Tasmanian Karter of the Year Awards

by Stuart Lee 6 December 2016

Karting Tasmania held their annual awards dinner at the picturesque Aurora Stadium on Saturday night.

The impressive array of trophies and prizes were only rivalled by the magical backdrop of one of Australia’s finest boutique football stadiums.

Above: Trophies at the awards dinner

It was fantastic to see 180 drivers, pit crew, family and friends all dressed up and enjoying themselves away from the kart track.

The night’s master of ceremonies was past V8 Supercar commentator and highly credentialed tarmac rally navigator Barry Oliver.

Barry always does a great job of keeping the crowd entertained and informed and the question and answer session with Marcos Ambrose was a highlight of the evening.

Marcos reflected on his career from when he first started out at the Launceston Kart Club many years ago through the years until present day. I’m sure his tip of making sure you enjoy every moment and cherish the good days, live for tomorrow and not the past were not lost on the spellbound audience.

Above: Barry Oliver and Marcos Ambrose

The night’s main aim was to present all the placegetters in the 2016 Andrew Walter Constructions Statewide Series and Driver of the Year series with their trophies and awards.

Also being honoured were Karting Tasmania’s Official of the year in Mark Sergeant and CAMS Karter Person of the Year in Stuart Lee. Karting Tasmania also presented series sponsor Andrew Walter with an appreciation award for his companies support.

Karting Tasmania also presented the Best Interstate Performance with the winner Tate Frost being voted number one for his Australian Kart Championship efforts.

A huge array of prizes was also raffled off to drivers who had competed at race meeting thru out the year.  Whilst a couple of fun prizes were handed out to the best dressed with Daniel Hinds (Seniors)  & Darcy and Campbell Whelan taking the best dressed juniors.

The big award of the night however was the 2016 Tasmanian Karter of the Year which went to a very well deserved Tate Frost.

Karting Tasmania wishes all karters a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


2016 Tasmanian Statewide Series placegetters

Cadet 9
3rd Ollie Richardson
2nd Toby Callow
1st Darcy Whelan

Cadet 12
3rd Jesse keeling
2nd Fletcher Bellars
1st Campbell Whelan

KA4 Junior Light
3rd Tyson Phegan
2nd Logan Dixon
1st Tate Frost

KA4 Junior Heavy
3rd Louis Popowski
2nd Jesse Sheals
1st Connor Griffin

KA3 Junior
3rd Kiana Toon
2nd Declan Sherburd
1st Jackson Callow

KA4 Senior Light
3rd Ellis Dickenson
2nd Bodie Reading
1st Gemma Wyllie

KA4 Masters
3rd Kerry Beechey
2nd Shane Burdon
1st Scott Hildyard

TaG Restricted Light
3rd Ryan Jenkin
2nd Andrew Lee
1st Nicholas Walpole

TaG Restricted Heavy
3rd Brodey Lovett
2nd Jason Close
1st Troy Sheahen

KA3 senior Light
3rd Tabatha Badger
2nd Zevie Eisentraut (eyes-zen-trout)
1st Shane Bray

TaG 125 Light
3rd Mitchell Lovell
2nd Jade Waddington
1st Nathan Zuj

TaG 125 Heavy
3rd Dillon Van Galen
2nd Troy Stone
1st Alastair Lee


Above: Margaret & Andrew Walter

Above: Stuart & Sharon Lee


Class winners of the 2016 Tasmanian Karter of the Year Series

Cadet 9
With a very impressive 19 race wins including 5 finals victories and a total points tally of 917  the winner of Cadet 9 is Darcy Whelan from the Southern Tasmanian Kart Club.

Cadet 12
Campbell Whelan from the Southern Tasmanian Kart Club.

KA4 Junior Light
is Tate Frost from the Launceston Kart Club.

KA4 Junior Heavy
Connor Griffin from the Launceston Kart Club.

KA3 Junior
Jackson Callow from the Launceston Kart Club

KA4 Senior Light
Gemma Wyllie from the Southern Tasmanian Kart Club.

KA4 Masters
Scott Hildyard from the Southern Tasmanian Kart Club.

TaG Restricted Light
Andrew Lee from the Launceston Kart Club.

TaG Restricted Heavy
Brody Lovett from the North Western Kart Club.

Tag 125 Light
Nathan Zuj from the Launceston Kart Club.

TaG 125 Heavy
Alastair Lee from the Launceston Kart Club.

Above: Michael & Lochie Dalton with Denise Davis

Above: Daniel Hinds and Renee Chettle

Above: Darcy & Campbell Whelan


Above: Kate Critsilis & Alastair Lee

Above: Jackson, Scott, Toby and Michelle Callow



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