Launceston Kart Club Season Awards

from Stuart Lee 17 December 2016

It was a great day at the Launceston Kart Club's fun day and awards BBQ; heaps of kids, mums, dads, sponsors and friends "having a go". Thanks to every one who came out and helped. Thanks to Tim Piper for the donation of the hamburgers and steak, greatly appreciated.

The 2016 LKC awards are below:

Above: Toby Callow and Ollie Richardson with their awards

2016 Driver of the year - Cadets
Toby Callow

2016 Driver of the year - Juniors
Tate Frost

2016 Driver of the year - Seniors
Andrew Lee

2016 Consistency Award - Cadets
Toby Callow

2016 Consistency Award - Juniors
Tyson Phegan

2016 Consistency Award - Seniors
Abram Manion

2016 Club Person of the Year - Juniors
Kyle Love

2016 Club Person of the Year - Seniors
Stone Family

2016 Presidents Award - Cadets
Ollie Richardson

2016 Presidents Award - Juniors
Lucas Dickenson

2016 Presidents Award - Seniors
Kerry Beechey

2016 Encouragement Award
Emilie Williams


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