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  6 June 2013

some things from the karting world...

  • There's a big mid-season chassis shuffle happening in the CIK Stars of Karting series at the moment. The next round at Geelong will see several drivers change brands. As reported yesterday, Adam Hughes will be on Formula K (instead of Kosmic), but some other (big) changes have also been mentioned on the series' website: Dutchman Joey Hannsen has left Lenzo and will move to Melbourne to work for Shamick Racing and will now drive CRG; Cian Fothergill will now move to Lenzo Kart; Pierce Lehane will make his debut aboard Redspeed; Cameron Hill might also be aboard Redspeed; Aaron Ivermee will be on Formula K. Further details HERE.

  • The IKD Race Department in Western Sydney officially opened on the weekend. This is what's currently inside:
    ikd race department
    Above: The showroom. Exprit, Monaco & Sodi sprint karts, plus Benson Speedway Karts, all in stock, while below, is the workshop for assembly and race preparation services.

  • Until just recently, 23-year-old Emma Dorrington was the only competing female member of her local Bendigo Kart Club. She's been racing for 16 years and has racked up plenty of wins over that time. The Weekly Times did a story on her. Read it HERE.

  • Did you know that BRP (who make Rotax) design and produce the trophies for the Canadian F1 Grand Prix? No, neither did we! The company is now a sponsoring partner of the event and this year BRP will have a special karting display, including a kart simulator, to highlight the 30th anniversary of Rotax kart engines. Forty BRP vehicles will be circulating at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during race weekend. Several have been on site for the past three months as the venue is prepared for the GP.

  • It seems that whenever Michael Schumacher goes for a run in a kart, the Italians re-fire the rumour mill that he's preparing for another tilt at the Karting World Championship. Apparently the German ace had a run in KZ1 at Genk in free practice for the WSK round and was pretty quick. The detail is on Vroom.


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