodi Junior Max Trophy Class with 15 including two New Zealand debutants, Rotax Light is oversubscribed with 45 and Junior Max at a bumper 51 entries, totalling 66 across the two junior categories.

After the completion of the final round of the Rotax Pro Tour in Queensland in July, the rankings are now providing much interest for many drivers who on the verge of a trip to represent Australia in America.

In DD2 Masters, consistent performances across the seven rounds of the Pro Tour have seen both Adam Hunter and Hamish Leighton in a commanding position in the lead of the series, though the final place is yet to be decided and with Victorian Daniel Richert being absent from Gympie, the Nationals will be the decider.

With just one seat on offer in Rotax Heavy as entry into the DD2 category in New Orleans, it provides an avenue for drivers to utilise the competitive category as preparation for racing on the World stage. Brendan Nelson used the last two rounds on home soil to help him gain an advantage and the series lead, however Victorian Rick Pringle will be hot on his heels, likewise fellow Queenslander Matthew Greenbury. It is a race that will decide the completion of the DD2 seats for the World finals and can’t be missed.

Above: Rotax Heavy ranking leader Brendan Nelson at the Newcastle Pro Tour in April
pic - IKD

Daniel Rochford has in effect secured his seat to New Orleans, though this is not the case for the remaining two drivers. Andrew Carey’s consistency across the season has seen him sit second in the rankings leading up to the Nationals, though Tyler Greenbury and reigning National Champion Pierce Lehane are well within striking distance of securing the final two spots. Not out of the question is a strong result from New Zealand’s Daniel Connor who is still mathematically a chance of representing Australia on the World stage.

A mixture of Australia’s and New Zealand’s best junior Karters will be on display at Puckapunyal at the Rotax Nationals. English born Joseph Burton-Harris currently leads the rankings, though his slender lead over Queensland’s Nicholas Andrews, New South Wales’ James Abela and Victoria’s Jordan Boys will ensure the bumper category is one to watch. Fellow Victorian Liam McLellan who scored victory at Todd Road in January remains a healthy possibility of forming part of the top three, subsequently setting up a blistering final race on Sunday.

Recognised as one of the World’s best categories, DD2 will again feature some of the country’s best drivers and Jason Pringle who is no stranger to racing on the World stage currently leads the rankings heading into the Nationals. With just two seats on offer from the category, with the third being comprised from the winner of Rotax Heavy, competitiveness is at a premium. Solid performances from Lucas Ward has him in second at present, while consistency across the season from Michael Stewart will see him as one to watch. Troy Bretherton and Thomas MacDonald also still remain strong possibilities of making the journey to the United States

Above: DD2’s Jason Pringle
pic - IKD

Not only will the nation’s best make their mark to head to America, some of the World’s best drivers will take it up to our home grown heroes. Dutchman Joey Hanssen, who has called Australia home this year, will be amongst the headline drivers in a bumper Rotax Light. Hanssen has featured prominently as part of the Pro Gearbox KZ2 category; however he will divert his attention to the Rotax at Puckapunyal.

“I have never raced Rotax before, the Puckapunyal track has a good layout, it has some fast sections some good passing areas. I always go for the win but in a field like this I would settle for a top five, the competition from drivers like (Pierce) Lehane, (David) Sera and (Daniel) Rochford will be intense,” Hanssen said.

Junior Max is the largest category on display at this year’s Rotax Nationals, fundamentally displaying the enthusiasm and interest of some of Australia’s young guns in one of the World’s toughest sports. With 66 entries across the two classes, JMax & JMax Trophy, the record breaking The World renowned junior category will provide no shortage of competition from some new stars from around Australia and New Zealand.

Above: New Zealand’s Daniel Kinsman at the 2012 Rotax Nationals in Dubbo
pic - Bill Bryant/Action Sports Photography

2012 Rotax National Championships Defending Champions

DD2 Masters – Daniel Richert
Rotax Heavy – Matthew Wall
Rotax Light – Pierce Lehane
DD2 – Lucas Ward

Current Rotax Rankings – Top 5

DD2 Masters (Top 3 Qualify)
1 – Adam Hunter (NSW) – 9,570
2 – Hamish Leighton (VIC) – 8,742
3 – Daniel Richert (VIC) – 7,454
4 – Tony Prendergast (NSW) – 6,561
5 – Michael Robson (NSW) – 6,272

Rotax Heavy (1st driver qualifies for DD2)
1 – Brendan Nelson (QLD) – 8,418
2 – Rick Pringle (VIC) – 8,266
3 – Matthew Greenbury (QLD) – 8,080
4 – Troy Woolston (VIC) – 7,236
5 – Lane Moore (QLD) – 6,760

Rotax Light (Top 3 Qualify)
1 – Daniel Rochford (VIC) – 9,442
2 – Andrew Carey (VIC) – 8,024
3 – Tyler Greenbury (QLD) – 7,662
4 – Pierce Lehane (NSW) – 7,538
5 – Daniel Connor (NZ) – 6,802

Junior Max (Top 3 Qualify)
1 – Joseph Burton-Harris (NSW) – 8,522
2 – Nicholas Andrews (QLD) – 8,450
3 – James Abela (NSW) – 8,312
4 – Jordan Boys (VIC) – 8,282
5 – Liam McLellan (VIC) – 7,628

DD2 (Top 2 Qualify)
1 – Jason Pringle (VIC) – 9,616
2 – Lucas Ward (QLD) – 8,580
3 – Michael Stewart (ACT) – 8,438
4 – Troy Bretherton (QLD) – 7,972
5 – Thomas MacDonald – 7,018

The 2013 Rotax National Championships will take place at the Eastern Lions Kart Club, Puckapunyal Victoria on 29-31 Aug / 1st September 2013.

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rotax nationals 2013 entry list
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