Tiger Kart Club's July Club Day

by Sean Phillips 24 July 2013

Following months of tireless work from our dedicated committee and the many TKC members who helped out, the Tiger Kart Club was proud to hold Wanneroo International Raceway’s grand re-opening on the weekend.

An unbelievable 190 entries (this was a club day remember!!!) on the day was great reward to the club for all its efforts and what a transformation it’s been.

Above: The new-look for Wanneroo International Raceway
pic - Sean Phillips, TKC

The Wanneroo facility was built in 1990 and in the past few years mostly due to its eroded and course surface (low on grip and hard on tyres) the facility was in need of a total make over. That’s a huge task both funding wise and work wise for the club and to be honest without the current and very productive committee it  would probably never have happened.

It would have been a real shame to lose a full CIK +1000Mtr race track in the Perth metro area but this was a stark reality faced by the club with the track struggling to attract 80 entries for an open meeting and the lease running out on the facility.

It needs to be recognised that individual efforts by Paul Brophy (organized and prepared all the contractors and works at the track), Dianne Verco (who worked tirelessly with the local council to renew and extend for 20+ years the track lease) and Roy Tester (who prepared pages and pages of documentation for the government assistant grant to help with funding) this whole thing would not have happened.

Above: and in the other direction...
pic - Sean Phillips, TKC

Many others put in absolutely massive efforts and spent literally weeks on end at the track from dawn to dusk and it’s a proud moment for all the TKC members to reflect on what’s been done in such a short time frame.

The racing was thick and fast all day with times dropping by seconds as the rubber came down and the track gripped up. It was great to see some of the guys like Greg Dicker from Flat Out Karts and Kip Foster from Kart Force racing on the day, no doubt like the rest of us eager to try out the new surface and even though both have been karting since the 80’s they looked as keen as the guys with P plates on!!! It’s a treasured and rare moment to race on a brand new track no matter how long you have been karting.

  • Full results on AKA CMS HERE

Above: Blake Mills aboard his KZ kart in the Open class
pic - Sean Phillips, TKC

With the club day now out of the way, this weekend is the Western Cup final round back at the new track and 200+ entries are on the books in preparation for a HUGE weekend. The very professional WA Auto One KZ-2 series comes back to the TKC for round 4 of the series and following the show they put on for us at the Carnival of Karts it will be standing room only when the 130kmh karts hit the track, we look forward to a great event.

The TKC will be a great place to race in 2013 with 2 CIK international tracks now both fully rebuilt and resurfaced right in the Perth metro area, visit www.tigerkartclub.com for more information

Sean Phillips
Media and Promotions Officer
Tiger Kart Club Inc

Above: Junior National Heavy take a start on the new surface
pic - Sean Phillips, TKC



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