British Super One Series, Round 7

press release 12 August 2015

SSM Super One Championship Round 7: Risssington 8/9 August 2015

For the seventh round of the Series, where different classes are mixed at different venues this year, the Honda Cadet, Rotax classes and the KZ1 125cc geared class visited the beautiful Cotswold countryside and were blessed with perfect weather. 

ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Although Keaton Samra was quickest in the time trials, it was Harry Thompson and Dragan Pinsent who took the heat honours.  However steady results put Samra and Bearman on the front row for the first final, with the usual standing start employed by Super One for clutched classes to avoid first corner chaos but Thompson made a great start from the second row.  Alex Lloyd ran wide, losing places, and Bearman spun at the Elbow.  Before long Oliver Clarke led the charge to catch and pass Thompson at the Dogleg, then Samra leapfrogged Pinsent and Clarke for the lead.  He broke away with Clarke, but the latter was hung out to dry, falling to sixth, with Nicholas Reeve, Thompson, Wesley Mason and Pinsent chasing Samra over the finish. For the second final Reeve was caught napping on the grid, falling well back as     Samra led, soon to be taken by Thompson.  The lead changed numerous times between these two, Pinsent and Clarke.  Reeve made some progress but only to seventh.  With a couple of laps to run the order was Thompson, Samra, Pinsent, Ben Kasperczak, Wesley Mason and Guy Cunnington but Samra came off at the dogleg to finish nearly last.  Pinsent managed to get into the lead for the chequer but was excluded for apparently taking Samra off, so Thompson inherited the win over Clarke, Cunnington and Bearman. By scoring well twice, Thompson took a great haul of points to keep him clear at the top of the championship standings, prior to dropped scores.

Final 1: 1 Keaton Samra Zip; 2 Nicholas Reeve Zip; 3 Harry Thompson Project One; 4 Wesley Mason Project One; 5 Dragan Pinsent Project One
Final 2: 1 Thompson; 2 Oliver Clarke BRK; 3 Guy Cunnington BRK; 4 Oliver Bearman Zip; 5 Ben Fayers Project One.

Harry Thompson under fire in Honda Cadet
Above: Harry Thompson under fire in Honda Cadet
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ABkC MiniMax National Championship

Kiern Jewiss tied with Axel Charpentier for TQ honours, but the latter took both heats.  They lined up together at the front of the first final grid with Charpentier getting off the line best, chased by Kenneally with Jewiss a few places back.  William Pettitt ran wide losing places and three karts spun off at the Loop, Zachary Robertson the worst affected.  Mark Kimber came to second but was elbowed back in favour of Jewiss who broke away with Charpentier. Olli Caldwell was next to fall off and Joe Phillips had the black flag. With well over a lap to run Charpentier started defending letting the next few bunch up, forcing Jewiss to concentrate on his defence and allowing Charpentier to run clear for the win, Jewiss losing out to Kenneally with Kimber fourth.  Both Tom Wood and Garrett Webb were excluded for non-compliance and driving respectively. 

For the second final Charpentier again made the best start but this time  he was soon demoted to fourth with Jewiss taking up the front position.  Kenneally momentarily got to the front, leaving Jewiss trading second with Charpentier but soon Jewiss and Charpentier  had put Kenneally back to third whilst they fought hard. After a few lead swaps, Charpentier tried to go round the outside, but this allowed Tyler Chesterton to sneak into second, Jewiss just staying ahead, Charpentier third and Kenneally fourth. Jewiss and Charpentier are in the fight for the 2015 title.

Final 1: 1 Axel Charpentier Tonykart; 2 Fin Kenneally Kosmic; 3 Kiern Jewiss Tonykart; 4 Mark Kimber Alonso; 5 Alex McDade Tonykart
Final 2: 1 Jewiss; 2 Tyler Chesterton Tonykart; 3 Charpentier; 4 Kenneally; 5 Kimber.

Kiern Jewiss
Above: Kiern Jewiss
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ABkC Junior Max National Championship

Josh Skelton and Rory Hudson topped the timed qualifying and each won a heat, both fronting the first final grid with Jack Martin and Oliver York on the row behind. As Hudson took the hole shot Dean MacDonald shot away from his fourth row start to slot into second but Hoggard recovered quickly to depose both.  As MacDonald and Hudson swapped places three times, Hoggard just drove clear by over 2s.  Eventually MacDonald got the upper hand on Hudson, but the latter was penalised with exclusion for a technical non-compliance, so Thomas Turner, Jordan Brown-Nuttley and Harrison Thomas were next along. 

For the second final MacDonald was swamped at the start as Turner jumped into the lead only to be taken by Hoggard at the Elbow.  They were quite strung out with Thomas a distant third as Zak Fulk leapfrogged Alex McRoberts and then York after a few more laps for fourth.  By this time Thomas had moved clear of this  battle, whereupon Tom Gamble can off at the Dogleg in the midst of the pack.  That left Fulk on his own in fourth with a gap back to MacDonald. Thomas and MacDonald are really challenging Jack McCarthy at the top of the points table, McCarthy only mid field in both finals.

Final 1: 1 Jonathan Hoggard Tonykart; 2 Dean MacDonald Kosmic; 3 Thomas Turner Tonykart; 4 Jordan Brown-Nutley Tonykart; 5 Harrison Thomas Tonykart
Final 2: 1 Hoggard; 2 Turner; 3 Thomas; 4 Zak Fulk Tonykart; 5 MacDonald

Jonathan Hoggard won btoh Jnr MAX finals
Above: Jonathan Hoggard won both Jnr MAX finals
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ABkC Senior Max National Championship

The Scottish privateer Jamie Alexander was nearest to Luke Knott fastest qualifying time but Sam Marsh took the first heat, Knott the second whilst Alexander went back to mid field.  So Marsh and Knott headed Josh Collings and Charlie Turner on the first final grid.  Turner was slow away from the standing start, although not as slow as Matthew Hirst.  The order became Marsh, Knott and Collings from start to finish although for a time Knott looked threatening on the winner.  Behind them Johnson took Danny Russell for fourth, with Russell falling to seventh. Donnelly demoted Alexander at the last corner, the Scotsman losing several places.  Knott was quick to pounce on Marsh at the Loop in the second final and inched clear by nearly three seconds.  Collings, Donnelly and Connor Hall kept Marsh on guard throughout what became a rather processional race. Marsh looks good at the head of the points table over Knott and Hall, prior to dropped scores coming into effect.

Final 1: 1 Sam Marsh Alonso; 2 Luke Knott Tonykart; 3 Josh Collings CRG; 4 James Johnson Kosmic; 5 Gary Donnelly Tonykart
Final 2: 1 Knott; 2 Marsh; 3 Collings; 4 Donnelly; 5 Connor Hall Tonykart

Senior MAX final 2 winner Luke Knott
Above: Senior MAX final 2 winner Luke Knott
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KZ1 MSA British Kart Championship

Sam Webster was absolutely on form at the short Rissington gearbox circuit, with Scott Allen second in timed qualifying and getting away first in the first heat.  Webster overshot in his attempt to take the lead, going back to last but still recovering to second and winning the second heat with ease over Allen.  Bobby Game executed a perfect start in the first final, leading Scott Allen and Webster until the Zipkart driver sliced inside Allen at the last corner and plunged down the back straight side by side with Game.  Lapping three tenths faster Webster stretched to a six second win in the 27 lap race.  Allen eventually managed to take Game for second, Adam Glear soon following. 

And it was Glear paying attention for the second final start followed by Allen and Kelly, Webster caught napping.  “The lights went to red and off so quick I must have blinked,” explained Webster after he dropped to sixth, adding: “The kart is just fantastic here.”  His superior speed soon had him carving through to win, the pass on Allen allowing Kelly to find a gap for third, Allen complaining about a lack of power and grip at one of what he thought would be his best track.  Hannah Lang was having a great race challenging Henry Easthope for fifth.  When dropped scores are taken into account Webster leads the championship, but it is very tight for second between Allen, Easthope and Glear.

Final 1: 1 Sam Webster Birel ART/TM; 2 Scott Allen Gold/IAME; 3 Adam Glear CRG/Maxter; 4 Bobby Game Ricciardo/Vortex; 5 Dan Kelly Sodi/TM
Final 2: 1 Webster; 2 Glear; 3 Kelly; 4 Allen; 5 Henry Easthope Sodi/TM

Above: Sam Webster
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