Political Chaos In Canberra

  24 June 2013

And you thought the Federal Government had problems...

The Canberra Kart Racing Club has had its track licence withdrawn and race permits cancelled. The circuit effectively closed down on June 11 when AKA NSW advised it was suspending the club's affiliation, subject to the outcome of an Injunction Order in relation to Canberra Kart Racing Club.

It seems a new committee was voted in at a meeting in May, however the outgoing committee argue that these appointments were not constitutional and are therefore invalid. The resulting leadership fued means there is no karting in Canberra until a resolution is reached.

A hearing for the matter is set for the Supreme Court on July 1.

Regardless of who thinks they are in charge, karting in Canberra is currently screwed - and that's BAD. Let's hope this is all sorted soon, because the sport will, in fact, is, suffering...

The only correspondence we have received on the matter is published below. There is a lot of opinion being expressed in the Politics section on Kartbook HERE.

Notice to Canberra Club members (supplied by CKRC Executive Committee elected in September 2012):


The CKRC Executive Committee elected in September 2012, (namely, Bruce Otter, Robert Rosin, Ian Watt, Tony Prendergast and Kylie Otter) wish to advise that:

We have been informed that the ACT Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) – the ACT Government agency where the Club’s Constitution and elected members of the Committee are lodged - has registered a Change of Committee form naming the following as the Executive Committee of the Club (voted in at a meeting on the 8th May 2013):  Robbie Bolton (Public Officer), Tom Nipperess, Chris Reynolds, Joanne Tilbrook, Neil Allan, Brian Bloodworth and Drew Ward.

In response to the change of Executive Committee, we have applied to the Supreme Court of the ACT for the following orders:

  1. That the persons named as the Public Officer and Committee Members on the Extract were not validly elected; and
  2. That the Incorporated Association Extract – ACT concerning Canberra Kart Racing Club ("the Extract") is incorrect and be removed from the register of incorporated associations; and
  3. That the Defendant pay the costs of and incidental to this Originating Application; and
  4. Any other orders that the Court considers appropriate.

The matter has been listed for hearing on the 1st July 2013.

In the interim, both parties’ legal representatives are consulting on the action and a possible resolution.
The Club’s bank accounts and all Club activities have been frozen as a result of the application to the Supreme Court of the ACT.

Karting NSW has withdrawn the club’s track licence and all permits, and has suspended effective immediately, CKRC’s affiliation with Karting NSW.  As a result, the Club’s insurance for all Club activities has been suspended pending this court action.  Please see attached letter from Karting NSW.

Fairbairn Park Control Council has advised THE CANBERRA KART RACING CLUB to lock the facility, suspending all club activities until the matter is resolved.

No Club members’ details have been passed on by Bruce Otter, Robert Rosin, Ian Watt, Tony Prendergast or Kylie Otter to the persons named above or any other persons.

We are surprised and disappointed that this situation has developed despite the requirements of the Club’s Constitution and processes.  It is very disappointing for the Club’s 240 members to have the facility closed when the Club is making substantial progress towards the upgrading of the facility.

This advice is the only correspondence that has been issued by Bruce Otter, Robert Rosin, Ian Watt, Tony Prendergast and Kylie Otter to Club Members since the announcement re the Bob Hinde meeting at Grenfell (posted on the www.canberrakarts.com.au website). If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call Bruce Otter on 0439 88 11 52.

AKA NSW Communication (supplied by the club):

aka nsw letter to canberra



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