Indy 800 Race Wraps

from Jessica 25 March 2017

Butterfly Farm Indy 800 Kart Track’s racing season has kicked off on the February 25 with a record breaking number of 97 entrants across all classes at the meeting.

This including seventeen competitors from Retro Karting Australia (RKA) running F100 in conjunction with their Championship Series.

Sprint events run once a month on Saturdays through until the evening and consist of Qualifying, 2 Heats, a Pre Final and Final for each class. Championship points are awarded to all drivers for completing the Pre Final and Final going towards each drivers overall tally for the season.

Round 2 (sprint) will be held on the 1st April 2017.

The second event held at the circuit for 2017 was Round 1 of the Subaru Endurance Cup 2017 on March 18th.

This was the first of 3 rounds for the first ever Endurance Series held at Indy 800.

Eight teams braved the wet weather for the 6-hour race and despite the bad weather, all teams had a great night.

Round 2 Endurance will be held on the 15th July 2017.

Round 1 (Endurance) results:

Subaru Light:
1 Aching Later Racing
2 Buhagiar Racing 43
3 Days of Thunder Racing
4 Flat Tyre Warmers

Subaru Heavy:
1 Mitta Mayham Racing
2 18 Grippers
3 Buhagiar Racing 4
Not Fast but Furious - DNF




Round 1 (Sprint) results:

1 Hayden Crossland
2 Jordan Shalala
3 Jake Taliana

1 Daniel Walsh
2 Ayden Strong

Junior J Light:
1 Tianna Duck
2 Lewis Buhagiar
3 Caine Fraser

Junior IAME Light:
1 Joshua Buchan
2 Lewis Buhagiar
3 Macey Cluderay

1 Harry Gray
2 Aaron Chebaia
3 Chad Bonadio

Subaru Light:
1 Jordan Camilleri
2 Adrian Schellenberg

Subaru Heavy:
1 Kevin Buhagiar
2 Craig Brown
3 Phil Thurling

TaG Restricted:
1 Glenn Aggar
2 Mitch Lozina
3 Andy Sandlin

TaG Over 40:
1 Garry Bonadio
2 Glenn Aggar
3 David Adam

TaG Light:
1 Toby Webb
2 Aaron Turner
3 Kurt Read

TaG Heavy:
1 Jake Heyneman
2 Luke Blattman
3 Anthony Vella

F100 Light:
1 Glenn Riddell
2 Mark Vukusic
3 Steven Riddell

F100 Heavy:
1 Paul McKinnon
2 Gus Van Velzen
3 Marco Gueli



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