International Licences For 2017

  8 December 2016

New CIK-FIA regulations regarding driver age and minimum weight for C-Grade International licences come into effect on January 1.

Above: CIK-FIA C-Grade International licence eligibilty for various years of birth



CIK-FIA press release

Following the one-year reduction in the minimum age for Drivers who can access non-gearbox categories, International Karting Licenses for Drivers have been adapted from the 2017 season onwards.

The Junior categories are now accessible from the year of their 12th birthday and up to the year of their 14th birthday for Drivers holding a C-Junior license, and who exceed the minimum weight of 35kg.

The Senior non-gearbox categories are now accessible to Drivers from the year of their 14th birthday, the minimum weight being 40 kg. The C-Restricted license was created for Drivers up to 14 and 15 years old during the year driving on karts without a gearbox. The C-Senior license covers, as in the past, all Drivers from the age of 15 during the year.

As from 1st January 2017, the CIK-FIA Championships, Cups and Trophies, as well as all International Races, are affected by this change.

  • the full bulletin is HERE







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