175cc 'Super' X30 Not An X30 Replacement

  29 October 2015

IAME's recently announced Super X30 (see yesterday's post HERE) has drawn interest around the world.

However, there are keyboard warriors on social media speculating the 175cc version will replace the current 125cc version. This is simply not true.

In fact, IAME has felt the need to issue a statement to address the matter (see below).

KartSportNews quizzed IAME importer, Remo Racing, about their plans for the Super X30 in the Australian market.

"We haven't really thought about it, but at this stage, there are no plans" Sabrina Luciani said.

"The current X30 is the perfect engine for karting and we will continue to promote the X30 engine and classes - nothing will change in that respect.

"The Super X30 won't even race until some time next year in Europe" she added.

"It is an additional engine for a different category to the x30 and won't be competing with the x30 in any way around the world or in Australia.

"If there is interest locally, we might look at getting the engine approved so that it can at least be used here, but that won't be happening in the short term."


the statement from IAME

Dear all,

after receiving a lot of enquiries about the X30 Super engine, we are pleased to clarify that the introduction of such engine will take place in 2016.

It will be launched as an international class, by invitation only, for professional drivers/chassis brands in the X30 Challenge Europa, the IAME International Final and the X30 Euro series.

It will also debut in a few select other markets, capable of developing a professional stock engine class.

The X30 Super (175cc – water cooled – TaG) won’t replace in any way the existing X30 nor the existing X30 classes.

We will disclose more information over the next few weeks.

Best regards,







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