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10 Aussies Competing In Macau

  10 December 2015

A bunch of Australian karters are in China for this weekend's CIK-FIA Asia Pacific KZ Championship, also known as the 2015 Macau International Kart Grand Prix. In fact, Australia tops the entry list with ten drivers in the 24-kart field (see below).

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  • Results from Macau are going on the CIK-FIA website HERE
  • LIVE timing from the track is HERE (Macau is 3 hours behind AEDT)

WA's Darren Burke and mechanic Kip Foster in Macau
Above: WA's Darren Burke and mechanic Kip Foster in Macau
pic - Foster

The Patrizicorse/Ricciardo Kart team do their track walk
Above: The Patrizicorse/Ricciardo Kart team do their track walk
pic - Patrizicorse

Entry List: (red = Australia)

No.  Driver  Entrant  Equipment
1 Camplese, Lorenzo  Parolin Racing Kart  Parolin / TM Racing / B'stone
2 Celenta, Francesco  Parolin Racing Kart  Parolin / TM Racing / B'stone
3 Kremers, Marijn  Patrizicorse  Ricciardo Kart / Parilla / B'stone
5 Petit, Hubert  Petit, Hubert  TB Kart / Modena Engines / B'stone
6 Chan Cheuk Hin, Jacky  Wai to Racing  CRGSPA / Modena Engines / B'stone
7 Fife, Joshua  Williamson, Tom  CRG / TM Racing / B'stone
8 Gillis, Cody  Williamson, Tom  CRGSPA / Maxter / B'stone
9 Morse, Zane  Williamson, Tom  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
10 Loeskow, Troy  Patrizicorse  Ricciardo Kart / Parilla / B'stone
11 Patrizi, Hayden  Patrizicorse  Ricciardo Kart / TM Racing / B'stone
12 Afonso, Joao  CKS Kart Racing  Gillard / TM Racing / B'stone
14 Pu, Jun Jin  CKS Kart Racing  Gillard / TM Racing / B'stone
15 Senna, Sulaiman Noor  UI Racing Team  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
16 Chan, Wai Shing  Advance Racing  Tony Kart / Parilla / B'stone
17 Browne, John Grayson  Browne, John Grayson  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
18 Burke, Darren  Burke, Darren  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
19 Gwilliam, Simon  Gwilliam, Simon  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
20 Jordan, Michael  Jordan, Michael  Tony Kart / TM Racing / B'stone
21 Mangos, Jonathan  Mangos, Jonathan  CRG / TM Racing / B'stone
22 Mickler, Bayley  Mickler, Bayley  CRG / Maxter / B'stone
23 Tan, Simon  Tan, Simon  Energy Corse / TM Racing / B'stone
24 Wood, Josh  Wood, John  CRG / Maxter / B'stone




the official CIK-FIA preview

The CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KZ Championship will proceed as planned in China from 10th to 13th December 2015 at the Kartodromo de Coloane in Macau. Australia will be present in force in this confrontation against the Asian Drivers, as well as some Europeans and an American. The running of this Competition owes much to the will of the organiser, the Automobile General Association Macao-China, who have spared no efforts.

The teams that had shown interest in the Asia-Pacific Championship in Macau were not all able to sign up sufficient Drivers when the time came to move away from their home base. The Automobile General Association Macao-China had nevertheless made every effort to take over a significant part of the costs, especially regarding accommodation.

macau kart gp

The KZ entry has thereby been reduced to less than 25 entries from 10 countries and four continents. Australia will be strongly represented with its 10 Drivers. Analysis of the profiles of the Drivers shows a wide range in both age (from 16 to over 30 years) and experience. Some Drivers will make their debut in 125cc gearbox, others are experienced specialists, and some are car Drivers who will make a return to karting for this occasion.

Regarding the possible favourites, the Parolin Racing Kart factory team has entered two talented Italians. Lorenzo Camplese and Francesco Celenta were ranked 2nd and 5th respectively in the CIK-FIA International Super Cup for KZ2 at Sarno in 2014. They race Parolin-TM Racing-Bridgestone machinery in Macau. Ranked 8th at the CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship this year, the Dutchman Marijn Kremers (Ricciardo Kart-Parilla-B'stone) represents the younger European generation coming up along with the Frenchman Hubert Petit (TB Kart-Modena Engines-B'stone).

After racing in Europe in the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy in 2010 and 2011, and taking 4th in the 2011 CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship, the Hong Kong Driver Jacky Chan Cheuk Hin (CRGSPA-Modena Engines-B'stone) now continues his career in KZ2.

The Australians Joshua Fife (CRG-TM Racing-B'stone), Cody Gillis (CRGSPA-Maxter-B'stone), Zane Morse (CRG-Maxter-B'stone) and Jonathan Mangos (CRG-TM Racing-B'stone) are among the experienced Drivers in direct drive karting who have recently moved to KZ2, and could play a role in the conquest of the title on the Coloane-Macao circuit. They will face their more experienced compatriot Troy Loeskow (Ricciardo Kart-Parilla-B'stone) and a key element of the Australian participation Hayden Patrizi (Ricciardo Kart-TM Racing-B'stone).

At least two Drivers among those registered have already seriously tried their luck in cars. These are the Hong Kong Drivers Jun Jin Pu (Gillard-TM Racing-B'stone) who has been seen in Formula Renault 2.0 and LMP2, and the Australian Darren Burke (CRG-Maxter-B'stone) who is experienced in karting as well as in Formula Ford and the Speed ​​Euro Series.