Answer The Question! (Poll #7)

by Mark Wicks 25 August 2015

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Today's question is: Should Junior Clubman replace KF3 in the Australian Kart Championship?

The reasoning behind your answer could be a philosophical one - should the ‘high performance’ junior class in the Australian Championship be an “international” based category that might be of benefit if they get to compete overseas, or should it be a domestic class?

There’s also the issue of weight. Kids in the 12-16 year old age bracket have the choice of KA Junior (basically, Junior National on a different tyre at 132kg) or KF3 at 145kg (two kg less than Junior National Heavy, and they must be 13).

Above: Current leader of the KF3 class in the Australian Championship, Reece Sidebottom. The next round is a little over a week away at Newcastle, September 4-6.
pic - AKC/Facebook

The lighter kids can race their current Junior National equipment in KA Junior, however the heavier (generally older) drivers can’t get down to the weight to be competitive and must therefore race KF3 (totally different equipment) if they wish to compete in the series.

Outside of the AKC, KF3 is not run anywhere else in Australia that we’re aware of (nor, for that matter, is KF2).



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