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WSK Euro Series, Round 2

press release 26 March 2013

Max Verstappen (NL - CRG-TM KZ1), Marco Zanchetta (I - Maranello-TM KZ2),  Felice Tiene (I - CRG-Parilla KF) and Lando Norris (GB - FA Kart-Vortex KFJ) are the winners of the Spanish round of the WSK Euro Series in Zuera (E).

Important issues from the first half of the season of the WSK Euro Series in Zuera.

The Spanish round was particularly rich of important information which is  now useful to understand the real potential of teams and drivers of this year's WSK Euro Series. The races - which finished today - on the Circuito Internacional de Zuera in some cases confirmed the expectations of the first phase of the long, Spanish racing weekend, while in other cases these expectations were not fulfilled.

Above: Lando Norris, KF Junior winner
pic - Images

Verstappen wins again in KZ1.

The Dutch Max Verstappen (CRG-TM-Bridgestone) was the driver to beat in KZ1 today too. The British Benjamin Hanley (ART GP-TM-Bridgestone) learnt it the hard way: at the start of Final 2 - this afternoon - he tried to gain an early lead but was closely pursued by Verstappen and, after two laps, the Dutch driver passed  him. Behind them, the other British Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Parilla-Bridgestone) was outstanding; despite a bad start he pushed hard to close the gap and to recover seven positions. His terrific performance brought a further podium position to CRG: he arrived third behind Verstappen and Hanley.

Zanchetta dominates in KZ2.

Marco Zanchetta (Maranello-TM-Bridgestone) is always in the top positions of the KZ2 standings. He won again in  Final 2 today,  after winning yesterday's final 1. But it is the Italian driver himself who points out how another Italian driver,  Riccardo Negro (DR-TM-Bridgestone), is a  tough rival. Negro made Zanchetta's race unpredictably hard when, at the start, took the lead. Zanchetta gained the leadership only at the end of a short but gripping duel. Third place went to the Czech Jan Midrla, who stole the podium from the French  Maxime Roy (both on Birel-TM-Bridgestone). To achieve their results they both had to pass the Norwegian Emil Antonsen (DR-TM-Bridgestone) at the beginning of the race.

Tiene comes back to victory-lane in KF.

Armand Convers (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega) and Dorian Boccolacci (Energy-TM-Vega) tried to  challenge the Italian  Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla-Vega), who seemed particularly competitive throughout the whole weekend. At the start of the final, the two French drivers got the lead of the race, with Convers first and Boccolacci second. However, their leadership lasted only one lap: in fact, the Italian driver passed them both almost immediately and kept the first position until the end of the race, even though he was aware that the race was no piece of cake given the great skill of the drivers behind him. In fact, the Polish Karol Basz (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) joined the battle and was second  for a short time. Boccolacci and Convers, in this new order, closed the gap with the leader but, at the end of the race, it was Kevin Lavelli (Top Kart-TM-Vega) who snatched the  third place from Basz and Convers. So, Lavelli finished third behind Tiene, the winner, and Boccolacci, whose weekend was definitely as good as Tiene's.

Above: KF senior winner, Felice Tiene
pic - KSP

Norris is not afraid of his rivals in KF3.

KF3 final started with the duel between the British Daniel Ticktum (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega) and the Russian Nikita Sitnikov (Tony Kart-BMB-Vega). They led the race during the first laps, while their stongest competitor, the Londonian Lando Norris (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega) was trying to close the gap from the eighth place after a difficult start from the front row. Norris confirmed to be the promising talent of the category: he recovered position after position and then attacked the two leading drivers. At half race, the mission was finally accomplished when Norris passed Ticktum and gained the lead of the race. The latter was the runner-up, while Sitnikov was third.




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