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NSW Yamaha Junior Pro Clubman Series, Round 1

from Dennis Sandrone 25 March 2013

“Why go slower when you can go faster”

The Combined Districts Kart Club kindly hosted Round 1 of the 2013 NSW Yamaha Junior Pro Clubman Series on March 16. Unlike the wet and cold weather conditions experienced recently by the Pro Tour, Lithgow turned on one of its best with clear skies and 26 degrees.

nsw junior pro clubman series drivers round 1 lithgow
Above: Front row (L-R) - Alex Waters, Shae Becker, Charlotte Poynting, Christian Bakija
Back row (L-R) - Nick Becker, Chris Sandrone, Damon Schofield, Glen Ormerod, Thomas McDonnell
pic - Pam Mathews

After a successful series in 2012 there was some concern on numbers this year considering 17 competitors that participated in last year's series have exchanged their white plates for yellow. First round attracted nine keen competitors a couple missing due to sporting injuries, and a few others away due to other commitments which included the Vic Titles and the upcoming Nationals. Returning from last year were Christopher Sandrone, Damon Schofield and Nick Becker. New on the scene were Glen Ormerod, Alex Waters and Christian Bakilja (so fresh to JC was Christian, the kart was still being assembled in the morning of the race). Thomas McDonnell like Schofield made the trek down from Newcastle and not to be forgotten the girl power was well represented with Charlotte Poynting and Shae Becker, both there full of smiles.  

Qualifying. With 5 bonus points for the series up for grabs for pole position, the honour went to newcomer Thomas McDonnell followed by Becker & Waters with less than a second splitting the three. Completing the second row was Sandrone with row three occupied by Ormerod and Schofield. Poynting, Bakilja and Shae  Becker rounded out the field. 

Chris Sandrone ahead of Thomas McDonnell
Above: Chris Sandrone ahead of Thomas McDonnell
pic - Pam Mathews

Heat 1.  Nick Becker showed he's local experience to take the lead from the outset followed by Sandrone Schofield and McDonnell. Sandrone took the lead on lap 3 leaving Becker to battle with Schofield, Water and Ormerod. Unfortunately Nick had his nose cone part company  from his kart leading to a black flag.  Ormerod, McDonnell and Waters continued to battle to the end.

1st       Chris Sandrone.
2nd      Damon Schofield.
3rd       Glen Ormerod.
4th       Thomas McDonnell.
5th       Alex Waters

Heat 2. Nick Becker again took a commanding lead. However was over hauled be Sandrone and Schofield on lap 5. Schofield then made short work in claiming the lead from Sandrone on the same lap. Ormerod, McDonnell and Waters resumed their battle from heat 1.

1st       Damon Schofield.      
2nd      Chris Sandrone.
3rd       Nick Becker.
4th       Glen Ormerod.
5th       Thomas McDonnell

Alex Waters
Above: Alex Waters
pic - Pam Mathews

Pre-Final. The Pre final is one of the critical races for the series considering series points are awarded for both the pre final and final equally.  Sandrone took advantage of his pole position leading the pack away from Schofield, McDonnell and Becker. Becker however claimed third on lap 2.  Unfortunately Christian Bakija and Shae Becker had a coming together on lap 1 hence watched the race from the sideline. Waters and Ormerod continued their battle with Waters gaining the upper hand on lap 3.  Schofield passed Sandrone for the lead on lap 4 with Sandrone reclaiming the lead on lap 8, however with two corners to go Sandrone left the slightest gap which Schofield quickly took advantage off. Becker and McDonnell quickly converged on a out of position Sandrone to claim second and third.

Somehow McDonnell managed to overtake Becker in the exchange to claim second.  Unfortunately Charlotte Poynting dropped a chain on the final lap for a DNF

1st       Damon Schofield.      
2nd      Thomas McDonnell.
3rd       Nicholas Becker.
4th       Chris Sandrone.
5th       Alex Waters

Final:  Damon Schofield took advantage off the start to lead the pack for the entire sixteen laps. Following Schofield from the start was Becker, Waters, McDonnell and Sandrone. Sandrone reclaimed fourth on lap 1 then third by lap 5,  Sandrone then set about Becker who in turn was closing the gap on Schofield. Sandrone eventually claimed second from Becker on lap 12, unfortunately the pair came together relegating Becker to fourth at the same time the pair losing any in ground they had made on Schofield's lead. Ormerod in turn secured fifth from Waters on lap 13. Poynting, Bakija and Shae Becker followed the more experienced pack home incident free.

Winner of the final, Damon Schofield
Above: Winner of the final, Damon Schofield
pic - Pam Mathews


1st       Damon Schofield.      
2nd      Chris Sandrone.
3rd       Thomas McDonnell.
4th       Nick Becker.
5th       Glen Ormerod

Special thanks to Series Sponsors:

Gold: Yamaha, Scuderia PCR Australia
Bronze: Kart 1, Stones Kartsport, Karting World. 

The second round will be hosted by Wollongong Kart Racing Club at Picton Raceway on 21st April. Anyone interested in joining the series please contact Dennis Sandrone  email:



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