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Ipswich: SEQ Series Rnd 1, Club Champs Rnd 2

by Geoff Salmon, Sportsvoice 12 March 2017

Hi all, as I am not commentating for this round, I will be writing this report courtesy CM: S Results.

  • Full results are on CMS HERE.

The March 4-5 weekend started well with a total of 138 drivers along with spanner men and women plus families arriving for the first day of competition and for the first round of the South East Series for 2017, the Ipswich Kart Club running the second round of the Club Championship for 2017 in conjunction.

The format for the first two day meeting in many years was as per Club Competition Format 2, Qualifying and heat one (fastest to the front) and heat two (fastest to the front) to be run on the Saturday with heat three (Points from finishing positions of heat 1 and heat 2) and the finals (Points from finishing positions heat 1, 2 & 3) on Sunday. The Presentation of Trophies to be run 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Finals, prizes will be offered by way of random draws during the round – Drivers must be present at the draw after trophy presentations to be eligible for the prizes.

The Club welcomed drivers from a large number of Clubs and the weekend was shaping up to be one to remember.

We get under way with:

Cadet 9 Qualifying.
A top field of 16 youngsters moved onto the racing surface for the 6 minute session, the first three rows after the session was completed saw Beau Bromhead (#71) off Pole with a time of 55.673 seconds (New class Lap Record); P2 Lincoln Taylor (#78) 55.955; P3 Jordan Ensbey (#22) 56.227; P4 Maddison Feather (#55) 56.288; P5 Luke Trost (#47) 56.419; P6 Jacob Scott (#84) 56.447 seconds.

Cadet 9 Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Beau Bromhead led throughout the 10 laps to take the win by a margin of 7.071 seconds over Jordan Ensbey who started from third and moved up past Maddison Feather on lap four, Maddison Feather finishing in third with Lincoln Taylor dropping from second to finish fourth, Jacob Scott also involved in the outcome moving up into fourth on the sixth lap before dropping back to finish fifth, Luke Trost in sixth and Harrison Vidler making up one position to finish seventh, fastest lap recorded by Beau Bromhead with a time of 55.975 seconds on his penultimate lap.

Cadet 9 Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Luke Trost finished in front of the second Heat from Jordan Ensbey finishing just .141 of a second away in second, third going to Harrison Vidler and fourth Joel Watson, an obvious coming together of the two youngsters running first and second on the second last lap, Bromhead and Taylor seeing the Trost and Ensbey elevated into first and second, Vidler appears to have taken advantage also with his third place, fastest lap going to Bromhead with a time of 55.773 seconds on his sixth lap.

Cadet 9 Prefinal (13 Laps)
Jordan Ensbey got away well and lead up to lap nine before Bromhead fourth on lap one moved past to take control, Luke Trost also heavily involved in the outcome finishing third with Maddison Feather fourth and in fifth Joel Watson, fastest lap going again to Beau Bromhead with a time of 55.901 seconds on his penultimate lap.

Cadet 9 Final (15 Laps)
Ensbey led the first two laps then Bromhead moved past to again take control of the Final, Bromhead goes on to win the Final with a Margin of 3.079 seconds over second placed Jordan Ensbey third to Luke Trost dropping just one position throughout the fifteen laps, a good performance for Maddison Feather finishing fourth, I am sure she would be happy with her driving performance over the two days of competition, fifth place Joel Watson and sixth to Harrison Vidler, best time recorded in the Final going to Beau Bromhead with a time of 56.210 seconds on his final lap of the journey.

Cadet 12 Qualifying. 
Again a field of sixteen drivers move onto the racing surface for the required six minute session and at the conclusion we were to see the first three rows line up as follows; Pole Ethan Feather (#26) 54.640; P2 Carter Mobbs (#60) 54.927; P3 Rusty Ross (#58) 55.045; P4 Lachlan Platten (#56) 55.061; P5 Marcus Watson (#7) 55.179 and P6 Harrison Lynne (#74) 55.202 seconds.

Cadet 12 Heat 1 (10 laps)
Ethan Feather was to prove unstoppable on a day to remember, he won the first Heat, the margin back to second placed Carter Mobbs a massive 6.789 seconds, third going to Samuel James a further 1.677 seconds away with Marcus Watson fourth, Tristan Griffin fifth and Rusty Ross filling position six, the fastest lap recorded by Feather with a time of 54.781 seconds on his final lap.

Cadet 12 Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Feather was superb in Heat 2 again with the win over Rusty Ross by 2.736 seconds, third going to Carter Mobbs a further 1.146 seconds back, next home going to Tristan Griffin with Cody Collins finishing in fifth, fastest lap by Carter Mobbs with a time of 59.117 seconds recorded on his tenth lap, the first four drivers recording their fastest laps on lap ten (times indicate rain).

Cadet 12 Prefinal (13 Laps)
Ethan Feather appeared unstoppable with a third win in a row over second placed Carter Mobbs with Rusty Ross filling the minor spot, fourth going to Tristan Griffin and fifth place to Samuel James, fastest lap again going to Feather with a time of 54.859 seconds on his tenth lap.

Cadet 12 Final (15 Laps)
Ethan Feather certainly stuck a Feather in his cap today with a very professional approach to his campaign throughout taking the Final with a margin of 3.260 seconds over second placed Carter Mobbs with Rusty Ross coming home third and Tristan Griffin filling fourth place, fifth home going to Marcus Watson, fastest lap again to Feather with a time of 55.069 seconds recorded on his eleventh lap.

KA4 Junior Light Qualifying.
A great field of twenty four drivers moved off the out grid area to contest Pole position for the day, six minutes later the first three rows of the grid lined up as follows; Pole Jack Hotter (#33) 50.968; P2 Kurtis Tennant (#57) 50.983; P3 Thomas Cooper (#55) 51.042; P4 Jai Brown (#22) 51.084; P5 Oscar Comley (#88) 51.214 and P6 Luke Pink (#49 with a time of 581.313 seconds.

KA4 Junior Light Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Kurtis Tennant got away well and led throughout the Heat finishing with a margin of 1.214 seconds over second placed Jai Brown, third home going to Oscar Comley and fourth to Thomas Cooper fifth behind Cooper came Jack Hotter and finishing sixth Jack Grambauer, fastest lap going to Tennant with a time of 51.046 seconds recorded on his seventh lap.

KA4 Junior Light Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Thomas Cooper drove well to take the win dropping to third on his third lap before regaining the lead and going on to record an advantage of .964 seconds over second placed Jai Brown, who finished .605 of a second ahead of Oscar Comley third and Jack Hotter finishing two places better than in Heat 1 with fourth, fastest lap, Jai Brown with a time of 1.00.815 of a second on his final lap (Again obviously wet conditions).

KA4 Junior Light Prefinal (13 Laps)
The Prefinal was shaping up to be a beauty with all the main contenders off the first two rows of the grid, this was not to be with Cooper failing to complete a lap and Jai Brown taking full control of the thirteen laps of racing, Jack Hotter making up one position to finish in second, third going to Oscar Comley, who, actually dropped a spot to finish third and Brody Sonter making up two positions to finish fourth, next home came Luke Pink and then Jack Grambauer, fastest lap going to Jack Hotter with a time of 51.124 seconds recorded on his ninth lap of the required thirteen.

KA4 Junior Light Final (15 Laps)
Jai Brown obviously jumped well and led throughout the 15 laps of the final, Oscar Comley holding out Thomas Cooper for the first nine laps before falling to third behind Cooper, who, starting from fifth after the completion of the first lap going on to finish second, third to Comley,  Jack Hotter after starting from the front and dropping as low as fifth at one point before making a resurgence to finish fourth, fifth to Luke Pink up three position over the fifteen laps and sixth to Brody Sonter making up one spot over the distance, Curtis Tennant, who failed to finish but recorded the fastest lap, a time of 51.257 seconds on his sixth lap.


KA3 Junior Qualifying.   
A good field of twelve KA3 Juniors moved away from the out grid and onto the race course proper for the required six minute session and after it was completed the first three rows of the grid were as follows; Pole Bailey Sagaidak (#26) 50.527; P2 Thomas Cooper (#55) 50.540; P3 Jarrad Costello (#47) 50.546; P4 Zayd Tones (#27) 50.575; P5 Zoe Walker (#59) 50.664 and P6 Harrison Stock (#20) 50.773 seconds.

KA3 Junior Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Bailey Sagaidak drove well to hold out Zayd Tones by a mere .180 seconds, Tones recording the fastest lap in his endeavour to win with a time of 50.343 seconds on his seventh lap, Thomas Cooper from the front row of the grid moving up to second on the fourth lap before dropping back to finish third, fourth home going to Jarrad Costello, fifth with a consistent drive to Zoe Walker and sixth Liam Moyse.

KA3 Junior Heat 2 (10 Laps) 
An interesting race without any doubt, after what appeared to be a close contest between Cooper and Tones saw a pink marker displayed for not only Cooper but also Long and Moyse, Cooper leading throughout the first eight laps then falling back to finish second then relegated back to sixth and the other two Long and Moyse from sixth and seventh back to ninth and tenth in the official placings, with Sagaidak being Disqualified, anyway the Heat finally going to Zayd Tones from Jarrad Costello then Zoe Walker in third followed by Harrison Stock fourth and Blake Lockett finishing fifth, fastest lap going to Zayd Tones with a time of 50.738 seconds on his sixth lap.

KA3 Junior Prefinal (13 Laps)
Tones obviously moved away well and led for the first five laps before Cooper from third on his first lap moved past and took control of the Prefinal, Costello dropping one position to finish third with Zoe Walker making up one spot to fourth with Harrison Stock fifth and coming home in sixth position Jarad Boys, fastest lap to Thomas Cooper with a time of 50.243 seconds recorded on his ninth lap.

KA3 Junior Final (15 Laps)
Zayd Tones led for the first eight laps before Thomas Cooper moved past into the top spot, holding that position for the remainder of the fifteen laps and winning by a margin of a very narrow .133 of a second over a very insistent Zayd Tones with Jarrad Costello finishing 3.199 seconds away in third when came Bailey Sagaidak from Zoe Walker and then Harrison Stock finishing sixth, fastest lap going to Zayd Tones with a time of 50.436 seconds recorded on his twelfth lap of the required fifteen.

KA3 Senior Light Qualifying.
A tidy field of eight drivers were to face the six minute qualifying session and after it was over the grid for the first three laps stood as follows: Pole Dale Zimmerman (#88) 50.715; P2 Daley Martin (#48) 50.868; P3 Mak Holden (#46) 51.023; P4 Robert Reid (#74) 51.032; P5 Hamish Turner (#49) 51.332 and P6 Andrew Walker (#77) a time of 51.645.

KA3 Senior Light Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Dale Zimmerman drove from start to finish and was not challenged to win over Daley Martin, the margin .758 of a second, third going to Mak Holden with Hamish Turner in fourth and Robert Reid coming home in fifth position, the fastest lap going to Zimmerman with a time of 50.920 seconds on his eighth lap.

KA3 Senior Light Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Weather again played a significant role in the results of Heat 2, Mak Holden coming away with the win and the fastest lap with a time of 1.02.837 seconds recorded on his penultimate lap, second going to Hamish Turner with Dale Zimmerman coming home in third.

KA3 Senior Light Prefinal (13 Laps)
Zimmerman again showed his performance standard by taking the win in the Prefinal with an all the way win and a margin over second placed Mak Holden of 3.130 seconds, Daley Martin just .178 of a second away in third, fourth to Andrew Walker and fifth to Robert Reid, fastest lap by Dale Zimmerman with a time of 50.469 seconds on his eighth lap.

KA3 Senior Light Final (15 Laps)
Dale Zimmerman continued his superb form sitting behind Daley Martin for the majority of the fifteen lap final before taking control on lap eleven and going on to win, the margin just under one second over Martin with Mak Holden holding onto third position throughout the final, fastest lap going again to Dale Zimmerman with a time of 51.104 seco0nds recorded on his penultimate lap.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Qualifying
Eighteen drivers moved out onto the racing surface to determine who would start from Pole and after the six minute session was finished the first three rows of the grid were to look as follows: Pole: Dylan Rudd (#99) 51.256; P2 Ryan Mussell (#46) 51.396; P3 Allan Mayes (#60) 51.697; P4 Ashley Davis (#25) 51.729; P5 Kevin Johnston (#49) 51.961 and P6 Paul Baxter (#10) with a time of 51.969.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Ryan Mussell took the win in Heat one over Allan Mayes, the margin .460 of a second, third going to Ashley Davis and fourth place to Dylan Rudd, who, also recorded the fastest lap time with a 51.110 second on his ninth lap of the journey.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Ash Davis was successful in the second Heat taking the win over Dylan Rudd with a margin of just .153 of a second, third going to Paul Baxter and fourth to Allan Mayes, fastest lap to Rudd with a time of 52.672 seconds on his last lap of the Heat.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Prefinal (13 Laps)
The prefinal was a mixed affair with Dylan Rudd crossing the line in front, but receiving a time penalty and being relegated back to fourth, this sees Allan Mayes take the honours in the prefinal from Kevin Johnstone and Jackson Smith moved up into third, fastest lap going to Rudd with a time of 51.376 on his ninth lap, it sees also Paul Baxter , who crossed the line in fourth relegated back to finish in eighth and Ash Davis who crossed the line in ninth also relegated back, Davis into sixteenth.

TaG 125 Restricted Light Final (15 Laps)
Allan Mayes and Kevin Johnstone were running one and two throughout the Final,  Mayes in front until just two laps from the finish before Rudd from fourth on the first lap passed and took the win, Johnstone held onto second place up to lap eleven before falling back to third behind Mayes, fastest lap going to the winner Dylan Rudd with a time of 51.314 seconds, this recorded on his thirteenth lap, Ian Everest probably a little disappointed dropping from third on the first lap to finish sixth overall.

TaG 125 Restricted Medium and Masters Qualifying;
This a new weight division for the Restricted class, Medium now the old Heavy class weight, for Rotax (EVO) at 167 kg, all other engines at 182 kg, the old Super Heavy class now Heavy weights (unless otherwise specified in State Regulations) as Rotax (EVO) at 207 kg and all other engines at 202 kg, (Note: Wherever run, should, be consolidated with the Medium Division or such other permitted class/Division in accordance with the Rules, maximum weight of the Kart excluding Driver for the Medium class Division 102 kg, OK, now that we all have that clear in our minds, back to racing, I think I have mentioned this young man before Rhys Willemse down from Cooloola Coast Kart Club, well he and eleven drivers in this class drove onto the racing surface along with nine Master Class drivers for the six minute session and at the end the grid saw Willemse (#26) Pole: with a time of 52.666 seconds; P2  Trent Harders (#3) 52.742; P3 Lachlan Palmer (#2) 53.315; P4 Jason Smith (#6) 53.431; P5 Benjamin Forrest (#58) 53.457; and P6 Justin Beeton (#25) 53.900, the qualifying positions for the Master Class was as follows: P1 Terry Grant (#11) 53.051 (third overall) P2 Craig Holmwood (#55) 53.144 (fourth overall) P3 Tim McDonald (#69) 53.191 (fifth overall) P4 Peter Greenwood (#64) 53.214 (sixth overall) P5 Barrie Mendelson (#16) 53.717 (tenth overall) and Kevin Castles (#72) 54.143 seconds (twelfth overall).

TaG 125 Restricted Medium and Masters Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Trent Harders held off Rhys Willemse by .219 of a second to take the win in Heat 1, Willemse (both Medium medium class) second with Craig Holmwood third (first Master class) fourth going to Terry Grant (also Master) with Peter Greenwood fifth and Tim McDonald sixth (both Master class), fastest lap by Harders with a time of 53.090 seconds in his penultimate lap.

TaG 125 Restricted Medium and Masters Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Harders continued to win from Willemse in the second Heat This time by .472 of a second with Tim McDonald third (Master) and Craig Holmwood fourth, fastest lap this time by Willemse with a time of 53.211 seconds on his sixth lap.

TaG 125 Restricted Medium and Masters Prefinal (13 Laps)
At prefinal time it certainly appeared that both Harders and Willemse were to fight out the final still to come later in the afternoon or early evening, Willemse finishing just ninety six one hundreds behind Harders with the first of our Master Class drivers Craig Holmwood in third, best lap recorded by Willemse with a time of 52.854 seconds in his penultimate lap.  

TaG 125 Restricted Medium and Masters Final (15 Laps)
Rhys Willemse led throughout the Final as I expected having watched this young man’s racing career for the best part of eighteen months, he came home with a margin of just under half a second over second placed Trent Harders with Craig Holmwood (first in Master)coming back into karting this year with a tremendous amount of determination after having raced only infrequently throughout 2016, fourth home( third in Medium) was Lachlan Palmer and fifth Terry Grant (second in Master), third in Master and sixth overall going to Tim McDonald, the fastest lap was recorded by Rhys Willemse with a time of 53.076 seconds on his last lap.

TaG 125 Light Qualifying.
A field of fifteen drivers presented for the unofficial, but, premier class of racing at Ipswich, after the six minute session was completed we were to see Scott Sorenson (#2) post the fastest time with a 48.214 seconds recorded on his third lap of five in the session, P2 Adam Mercer (#41) 48.351; P3 Nic Lane (#51) 48.570; P4 Sebastian Blindell (#36) 48.614; P5 Dallas Oksanen (#17) 48.630 and P6 Brieann Moyse (#75) with a time of 48.696, Daniel Plant (#12) not recording a time in qualifying.

TaG 125 Light Heat 1 (10 Laps)
Scott Sorenson was certainly up for any challenge that might be thrown at him over the weekend, leading all but the first lap in an impressive display of driving to finish .858 of a second to the better of Adam Mercer with Sebastian Blindell a further .398 of a second away in third, fourth Nic Lane and fifth Dallas Oksanen, fastest lap to Scott Sorenson with a time of 48.877 seconds recorded on his fourth lap.

TaG 125 Light Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Scott Sorensen was not to be denied with an emphatic win in the second Heat, a margin of 3.743 seconds was to see Scott take a comfortable win over second placed Adam Mercer with Seb Blindell again holding onto third, fastest lap going to Scott Sorensen with a time of 48.531 seconds on his penultimate lap.

TaG 125 Light Prefinal (13 Laps)
Sorensen again took the win with a margin of 3.128 seconds over Sebastian Blindell who held off  Dallas Oksanen by a touch over two and a half seconds, fourth  home going to Adam Mercer, again the fastest lap to Scott Sorensen with a time of 48.643 seconds recorded on his fifth lap.

TaG 125 Light Final (15 Laps)
Scott Sorensen was out to prove that there was no one on this weekend capable of challenging him in TaG 125 Light and went on to show it in the Final, Sorensen went onto win the Final by a margin of 3.192 seconds over Sebastian Blindell (who must be feeling very pleased with only his second run in the open class since winning the 2016 Tag Restricted Light Class Championship at Ipswich). The first six placings in the final were not to change position throughout the final, third home Adam Mercer, fourth Nicholas Lane, fifth Dallas Oksanen and sixth Kyle Zink, seventh home was Tim Farrell making up one spot, eighth Ben Deissler (is this Bens first run in open class?) ninth Brieann Moyse (also making up one position over the fifteen laps.. if this young lady continues as she did throughout her junior racing days don’t be surprised if we don’t see her up on the podium in the future) )and tenth Mitch Wooller, I was not there , but it certainly read like a magnificent display of talent on the day, OH and the fastest lap, Scott Sorensen ( should you even ask) with a time of 48.732 seconds on his last lap, Scott incidentally set a new Track Lap Record in qualifying with a time of 48.214 seconds.

TaG Heavy Qualifying:
A field of nine drivers all looking to set the best time and get the advantage of starting from Pole for the first Heat moved out onto the racing surface, at the end of the six minute session Pole was set by Martin Swindells (#13) in a new Class Lap Record time of 49.147 seconds. P2 Jarad Neinert (#18) 49.253; P3 Sam Houston (#4) 49.372; P4 Ryan O’Sullivan (#31) 49.466; and P5 Paul Bryan (#42)

TaG Heavy Heat 1 (10 Laps)
The Heat got under way and Martin Swindells continued his impressive form from qualifying with a win over Jarad Neinert, the margin just .175 of a second, in third Ryan O’Sullivan and behind him next home was Marcello Surace, fastest lap to Neinert with a time of 49.550 seconds on his fifth lap of the journey.

TaG Heavy Heat 2 (10 Laps)
Jarad Neinert got the better of Martin Swindells in the second Heat taking the win by 1.798 of a second with Paul Bryan finishing in third and followed in by Marcello Surace fourth, fastest lap going to Neinert with a time of 49.863 seconds recorded on his eighth lap.

TaG Heavy Prefinal (13 Laps)
Martin Swindells drove away well and led for the first seven laps before falling back behind the Jarad Neinert, then back to third before finishing in fourth, the margin at the end just .331 of a second, Marcello Surace driving well to finish in second making up one position throughout the prefinal, fifth going to Ryan O’Sullivan and sixth Zari Patrick, fastest lap recorded by Marcello Surace with a time of 49.836 seconds on his fifth lap.

TaG Heavy Final (15 Laps)
Jarad Neinert was far too good for the field in the final winning by a margin of 1.220 seconds over a consistent Martin Swindells with Sam Houston finishing third and Ryan O’Sullivan fourth the fastest lap going to our winner Jarad Neinert with a time of 49.918 seconds on his thirteenth lap of the journey.

Well, I might not have been there, but I hope you enjoy my report of the running of the second round of the Ipswich Kart Club Championship in coordination with Round one of the South Queensland Series for 2017.

Until the next round of racing at Ipswich the first of April please drive with care and consideration to all.

Geoff Salmon - Sportsvoice