Toowoomba - 18 October

from Trevor Beetham 19 October 2015

Another family fun race day at Toowoomba was completed with the Cadet/Junior classes having 2 heats at 8 laps, heat 3 at 10 laps & the final at 12 laps. Senior classes enjoyed 2 x 10 lap heats, 12 laps for heat 3 & the final at 14 laps.

A 'Quick Time' trophy for each class was awarded to the driver who did the quickest lap time of the day throughout all races. This will be awarded at all upcoming meetings as well.

Winners of the free entry for a future race meeting lucky draws at presentation were: Cadets - Jarrod Hughes, Juniors – Zari Patrick, Seniors – Tim Bliesner.

Looking forward to more on the 22nd of November with reverse direction (anti clockwise) for the first time on the new surface

Results - 18 October

Cadet 9
1st Marcos Flack #11
2nd Magnus Mann #46
3rd Dylan Birse #68
1st C Bailey Leeson #52
2nd Conner Leeson #87
Quick Time – Marcus Flack(Final)

Cadets 12
1st Chris Christenson #53
2nd Jarrod Hughes #18
3rd Cyrus Mann #92
1st C Roman Findlay #5
2nd C Brock Heit #45
3rd C Cody Collins #67
Quick Time – Jarrod Hughes(Ht 3)

Junior National Light
1st Blayke Wagner #27
2nd Harrison Stock #20
3rd Tristyn Martin #85
1st C Saxon Moyes #75
Quick Time - Tristyn Martin(Ht 2)

Junior National Heavy
1st Zari Patrock #4
2nd Emerson Djerdj #7
3rd Jade Hardacre #22
Quick Time - Zari Patrick #4(Ht 1)

Junior Max
1st Layton Smith #17, Quick Time(Ht 1)

Qld Sportsman Light
1st Andrew Walker #77
2nd Jack Keighran #11
3rd Aaron Leech #23
Quick Time – Peter Bossons #2(Final)

Qld Sportsman Heavy
1st James Christensen #15
2nd Kevin Cosser #11
3rd Bruce Turpin #68
Quick Time – James Christensen(Ht 2)

Clubman Heavy
1st Timothy Bliesner, Quick Time(Ht 1)

TaG 125 Light
1st Chris Williams #3
2nd Maxim Erickson #51
3rd Scott Hynes #49
Quick Time – Maxim Erickson(Ht 1)

TaG 125 Heavy
1st Darron Hay #19, Quick Time (Ht 1)

Thanks to all officials, volunteers, competitors, crews, families & friends for their support at this event.





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