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Boccolacci On Top In WSK Euro Series

press release 30 March 2013

While his competitors alternate at the front meeting after meeting, with ups and downs in their performances, Dorian Boccolacci is always among the main protagonists of KF competitions in this start of season, regardless of the circuit. Behind the wheel of an Energy/TM of formidable effectiveness, the driver from Lotus F1 Junior Team has managed to take a podium in four out of the five rounds held so far.Dorian-Zuera.jpg

In Spain, he concluded with a brilliant second place in the WSK Euro Series and took the lead of the championship.

Dorian-Start.jpgEven when he is not the fastest over the lap, Dorian always finds a way to get the most from his race. With an impressive experience for a rookie in KF, he always exploits his kart to the maximum and controls his races like a clever strategist. The second round of the WSK Euro Series, held on the long and fast track of Zuera, gave him again the opportunity to show all his talent against a group of very determined drivers.

During the final race, Dorian engaged in a long duel in a group of 5 frenzied drivers before being able to focus on the first place. After he got rid of his rivals, he went to chase the leader, Felice Tiene, winner of the latest World Cup. But they were already past mid-race and Tiene was out of reach, not allowing anyone to take advantage of drafting, which is so important on a track like Zuera. With a DRS, things would have probably been different, but the performances of these two drivers were too close for the situation to turn to Dorian's advantage. The race ended with an overly deserved 2nd place which enabled him to move to the first place of the WSK Euro Series championship.

But the whole Spanish meeting showed this young French hopeful's relentless competitiveness. After a fourth time in timed qualifying, he conquered a place in Superpole and continued his efforts in the qualifying heats with 2 victories and excellent times over the lap. He was pushed to the outside of the track at the start of the last race and had to settle with an 8th place finish, though he recovered brilliantly during the pre-final by winning the race after astounding his rivals on the last lap.


Race after race, Dorian's presence at the top in competitions has become a certainty. "The Team Energy Corse together with Luigina and Simone are doing a great job", he explained calmly. "TM company and GFR, my engine mechanic, supply me with high-performance engines. And thanks to all this I feel very confident at the start. I cannot be the fastest every time because the other drivers are tough, but I know I can always count on a very competitive kart, which enables me to fight for victory. On the track, it is up to me to make a difference!"




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