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press release 19 October 2015

Paul Williams spoke with Jake Klarich and BD Soutar-Dawson before the final and deciding round of the FMA Motorsports WA KZ Series this Saturday at Wanneroo.

Jake, BD thanks for having a quick chat with us before the last round of the FMA Motorsports WA KZ Series. Its seems to have come down to you two. It could easily go either way, what’s the plan going into this race?

Jake - I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for ages, always good fun racing with BD and now it’s right down to the wire between the two of us, I'm sure it will be on. It's hard to plan out these race meetings, I guess to qualify as best as possible, and for myself, to get off of the line, bd is a gun at his starts and he got me off of the line 3 out of 4 times at Wundowie. definitely, a DNF would okmix things up for sure, potentially throw out any chance of taking out the title, so it will be super important to stay consistent and stay out of trouble.

BD – Yes, I agree with Jake. This weekend is going to be intense. The points are super close and its anyones race. My poor final at Wundowie cost me a little buffer of points and now I’m just behind. But it can go either way. Just need to qualify well and race for every point. Jake is always up for a good fight and races clean but hard.  I need to try and keep my focus as jake just gets faster and faster as the races go longer and is ao comfortable in the kart. If I can keep the old body together im just up for a good clean fight and the results will be what they will be. There will be threats from other guys though too. This won't be a two horse round. Plenty of boys have been up testing a lot and have found some good speed.

Speaking of threats, rumours are Jake is off to bigger things next year, who do you guys think is going to step things up next year?

Jake - The level of competition is always getting more fierce, there have been a lot of quick guys this season who haven't had the best luck so they couldn't capitalize on their speed, Tom Howe has been very consistent and I think he will be one to watch this weekend and heading into next season, josh wood has been getting faster all season as well. The kandola boys are always quick and have been struck with a bit of bad luck too so I think next season we will see them all up there again and a few of the rookies from this year!

BD - Yeah. Be awesome to see Jake get a crack at cars. Especially if it is in a porsche or something similar. It will suit his smooth, accurate driving style. Next year it would be good to see some of the quicker young guys step it up, like Tom Howe and Jesse Elliot. Josh Wood was pretty quick at Wundowie and you might even see Nick Mitic have a run, that guy is just fast in anything. But also the Kandola boys are getting their A game together. Even if the fields are not as big next year the quality of drivers is strung out right through the field.

Thanks guys, before I let you go any predictions for the last round, you guys talked about starts who will get the advantage?

BD - *laughing*. Although he is not racing I reckon ‘millsy’ (Previous WA KZ Champ Blake Mills) will be first to the esky! Im not saying anything about starts. Don't want to jinx my super launch.

Jake - *laughing* hmm the FMA boys usually hit the beers first! I'm the same with Bd, not going to comment about any starts, sounds like Bd has his launch control programmed in for this weekend though #superlaunch

Will have to keep an eye out for these impressive starts!

Jake – Barp Barrrrrrrpp pew pewwwwww
BD - *laughing* yeah something like that

*laughing* well thanks guys. And good luck this weekend.

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