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Canterbury Drivers Clean Sweep NZ Nationals Day 2

press release 30 March 2013

Canterbury drivers James Penrose, Simon Hunter and Marcus Armstrong completed a clean sweep of the three class titles contested on the second day of competition at this year's GoPro KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships in Wellington today.

Penrose, from Loburn near Rangiora successfully defended his 2012 New Zealand title in the Senior 100cc Yamaha Light class, beating poleman Daniel Kinsman and North Island champion Andy Schofield.

Above: Senior 100cc Yamaha Heavy title winner Simon Hunter (#42) leading Karl Wilson and Lane Moore
pic - Fast Company/Leith Robertson

Hunter, meanwhile, beat local drivers Karl Wilson and Andrew Donohue to the Senior 100cc Yamaha Heavy title while fellow Christchurch driver Armstrong qualified quickest and won all four races he contested to claim the 2013 New Zealand Junior 100cc Yamaha class crown despite day-long competition from Hawke's Bay pair Trey Nairn and Maddison Wise.

Today's was the second of three day's of competition at the Wellington meeting with class wins on Friday going to Mathew Hamilton from Christchurch (KZ2), Caleb Cross from Rangiora (Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha), and Callum Hedge from the Bay of Plenty (Cadet).

Above: . Junior 100cc Yamaha class winner Marcus Armstrong
pic - Fast Company/Leith Robertson

Results GoPro 2013 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships KartSport Wellington Wynn's Raceway Kaitoke, Upper Hutt Wellington Fri-Sun March 29-31 2013

Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Marcus Armstrong
2. Trey Nairn
3. Maddison Wise

Senior 100cc Yamaha Light
1. James Penrose
2. Daniel Kinsman
3. Andy Schofield

Senior 100cc Yamaha Heavy
1. Simon Hunter
2. Karl Wilson
3. Andrew Donohue

Above: Senior 100cc Yamaha Light winner James Penrose (#1) leading Daniel Kinsman (#31) and Andy Schofield (#NI)
pic - Fast Company/Leith Robertson

1. Mathew Hamilton
2. Daniel Bray
3. Chris Cox

1. Callum Hedge
2. Jackson Rooney
3. Thomas Boniface

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Caleb Cross
2. Kaleb Ngatoa
3. Reece Hendl-Cox


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