AKA Call For CEO

  9 July 2013

The Australian Karting Association is calling for a Chief Executive Officer. Mick Doohan (Chair, Australian Karting Association Ltd) advised the AKA has now commenced a national search for a suitable person.

The position is full-time on a salary to be decided. It entails a huge list of responsibilities and skill sets (see the document below).

It is incredibly important that a suitable person be appointed to this position.

The AKA has appointed CEOs in its former guise - Robert (Bob) Edyvean (19/5/97 to 31/12/00) and Colin Wilson (1/1/01 to 6/2/13). Wilson resigned just over two years into a 3 year contract.

Applications for the new role need to be made by the close of business, Monday 22 July.

Reader Poll:

We'd like to know what you think - is previous karting experience important to this role? Should the new AKA CEO already have a knowledge about Aussie karting? Or is knowledge or involvement in the field irrelevent to the position? Vote NOW!

Communication from the AKA:

Good Afternoon,

This week we are commencing a national search for a new Chief Executive Officer of the Australia Karting Association as we move into a new era for the sport in this country.

We would ask that you take a minute to check out the advertisement on the AKA website by clicking here (Link: http://www.karting.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/130708-01-CEO-Australian-Karting.pdf)

Please let people know and be sure to share the advertisement as we want the best possible people joining us to maximise the potential of Australian Karting.


Mick Doohan
Australian Karting Association Ltd

AKA CEO Document:

aka ceo position description
aka ceo position description
aka ceo position description
aka ceo position description


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