Places Still Available in Tony Kart Australia's AKC Campaign

press release 1 December 2016

Would you like to be racing with the Tony Kart Australia squad for season 2017 in the KA Australian Championships?

Tony Kart Australia can give you or your driver a chance to race in a professional environment, but equally importantly make it time and cost effective to race at these meetings for yourself and/or your driver.

Travelling interstate to these race meetings means time away from work and school, as well as the cost of travelling in terms of time, fuel, wear & tear to your vehicle. This proposal will reduce your costs for this as an invdividual, as well as providing an environment to better your understanding of kart setup.

This championship as you are no doubt aware is run over five (5) seperate race meetings at five different racing circuits on the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

Tony Kart Australia will be attending these race meetings and can provide support for you to compete.

Tony Kart Australia will provide:

1. Use of kart trolley, fuel drum and tools (one toolbox fully equipped with all the general maintenance tools required per driver)
2. Transport to and from each round in the Tony Kart truck.
3. Pit space & team tent provided,
4. Driver support & advice.
5. Data analysis and support for your driver.
6. Back up of spares and components.

We only have a few places remaining as we only accept a certain number of drivers to ensure maximum benefit and value.

If you would like some more information please contact us via email or phone to discuss.


P. (03) 9580 3905




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