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  23 July 2013

video clips and other stuff...

  • David Sera shared a kart with Craig Baird who competed in the NZ celebrity challenge at the CRC Speedshow in Auckland on the weekend. Former Bathurst winner Greg Murphy had proven fast in the event, but hit the barriers hard. "Two rims, an axle, tie rod, stub axle and king pin assembly" according to Sera's post on facebook.
    greg murphy arrow kart crashed
    Above: The damage to Murph's Arrow
    pic - Dave Sera/Facebook

    Above: Footage of the Final in NZ, Jason Bargwanna (who's been racing karts at Gippsland on and off for the past 2 years) taking the win on an incredibly tight car-park circuit.

  • Some photos from the NSW Closed Titles at Lismore on the Cooper's Photography Facebook HERE

  • Peter Galvin's final report from the CIK FIA European championships: The pre finals didn't turn out the way we wanted with both Dimitri Agathos and Josh Smith being involved in crashes during the early laps. For Dimitri we could see him almost make it through the carnage and then another driver managed to get the front of his kart stuck on the rear of Dimitri! He never gave up and pushed all the way hoping for a result only to miss out by a few spots. Josh made a great start in his race only to have the race red flagged after 1 lap. He was up to 15th but then sent back to his starting spot for the full restart. He then was involved in a crash 2 laps into the restart that saw him drop way down the order. Joseph Mawson made the final after some exclusions but had an issue with his kart in the final forcing him to pull in. In closing the boys learnt plenty, the Kosmic Racing Team did a fantastic job for us and we can't thank them enough. It was terrible to see Nicklas Nielsen get deliberately crashed out at the start of the final. In my view it was one of the worst displays of driving from the driver who simply just drove him off the track at a very high speed. So our European adventure ends but we did Australia proud. It's so hard to explain to everyone back home just how hard it is at this level. The boys would need to complete a full season of racing here to give them a good chance of success. For me I have learnt so much about the OTK chassis, it has been a privilege to work along side some of the best mechanics in the world. Thankyou.

  • Video from the European KF and KFJ Championship round on the weekend:

    Above: KF senior Final

    Above: KF Junior, Final 2

    Above: Academy Trophy