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CRG Wins At WSK Euro Series, Round 2

press release 26 March 2013

Satisfactory weekend for CRG, in Spain for the second round of the WSK Euro Series. The team was successful in both the top categories of the event of Zuera, KZ1 and KF.

Max Verstappen (CRG-Tm) wins hands down for the fourth time: he stepped on the highest step of the podium in KZ1 together with his teammate Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Parilla), excellent third in Sunday's final and at his debut with a Parilla engine. Great success also for Felice Tiene in the KF final: on hisCRG-Parilla for the second time, he immediately achieved success in a race which had all the characteristics of a world championship.

Felice Tiene (KF) and Max Verstappen (KZ1) on the WSK podium
Above: Felice Tiene (KF) and Max Verstappen (KZ1) on the WSK podium
pic - CRG


The Spanish weekend for CRG had started well since practice; then, the good impression got after practice was confirmed by the results of the first racing day and its KZ1 final, won by the quick Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver won again on Sunday, achieving an impressive winning streak of four victories in this WSK Euro Series edition after his full success in the last round of Muro Leccese. On the podium also a super Jordon Lennox-Lamb. When the light of the final turned green he had a bad start, but then he achieved the nth great recovery from the 10th position of the first lap to his final third position.

His performance at the debut with a Parilla engine was really outstanding.

However, it must be pointed out that there were three CRG chassis in the first four positions of this KZ1 Spanish final, with theEuropean champion Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) excellent fourth and as competitive as his teammates at the beginning of this championship.

Max Verstappen leads Jordon Lennox-Lamb
Above: Max Verstappen leads Jordon Lennox-Lamb
pic - CRG

It is a shame that, together with the top drivers, we don't find Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter). He was the pole-man and the runner-up of the first final, right behind Verstappen. Unfortunately, at the start of the second heat on Sunday, the four-time world champion got hit from behind and dropped back to 16th slot on the starting grid of the final. He recovered as far as tenth and, anyway, he was among the major protagonists of the weekend. Davide Forè, on the other hand, closed his race a bit behind because of a three-second penalty he got after a contact with Ardigò.

With four victories out of four finals, Verstappen has a wide lead in the championship: 100 points over his nearest rival, Hanley. In the top ten also Jorrit Pex, third, Jordon Lennox-Lamb fifth, Jonathan Thonon eighth.

In KZ2, which hailed another Marco Zanchetta's success on Maranello-Tm, the private drivers on CRG in final 2 had several troubles. The best was the Polish Bartosz Idzkowski, 14th on CRG-Maxter of DTK team.


In KF the 2012 world champion Felice Tiene held the stage and won a thrilling final, after his brilliant performance in the qualifying heats and in the pre-final, where he battled for victory until the end and got a final third place. In the final, Tiene, after keeping at bay his competitors at the beginning of the race, built up a wide gap and led the race with the same powerful way he used last year to win the world championship right on this track. And, this time, Tiene won on a CRG powered by a Parilla engine prepared by KVS, at its second performance of the year and already very competitive.

Tiene celebrates the KF win
Above: Tiene celebrates the KF win
pic - CRG

The victory in Zuera gives confidence and now there are great expectations for the rest of the season. For the time being, Felice Tiene, thanks to this result, is third in the championship, only 30 points behind the leader.

Also the other CRG drivers performed well, but in the final, mainly because of several contacts with their rivals, finished a bitbehind: Zachary Claman DeMelo was 17th, Niclas Nylund 21st. Disappointment for the Spanish Alex Palou: after achieving a promising 10th place in the pre-final, he could not participate in the last race for a technical trouble. The two Japanese drivers Fuma Horio and Yuta Shiraishi did not manage to qualify.

In the KF Junior, among the private drivers on CRG, the best result was achieved by the American Devlin De Francesco, 13th in the final. The Finnish Niko Kari, on a LH chassis, placed 11th.


Euan Jeffery, crg team manager: “In KZ1 we showed once again how our drivers are among the top protagonists of the weekend, thanks to the excellent performances not only of the official drivers but also of the private ones. Verstappen and his competitiveness were joined by the top performances of Lennox and Pex. Lennox achieved a great recovery, with an excellent debut for the Parilla engine. We are sorry for Thonon, because he stood a good chance for victory. In KF, Felice Tiene controlled a perfect race. He was as brilliant as in last year's World Championship, where he won. Great results also for the development carried out by KVS on the Parilla Engine after its first time in Muro Leccese. Alex Palou could have been another protagonist, but a technical trouble at the start prevented him from taking part in the final. Good performance for all the other CRG drivers in KF."

Max Verstappen (KZ1): “This weekend for me was hard if compared to the one in La Conca. we were all very close. After my victory in final 1, in final 2 I had a bad start, but then I passed Hanley and built up a good gap which allowed me to control the race. Now I have a 100-point lead in the championship: this makes me think I stand a good chance to win the WSK Euro Series.”

Verstappen and Lennox-Lamb crg wsk euro kart series
Above: Verstappen and Lennox-Lamb
pic - CRG

Felice Tiene (KF): "I was almost more satisfied for this victory in Zuera than for my world champion title. After the technical trouble we had with the engine during the first race in Muro Lecese, the KVS technicians managed to do a great job in a very short time and allowed me to race at the top and to battle for victory. There is still something missing to get to the top, but KVS progress is really remarkable. That's why I'm happy and confident both for the European and World championships."

Jordon Lennox-Lamb (KZ1): “The start in KZ has never been my strong point. I need to improve it, also because I could have achieved a better result if I had started regularly from my slot in second row. Anyway, I'm happy for my competitiveness in the race: this Parilla engine was immediately satisfactory. There is still something which needs to be fixed, especially the carburettor, but on the whole it is a great engine and we are ready for the European championship."

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