IAME X30 Homologation Update

  14 August 2015

Karting Australia has issued an homologation bulletin regarding the IAME X30 engine, relating to alternative pistons and reed block.

In both cases, IAME now has a second mould to manufacture these parts.

According to the company, there are long delays with the current supply system which cannot keep up with demand. The pistons and reed blocks from this second mould are to the same specification as the original.

"Performance and durability have been extensively tested on both the dyno and on track and no differences have been found" the manufacturer is quoted in the KA bulletin.

"The only difference between the 2 pistons is the markings showing the piston size and the codes on the top of the piston.

"The only difference between the 2 reed blocks is a cleaner look. Reed petals stay the same in both."

  • To download the original 3-page PDF, click HERE.

iame x30 poston
Above & Below: Alternative markings and look for X30 piston and reed block
iame x30 reed block



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