Superkarts Propose Non-EVO Rotax Class

press release 10 November 2016

The Victorian Superkart club is currently preparing to launch a new class within it’s non-gearbox ranks aimed squarely at the “non Evo” Rotax owner for its 2017 club series and beyond.

In a nutshell the idea is to allow pre Evo Rotax owners to compete on a level playing field but on Victoria's large scale race circuits like Phillip Island, Winton and Broadford.

Above: Rotax MAX powered karts at Calder Park (pic - VSC)

A club series Championship will be awarded at the end of the year.

A race weight of 175kg for Seniors has been nominated with no compulsion to add the superkart bodywork as being mandatory.

While it will be necessary to obtain both a CAMS licence and logbook, the club will help new members in making the journey of conversion to road racing easier.

Changes to the kart for log book compliance would typically include a larger engine sprocket, rain light and race numbers/plates.

Tyre selection is also a little more open by brand, but is still controlled.

Superkarting can be started from the age of twelve with no adult limit set. The Victorian Club races approximately seven times a year in a club spirited and safe environment with set up tips or parts easily available on race day.

A typical race day consists of approximately 170 kilometres of track time.

So if you currently have a pre EVO Rotax kart and still want to race, please e mail: or register your interest on the club's Facebook page, Victorian Superkart Club.



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