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  19 March 2013

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  • The Chassis Partners for the 2013 Rotax World Final have been announced. CRG will be used in DD2, Juniors will use Energy, DD2 Masters will be on Praga and Sodi is the chassis for Senior MAX. It will be the first time that Energy Corse and IPKarting (Praga) have partnered with Rotax for the Grand Finals. After missing last year, CRG returns for the 9th time, while Sodi has been involved for the past four years. "The goal is to have a good mixture between new and long term partners. We really have been impressed by the number of potential partners participating in the tender” RMCGF organiser Robert Gumpenberger said.
    rotax world final chassis partners 2013 crg praga energy sodi

  • Australia's premier online karting forum,, is running a 'Tech Week' this week. The aim is for Kartbookers with expertise in a particular area to post Tech items and answer questions during the week, which will end Friday, 22 March. Then, during the Nationals, votes will be cast and the author of the best post will receive a $100 K-Racer gift voucher and a six month subscription to KartX. "All drama will be deleted; all tech will be celebrated" Kartbook's Col fink informed KartSportNews. Further information on Kartbook HERE. The main karting discussion forum is HERE - look for the TECH WEEK posts!

  • Kartlink reports that European KZ ace, Bas Lammers, has parted ways with Praga. The Dutchman said the parting was "in good agreement". He has returned to drive for the original Intrepid brand.

  • Melbourne-based Peter Klein has informed KartSportNews he will be driving his truck to the Queensland and Northern Territory Championships. For karters wishing to put their gear on board, Klein says around $1100 will cover the round trip, including picking up the kart. Call Peter - 0408 660 423.

  • The Australian Karting Association had two karting displays in the General Admission area across all four days of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. The displays were manned by AKA volunteers and the karts were supplied by Shamick Racing. A KF machine was used within the AMSF's display (below), while several karts - from a KZ shifter to a Cadet - were part of a larger standalone promo.
    aka karting display australian grand prix
    Above & Below: Taking karting to the masses. An amazing number of interestaters were in Melbourne for the GP, with lots of enquiries coming from Sydney residents.
    Taking karting to the masses. An amazing number of interestaters were in Melbourne for the GP, with lots of enquiries coming from Sydney residents

  • The Cooloola Kart Club's track will re-open for practice this Saturday. The club will attempt to hold a race meeting - the first since January - on April 14. Details below:
    cooloola track re-open meeting take 2

  • A photo gallery from the Vic Open from Reverse Photography is HERE.


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