Visitors Share Spoils In Taranaki

press release 8 June 2013

Visitors Mathew Kinsman, Arie Hutton and Matthew Payne shared the spoils with series regulars Maddison Wise and Thomas Boniface at the annual Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) Championship supported by Supreme Karting Supplies meeting at Waitara in Taranaki last Sunday.

Each year the WPKA - made of the four KartSport clubs in the lower North Island - runs a four-round Gold Star series and a one-off season finale 'championship' meeting.

Yamaha Light class winner Arie Hutton (#12) about to pass Josh Drysdale (#6) in one of the heat races at the WPKA Championship meeting at Waitara last Sunday.
Above: Yamaha Light class winner Arie Hutton (#12) about to pass Josh Drysdale (#6) in one of the heat races at the WPKA Championship meeting at Waitara last Sunday.
pic - Fast Company/Lydia Frere

This year the WPKA Championship meeting was hosted by the KartSport Taranaki club and run at its Todd Energy Raceway at Waitara. 

The meeting attracted a bumper entry from the usual WPKA catchment clubs - Wellington, Manawatu, Hawke's Bay and Taranaki - plus one-off entries from the likes of Kinsman, Hutton and Payne.

Kinsman (Auckland) proved the best of the visitors, winning four of the five 125cc Rotax Max Light heats as well as the Senior Grand Prix.

Hawke's Bay driver Jack Bridgman won the other heat - from Kinsman and local Anthony Bruce - and finished fourth in the all-in (Rotax 125cc and Yamaha 100c) Grand Prix behind Kinsman, Ben Thom and KartSport Taranaki clubmate Bruce.

Former New Zealand Cadet class champion Matthew Payne, from Waiau Pa, south-west of Auckland, also had a good run in Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha, winning three of the heats plus the JR Grand Prix.

Second in that Grand Prix was Bayley Walker with fellow KartSport Manawatu club member Nicholas Evans third. Evans was also second for the round behind Payne with local Dylan Frere third. 

The other visiting driver to claim a class win was Arie Hutton,  now studying in Wellington. It was closer at the front in his class, 100cc Yamaha Light, however, with a different winner in every heat.

Despite that four-time former New Zealand champion Hutton finished no lower than fifth in any heat, and won the final from pole, giving him the round class win from top local Brad Still and Huntly's Rhys Tinney.

Hutton also distinguished himself by being first Yamaha 100cc driver home (in eighth place) in the all-in Senior (Rotax 125cc/Yamaha 100cc) Grand Prix won by Mathew Kinsman.

WPKA series regulars Maddison Wise and Thomas Boniface were the other class winners on the day, both winning three of their five heats, Wise - from the Hawke's Bay -  in the Junior 100cc Yamaha class, Boniface, from New Plymouth, in Cadet.

Wise also won the Junior 100cc Yamaha Grand Prix, from Hamiltonian Campbell Joyes and local Matthew Podjursky, but Boniface, unfortunately, was caught up in a multi-kart incident just after the start of the Cadet GP and was unable to re-start.

In his absence victory went to NZ #2 Jackson Rooney from Palmerston North with Ryan Wood from Wellington second and Samuel Wright from Auckland third. 

The results for the Clubsport 120 class are subject to an appeal.


Supreme Kart Supplies 2013 Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) Championship meeting Todd Energy Raceway Waitara Taranaki Sunday June 02 2013

125cc Rotax Max Light

1. Mathew Kinsman 4 points; 2. Jack Bridgeman 10; 3. Bradley Tremain 14; 4. Ben Thom 14; 5, Anthony Bruce 16; 6. Bill McCulloch 17.

100cc Yamaha Light

1. Arie Hutton 10 points; 2. Brad Still 13; 3. Rhys Tinney 14; 4. Scott Williams 18; 5. Andy Schofield 19; 6. Logan Boyde 20.  

Senior GP

(Rotax & Yamaha)

1. Matthew Kinsman; 2. Ben Thom; 3. Anthony Bruce (all Rotax 125cc) 8. Arie Hutton (first 100cc Yamaha)

Junior 100cc Yamaha

1. Maddison Wise 6 points; 2. Campbell Joyes 10; 3. Michael McCulloch 15; 4. Caleb Huston 15; 5. Matthew Podjursky 23; 6. Thomas Batt 24.

Junior 100cc Yamaha GP

1. Maddison Wise; 2. Campbell Joyes; 3. Matthew Podjursky

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha

1. Matthew Payne 5 points; 2. Nicholas Evans 11; 3. Dylan Frere 15; 4. Bayley Walker 18; 5. Joshua Donohue 19; 6. Kaleb Ngatoa 20.


1. Matthew Payne; 2. Bayley Walker; 3. Nicholas Evans;


1. Thomas Boniface 7 points; 2. Samuel Wright 12; 3. Joshua Parkinson 15; 4. Ryan Wood 17; 5. Fynn Osborne 19; 6. Jackson Rooney 20.

Cadet GP

1. Jackson Rooney; 2. Ryan Wood; 3. Samuel Wright


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